Tuesday, January 03, 2012


QUESTION:  why do I get hot, incredibly itchy feet (just the soles) during/after I drink some alcohol?

It's taken me a while to realise that it ALWAYS happens when I have a drink!

NOT that I drink very often you understand.  Just on a Friday night usually.  And mostly I only have 1 - 2 drinks.
So, anyone else have the same 'problem'?

ABOVE:  the dogs are happy obviously.

ABOVE: looks disgusting eh?  But OMG!   Mushrooms done like this are to die for.
So simple to do too.
Skin ya mushrooms, lie them on a plate, put some feta cheese on top, then some basil pesto, zap in the microwave until cooked (about 4-5 minutes) then eat.   Drool-able.
I have mine with a salad or just tomtoes.

AND to all who have told me off:  I WILL NOT COUNT ME FRUIT AND FREE VEGES OK?  I will do as I am told.  And you are all bossy tarts, but I loves ya.

After numerous requests for me to cut his hair again, Griffin got shorn this morning (I did Steve's too).  I hate getting hair on me though, it manages to creep right down through me clothes/bra to me boobs, and it itches like mad... then gives me a rash.  So, I thought of putting a black sack rubbish bag over me head as an apron:

 ABOVE:  clearly NOT my best look!  And I'm covering me eyes cos I don't have me makeup on and I look a fright!
I cut Griffin's hair first, and swept all his hair into a pile on the floor... turned me back and this is what happened:

 ABOVE:  I swear, she is just the most naughty dog ever! She gets into EVERYTHING.  Grrrrrr.

ABOVE:  luckily for me, Steve did the clean up. 

Stew and the kids have gone out to Maraetai for a swim.  I opted to stay home as it's still quite overcast and blowing ... and the house could do with a vacum.... and it's nice and QUIET .... BLISS. 

Apparently the water was nice, but cool out of the water with the wind.  So glad I didn't go... I washed the floors instead.  Go me.

Family is having left overs for dinner, and I am having fruit salad... cos I've only got 6 points left for the day!  Yikes.

End of Day:  my fruit salad came out of a tin, and I added a banana, so I ended up going over by 3 points.  But, that can come out of the 'extra' points you can have each week, so I'm doing well!
Spent the evening reading some blogs, watching some tv, and just feeling good about myself again.
ON TRACK, and damn happy about it.  Not hungry, not feeling deprived.  
nite nite


  1. Good luck at Weight Watchers! I started again too, this time totally online. meetings are so crowded in my area, I decided to try it this way. Wish me luck!

  2. My face and fingers have numb patches when I drink - usually the next day. Bloody scary really! Puts me right off (that's usually if I've had a few though!!) Can get away with a couple of drinks and nothig happens.


  3. Gosh Teddy snd Coco must have missed Steve haha ya think... DON'T ever post that mushroom picture up again unless you are sharing in person!!

  4. Looks very yummy to me. Something I do with button mushies is remove the stalk and stuff the resulting space with pesto and cream cheese. Wrap a piece of streaky bacon around the mushroom, secure with a toothpick, and bake in a mod oven for 15 mins or until the bacon is crispy. Low carb, moderate fat, and totally delicious!

  5. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Hi hun, the itchy feet is a common thing appears you may have an allergy to one of the ingredients see this link for further info http://www.askmedicaldoctor.com/medical/doctor/ALCOHOL--TERRIBLE-ITCHING-on-palms-and-soles-of-the-feet-69292

  6. My feet don't get itchy with alcohol, they get HOT! and the heat travels up my body until my face is bright red and I start sweating. And I can't cool down until around 1 hour after the last alcoholic drink.

    Got tested, and I'm allergic to alcohol. ALL OF IT!!!

    If I don't drink for a few months I can have a couple, but if I have more than a couple the reaction starts up again.

    Its a good deterrent against drinking when out in public ;-)
    My hubby doesn't mind me getting all hot & bothered at home!

  7. Oohhh I wasn't trying to tell ya off, just tryin' to help. Sorry chica!

    Not sure about the booze thing. So weird eh? Hope someone has an answer for ya!

    Those mushrooms look delicious!

  8. Anonymous10:40 AM

    My mom has that feet issue. SHe's done allot if medical stuff to combat it too including some vascular surgery. Hopefully yours is as you say just a reaction to booze, although I have no clue whyit happens. Try drinking more faster to see if that helps? Nah, that wouldn't work, although you may pass out before your feet start to itch.

  9. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I wish for you in 2012 is the strength of steel, to resist all foods that are not good for you or sanctioned by WW!! The mushrooms look mighty tasty!! I think I've had something like that before. I love mushrooms! ...debbie

  10. Hah... that is so funny (the hair I mean). When I used to cut Fletcher's hair I would put on clothes that would then go straight into the wash. I hate hair everywhere too!

  11. The photo with the hair is hilarious! Made my morning:)

    Your mushroom photos looks fine and they do look very tasty. Was it a snack? I'd eat my hand off it that was all I had in a meal!

  12. YOU ARE SOOOOOO CUTE!!!! I love that you call people tarts.....hahahha I love that term! I think the mushrooms look de-lish!!!!!! And....I HATE HATE HATE hair on me....it drives me nuts!!!! I love that beautiful cabinet back there against the wall...GORGEOUS!!!!! You have trained your son well my friend! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!XOXOXOX

  13. Me hubs get all itchy if he drinks so he doesn't. I get headaches if I drink so I don't. I drink tea instead. We Chinese have a dish where we stuff seasoned fish paste on top of mushrooms and steam them. Not too bad if you eat it once a year.

  14. Hi Chris. Thanks for visiting my blog. Perhaps I should correct myself - not "camping", but "caravaning". I couldn't stand tenting it! We took the van, as did several others, plus a few were in tents (they were soooooo hot!)

    Have a great day xxxxx

  15. Anonymous3:24 PM

    i love my mushroom s done like that too Chris and also I sometimes add chopped pine nuts and grill them in george forman with balsamic vinigar yummo

    as for the black rubbish bag in my kitchen handing days i used a bag bag as an apron casue i would get so wet usu to get heaps but yeap it did the job..bought back some memories for me heheh

  16. those shrooms made me drool I love anything with feta on it in it alone... does not matter feta rocks... had to giggle at the pic with the trash bag cover!
    love n hugs!!

  17. eek - only 6 left for dinner! Bummer but fruit salad sounds yummy.

  18. Oh yeah, hair is totally sneaky and will find it's way into all kinds of spots.

    Happy New Year!

  19. The puppy "What, not me??" look is priceless! Ohh man. I don't know how you stand all that cuteness. I always just do showers after I cut hair b/c it drives me nuts too. :)

  20. That pic of you in the trash bag is hilarious!! Hiding your face cause no make up...LOL.. Love it. I also HATE hair on me. When I cut hubby's hair, I stand way back!!! Reading your blog, is one of the highlights of my day!!

    God Bless~

  21. Wow! It sounds like you are doing amazing with the diet and I'm loving hearing about it. I watched my mom do Weight Watchers growing up and it just seems to be one of the best systems out there. They've even made it so much better since then.

  22. Cutie - you look adorable no matter what you wear!

  23. well done ...you can do it


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