Saturday, January 14, 2012


I saw this pool on a friend's Facebook page, so had a look at the video and want to share, as it's so amazing!

ABOVE:  how amazing is that!  If I had a spare couple of hundred grand I'd have one tomorrow!

Today:  well it's the start of Stew's two week holiday... and he has gone into work!  He has dozens of emails that he needs to clear before he can relax... so hopefully he gets them all sorted and is home soon.

No firm plans for the day... the kids want to go out as per normal... so we probably will.  I like the idea of sending them out and I stay home and wash the floors!  Nuts I know, but it's hard to get them clean with kids around constantly.

But... I suppose they can wait, particularly if it's a nice day.  We have had very few really nice days this summer so far.  Maybe today will be a rare nice one?

Oh, just remembered a funny thing that happened yesterday at the movies.
There were two men in their 30's sitting next to me before the movie started.  One Dude said to the other how he would like to learn how to scuba dive this summer.... but he could not swim at all... and the other Dude said that should not be a problem as he had oxygen tanks so he would not drown.

I sat there and listened to them for a minute and then I could not help myself!  I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING. So I looked at the guy and said ... I was sorry to intrude on their conversation, but his wanting to scuba dive when he could not swim was all kinds of WRONG for so many reasons!  
He laughed and said I was 'probably' right!  

So then him and the other guy sat there and discussed the in's and out's of what could happen if he could not swim and ran out of oxygen!  I just shook my head at them.  

Idiots. It takes all sorts eh?

so, the washing is on, the kids are still in bed, me hubby is at work, I've locked the dogs outside and it's PEACEFUL here.

But I feel bad.  I have not visited any blogs since the New Year!  I've simply been too busy doing other stuff.  So, as it is another cloudy, dreary day I am going to blog hop ... and visit everyone if I can.


The kids stayed in bed until I yelled at them to get up ... at 10.30am!  I am amazed, I didn't expect them to sleep in like this until they were lazy little teenagers!  I quite like that they have started it early!  I know, I'm weird.  But... it's SO QUIET when they are in bed... I LIKE IT.

ABOVE: I bought that cute little 'toaster' timer... so now I sit and browse blogs etc for a set time, then I have to do some exercise!  I am going for 45 mins sitting and 15 mins exercise.  Some CAN  be housework... and some can be this:

ABOVE: I got Stew to bring up the exercycle from the garage.  Now I can ride and watch a DVD on the family room tv.   I am aiming at doing ALL UP an hour a day on the exercycle, and build up to using the treadmill for at least half an hour a day too.

I always seem to forget how much I LOVE catching up on blogs, there is so much to learn, enjoy and share.  I just found an awesome recipe for BASIL HUMMUS on a blog... so if you love basil pesto/hummus, this is a combo of the two. 

WE did not go out afterall.  Been doing washing, reading blogs, getting on the exercycle (!), just chilling and enjoying the day at home with Stew.  He is enjoying doing nothing too!

MY BUTT IS KILLING ME!  I have sat here ALL DAY reading/commenting on blogs.  Well... I got on the exercycle every 45 minutes too!  So, I feel very virtuous... but enough is enough. I'm done for the day.
I might get back to reading a few I missed tomorrow.  For now... they have gone into the 'marked as read' pile!
Sorry if I didn't get to you..... but me butt is DONE.  I have to stop sitting for so long.

End of Day:  after consuming a delicious dinner prepared by the man, we waited an hour then went for a walk in the dusk.  It was lovely... even though I had to stop 4 times on the big hill.  Next time it will be easier.   I aim to do that walk until I can do the hill without stopping.  THEN I will know I am getting fit again.
ON TRACK: and loving it.
nite nite.


  1. I saw that pool on Facebook, pretty fancy!! With our luck the motor would get stuck on the 2" pool haha.

    I'm amazed when people can't swim. I have a couple friends that can't and I'm always shocked when they remind me. I'm glad my kids all know how.

  2. thats exactly how my toilet works!

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Boy! Do I like that pool wow!! I'd like one of those too!! What movie did you go see? We went to see " We Bought A Zoo"! Very cute and funny. Some swearing it in but really funny....debbie

  4. That pool is awesome...... How cool to have that in your backyard. Have a great weekend :)

  5. Fingers crossed for a nice day!
    THanks for the update on the movie as I have been wondering about it and now I will definetly go!

  6. Photo's up of Chico she just got groomed :)

  7. Loved how you spoke to the guys next to you at the movies....I'd have done the same....idiots!! :)Great to see you doing so well and the scales moving down. Yep, I fully understand how we are all different and suits one may not suit another. All we can do, is do what feels right for us as individuals :)
    Will you be at the girls meet up on Sat. morning......we might not be going Nth until Sun so there is still a chance we will get to catch up. :) Have a great weekend :)

  8. I hope you guys have a lovely time during Stew's holidays from work :)

  9. The conversation those 2 guys had is probably a very good explanation as to why 2 thirty something, seemingly healthy men were at a movie on a Friday afternoon instead of working lol.

  10. Love the toaster timer so cool :)

  11. That's great getting the bike up there - you'll be much more likely to use it. It is just so good to see you with you mojo back!!

  12. Wow we too love the pool, I took Smauel and his four friends to Sherlock Holmes 2 they loved it.

  13. O MY STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way beyond Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is what you call a pool!!!!!!!! And a LOT more!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Chris, this much I've learnt over the years. People who have never been in the water don't know they can drown! In Singapore if you have that much land to house a swimming pool, you'll sell the land and a condo will be built on it.

  15. I love the exercise idea.

  16. I love that pool. Brilliant! I've been riding my exercise bike and I kinda love it because I can do it while I watch TV or read a book. I love your timer idea. Blogging can be hazardous to your health if you don't step away from the computer.

  17. ha- diet coke in any vessel is still delicious :)

  18. Hi Chris....OMG I love that pool. Your doing so well with the diet and exercise, keep up the good work.
    Michelle x

  19. Hills are great!! You will be doing it in no time. I'm actually doing a blog update tomorrow on "my" hill that I climb most days. I'm off our your way tomorrow too to visit the Botanical gardens, never been there before. I'm meeting up with a group of people but maybe we could meet up for a walk sometime during the week?

  20. Love the pool! I might share it on FB too!
    Good on you for doing all that exercise. The bike is a great idea too, while watching DVD's. I wish i could use one, but my butt gets too sore.

  21. Well done for blogging and cycling!

  22. Hi Chirs Happy New Year. Wow you are doing great, wnat to pass ont he vibes. I am feeling pretty down seen as last year saw me put back ont he 43kgs I lost. Tomorrow I intended to start tracking my points again and back to feeling awesome again, so much better than feeling sore and tired from being fat.
    Oh and I love that pool super cool

  23. I like that pool too!

  24. Wow, I love the pool but I also love your determination. I keep getting fed up and losing my mojo. I will do it this year and lose 3 stone or a good part of. My diabetes deserves the weight loss.

    Have a very happy holiday

  25. I had to share that pool on facebook...IT IS AMAZING!!!! The two guys sitting next to you at the movie make me laugh...I guess it takes all kind hahaha...LOVE YOUR TIMER....LOVE YOUR DISCIPLINE...YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!


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