Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The difference a day makes!
Two days ago... scales showed ZERO loss.
Last night...  3.2 kilos LOST... and Stew lost 2.6 kilos!

So, I have to learn to NOT stand on those damn scales at home from day to day... they are NASTY.

On a happy note... I am looking forward to our trip down to Palmerston North on Friday... cos we are stopping at Taupo for lunch... and Stew and I plan on having a kebab at our MOST FAVOURITE Kebab shop.  There is one in Taupo  and one in Bulls, just out of Palmy.  
We used to go out to the shop in Bulls about once a month just for a kebab!  (OMG, I hope it's still there!)

So, my 'naughty' meal for the week will be a kebab in Taupo.  I can't wait.

ABOVE: how pretty are my hydrangeas?  I was sad to not have many blue ones this year, but some of them are still pretty.
Sadly, they are already coming to an end for the season.  

Today:  hmm.... might go out somewhere if the weather is nice.  This summer has been so MISERABLE weather-wise so far!  I have not even got a tiny bit of a suntan yet!  


BLONDIE: OH NOoooooo!  Well that just mucks up THAT idea.  Hmmmm...might have to pack a healthy picnic then.  And yes, I would love to see you... how about I text you on the day and we can meet down by the lakeside somewhere?

I have a problem.  I waxed my legs and now... lots of hair is growing back... UNDER the skin.  It's awful... keeping me awake at night with the itchiness.... so, does anyone know what I can do to rectify the problem?

ABOVE: See?  Not pretty, pretty at all.  And starting to get really sore.
edit: Only the 2nd time I have ever waxed... and I forgot that this happened last time too.  Grrrr.

It looks like it will be a stunning day... so we are off to the beach.  Orewa or Omaha... or BOTH!  Who knows... maybe I will finally have my first swim this summer AND get a bit of suntan?


We packed a picnic... togs, towels and headed off at about 10.30 for Orewa, where we had the most wonderful day:
 ABOVE:  the tide was out when we arrived, but the water was GLORIOUS.  First impression... cold... but once in... warm.  Really warm!  I had a swim !   Or two.

 ABOVE: the north end of Orewa beach, gorgeous, even with the tide out.

ABOVE: Stew found a really good place for the car... it stayed in the shade all day, which was nice.  Once I'd had enough sun and water I sat in the car and read me Kindle.  BLISS.

ABOVE:  getting the sunblock on .... love my guys.

ABOVE: while walking along the beach we passed this little old lady out having her walk.  She was dressed in her long sleeved shirt, cardigan, skirt, STOCKINGS and laced up shoes.  So cute.

ABOVE: the kids having fun in the sun and water.  I expect them to sleep well tonight.

ABOVE:  a lot of these are popping up all along the beaches here.  Like a mini tent, but open at the front... perfect for sun/wind shelter on the beach.  I think we could do with one!  Might look around, there seems to be lots of choice out there.

ABOVE:  I will NEVER tire of this view of  downtown Auckland.  As you can see ... on our way home the weather darkened.  Possibly have a thunder storm tonight.

End of Day:  well I've turned a lovely shade of red... and feel rather HOT.  Oooops... maybe too much sun!
ON TRACK:  and looking forward to the next time I stand on the scales... which will be NEXT tuesday and NOT BEFORE then!  No more wigging myself out and getting mega crabby!
nite nite


  1. Congrats on your loss.Enjoy your break away.

  2. Well done on the loss chris! - Oh kebabs - I love kebabs! Love the hydrangas and unlike Madonna I do not loathe them! (hehehe)
    Have a great day

  3. Anonymous7:05 AM

    AWESOME - all that hard work has paid off.


  4. Tell me about the suntan!!! Zero. Oh well, at least no skin damage this year. It was weird when I was away over Christmas because I too am an every day weigher so three weeks was hard! It was such a relief to get home and find my weight was down.

  5. Oh matey I hate to tell you this but your favourite kebab shop is no longer here in Taupo 18 months ago deano sold to one of the workers, 9 months ago shop closed, BUT BUT I may have something for you if you want to stop on the way infact 2 things you may like....

    On and WOW on a great loss you and Stew.

  6. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Well done u on ur losses. Get rid of your scales or get a new set because they make u crabby.
    Mary H

  7. Go to Samuels WORK Suncourt Sushi seriously seriuously amazing sushi we could have lunch all together well samuel would be working but he eats first at 1130am!!

  8. legs loofah loofah loofah every day and our beauty therapist sees if moisturizing only rub in legs downwards so not to fill pores with muck.

  9. The one in bulls is still there. What time do you think you will arrive in PALMY I wanna be here when you arrive. :-) yay can't wait to see ya.

  10. Well done on the loss.
    Are you using the eTools on the Weight Watchers site? you would love it. You can add friends on there too.

    For the in-grown hair: get yourself a exfoliating body wash. it helps. To sort the ones you have now, try some of the Freemans Apricot body scrub, smells so yummy and makes your skin smooth. I have been using it for years.

  11. See you were all grouchy for nothing :) WTG on the weight loss!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hydrangeas! So gutted to hear that they are coming to an end though... looks like I will have to get mine from a florist for the weddnig instead of just nicking them out of someones garden!! Hehehe....
    CONGRATS on the loss too - you go girl!!

  13. WOW, fantastic losses & well deserved. Good on you.

  14. I am so daggum happy for you and Stew!I knew it was going to be a huge loss despite your home weigh-in.
    Your hydrangeas are gorgeous - love the mix of color.

  15. Well done, scales at home should b banned. I know that if I let them they control my mood. Silly isn't it. Keep up the good work. Elaine

  16. Never seen hydrangeas look so pretty. I don't think I've seen so many different colors.
    Congrats on the loss!

  17. O Chris!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wow- congrats. on the loss- that is one loss that you will not "cry-over", isn't it! LOL

    Love, love, love the flowers- that pink one just takes my breath it is so beautiful. To change their colors depends on how the PH of the soil ????? If I remember right you can adjust the ph .I have sent you a note with that information.

    Your POOR LEGS! I will remember to stay as far away from waxes as I possibly can!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  18. We got one of those tents for our recent beach holiday - excellent. Ours was on sale (in Sydney) for about $40.

  19. You can get those tents really cheap - handy hint though. Don't get one that flips open... trying to flip it back while on a beach is a nightmare!! Also get one with a base so that you can put all your stuff on it and it won't blow away. Lessons I've learned :)

    Wasn't it a lovely day today?? Orewa beach looks amazing, I love it there.

  20. You're braver than me. Still to have my first swim but I'm being got at so not sure how much longer I can hold out. It's just the thought of walking back to the house 500 metres in a wet swim suit. Thanks for text.

    We should get another nice day tomorrow. We're going to try out a car or two in Whitianga


  21. I always wondered what WWW stood for, weight watcher week. Now I know.
    Great beach pics, sorry about your hairs. Don't know the answer to that one!

  22. Such gorgeous gorgeous scenery!!!!! I probably would have sat there and been sunburned to too from enjoying that view!!!!! I LOVE hydrangea's...we can't grow them here and I am so sad....THEY ARE A FAVORITE!!!! WAY{WEIGH} TO GO FRIEND!!!!! You are doin' bomb diggity!!!! Soooo PROUD of you!

  23. It's so beautiful! Looks like a lovely day!

  24. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Love the pic of the boys & there bellies Priceless
    Mary H


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