Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm sun burnt.
Enough said.

Today:  we will spend packing.
And doing a grocery grab so Steve won't starve while we are gone.

I'm a bit apprehensive  about keeping ON TRACK while on holiday.
You know how it can be... you are staying with other people, not in your own home, and don't have all your food at hand.  And travelling.  Eeekkk.

I am hoping like hell we do not slip up and have anything we shouldn't.  
We are staying with my friend Sandra C, who is also on a diet... and she's me ex-Weight Watcher's Leader... so all going well we will be OK.

I think it will come down to will power and careful planning for all eventualities.  We will do a grocery shop down in Palmy too, so there is food on hand we can have.

But it will be a test for sure.  

Right, enough yakkity yak... I need to get started on the washing, getting it all done before we go, breakfasts, shopping... bla bla bla.


Everyone is sunburnt in this house.  The sunblock we used... FAILED.  Miserably.  Griffin is almost as crabby as I am now.

It doesn't help that today is 'get the house clean and tidy'... cos no one feels like doing housework, least of all Griffin.
Anyone would think we had asked him to clean the toilets the way he is moaning and bitching.

Meanwhile, I've washed and hung out 3 loads of washing and folded 3 loads of washing from earlier in the week.  Next on me list is wash the floors.  

Stew?  Has done his exercise and had a shower. He will be getting his 'instructions' any second now.... cos I am getting pissed off.  Ahhh, no.  He will want his breakfast first.  THAT will take another half an hour.  And it's almost 11am FFS.

I just read this out to Stew, and he indignantly said "I've already had my breakfast"!   WHATEVER.

ABOVE:  wanted to show this for a while, keep forgetting.  It's the concrete walls on parts of our Auckland motorways.  How pretty!  

ABOVE: 'certain' people were complaining about having to look over the dining chairs to see the tv in the corner, so this morning I moved the table around... problem solved.

KAREN:  HOW interesting.... the sunblock Stew and the kids used was 'The Cancer Society' Brand.   I did not use any sunblock.. more fool me!  I am so used to just going brown I forgot that I have not been in the sun AT ALL this summer.  AND I just didn't feel hot yesterday! 

I reckon my hot flushes have desensitised me to heat!  Well, that's my excuse, and I will stick to it!  lol

Only... I'm not really laughing.  I'm sore.

I can't even wear me bra!  Now instead of me boobs being on dip all the time, they are on LOW BEAM!  Like... REALLY low beam.  *snigger*

We just bought a new sunblock while out grocery shopping.  It's a 50+ SPF, and works for 4 hours even in water.  So hopefully we won't get burnt again.  

MARY H:  true... smart arse!  *smiles*

End of Day:  well... the packing is sorta done.  Just have to throw the last minute things in the bags in the morning,  then we will be off.
ON TRACK:  still feeling fab!  Fat... but not gunna be by the end of this year... I am going to be so much happier by December this year!
nite nite


  1. Have fun on your vacation! I'm sure you will do awesome on your food choices.

  2. Yes and the temptation to grab quick n easy is always there escpecially comvienience wise.. when travelling see you when you get here yay...

  3. Oh man, one time I was stuck on a river for 6 hours and got horribly burned. I had nothing to get shaded under. My burn hurt sooooo bad and all my stomach had to be bandaged later. It was sooo painful. It's not fun having any kind of sunburn. By the way, the picture of your living space is so nice!

  4. Did you see the case on Stuff about the young boy in Chch who got really badly burnt even though his mum had applied and reapplied sunblock on him! It was a Cancer Society one. Poor kid had blisters on his back and shoulders etc...
    Enjoy your holiday though - am sure you and Stew will do alright esp as you are staying at Sandra's place :)

  5. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Bet the lady on the beach is out there again today walking & NOT sunburnt!!
    Mary H

  6. Hi Chris,

    I spent a day at my aunt's a couple of years ago and got a very bad sunburn. My cousin is also very fair (not quite as much as me though) and oiled herself trying to get a tan, while my aunt was really good about constantly reminding me to reapply sunscreen and lathering it on me, and reminding me to sit in the shade, cover up etc. It snuck up on me too - I was a bit red when I got home but within hours had serious burns like Angus, but all over my upper back. I actually have a photo David took to the chemist for advice - I couldn't leave the house for over a week and couldn't wear my bra - it took at least a couple of months to come right and I had to sleep on my stomach (too sore for my side and back was out of the question). If anyone wants a freaky warning picture for their kids I can email it to you - just be warned it is painful to look at!

    I wasn't using a different brand of sunscreen that day, but always bought Cancer Society thinking they would know what they are doing and have the right motivation for it to work - from the comments on that article it seems a lot of people don't trust their sunscreen. Anyway, thanks for the reminder to go and get a decent sunscreen.

    Have an awesome trip!

    Penny xo

  7. OK Chris!
    You did it again - me wanting to roll in the floor dieing of laughter! But what a way to go!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was the low beam boob remark! ROFL! I have GOT to quit laughing so I can finish this note!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

    Good thing you cannot see my face all screwed up trying not to dissolve in laughter! I have only had "laughter" this bad 3 times in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TRYING to not laugh as I do send deep condolences for the sunburn- I have been there 3 times in my life & I think I have learned from my pain! (of course I do not have the Beautiful - Magical-Enticing water that you guys do??? But , that really stinks for Stew & Griffin to get burned AFTER they did us the sunblock!I really am so sorry about that.

    O Man - your beautiful -perfect - house ! Golly jeepers , it looks like Paradise to me. I just want to sit down & soak up your essence! I could house sit- maybe I could climb into the computer to get there???????????????? LOL

  8. Have a fantastic trip.

    Bugger about the sunburn, that expensive Cancer Society sunblock sounds like crap, I have a funny feeling it was also slated in the Consumer magazine as not being all that great. If you have any aloe vera rub that onto the sunburn & I am pretty sure you can bathe in something like baking soda & cool water. I will check my little book of tricks at home & leave a comment tonight if I can find the recipe.

  9. Sun burns make me crabby too. Hang in there.

    Have a great trip and keep up the good work with the diet!

    Safe travels, jj

  10. I know sunblock should work - we have a big bottle of LeTan sunblock. What is the expiry date on your sunblock? I know it does have a use by date. We've used the cancer society stuff until recently with no problems.

  11. Sorry about your sunburn. Not nice!
    Have a fun holiday. You are going so well with your weight loss. :-)

  12. Nite nite chris. have a great holiday

  13. Hope your sunburn is easing a bit. Not nice at all :(
    Enjoy your time away. Too bad I'll miss you. We are hoping to get to Auckland (Waikumete Cemetery) either Mon Tues or Wed next week but with "murphy's law" you will still be away.
    Have fun but stay out of the sun!! :)

  14. Chris, can you get an aloe vera plant, We use them for burns and sunburn, you peel the out skin off the plant and apply the flesh which is soft and liquid., It is a miracle cure.


  15. Anonymous1:24 AM

    gonna have a hot weekend, hot mamma?

  16. Sorry you got sunburned. Hope you don't peel.


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