Sunday, January 15, 2012


When Stew and I were grocery shopping last week,  we found some really good looking sausages and bought them thinking they might be nice?

ABOVE:  these were the sausages.... and after eating them we declared them.....REALLY LOVELY.  Not heavily flavoursome, but still nice. And they come out at 3 pro points each.  
Next time we go shopping I will be looking for more low point sausages.  

TODAY:  well as we didn't go out yesterday, I am sure we will today!
Where to... I'm not sure yet.... I'll come back and tell ya later OK?   lol

Well actually... I'm going out for morning tea to meet a blogger from Papakura (2 suburbs over from me).... hopefully we get on well.  It's always nerve racking meeting someone new.


*HI*!  I'm back from 'morning tea' with PINKY aka Lisa.  We met at 10 am.... and we yakked.  Man can we yak!
We said at 1/4 to 12 that we really MUST go home... and at 12.20 pm we finally did!
It is not that often I meet someone totally new who I can yak to like that!
We got on like a house on fire.
It was lovely and I hope to see her again soon.... and we even discussed getting a couple of other friends to join us... like Lynda and Beastie Girl (aka Natalie)... that would be lovely too.
ABOVE:  meet PINKY.  Lisa to everyone who knows her I'm sure.  She's lovely.  Thanks for agreeing to meet me Chick.  It was the nicest morning I've had in a while. 

OH... and we both had a hot chocolate and NOTHING else.  We being good girls.  We did, however, drool over one couple's lunch right next to us... they felt a bit 'uncomfortable' with us looking longingly at their food I do believe!  lol

so... it is a gorgeous day!  And we did not go out afterall.
Stew wanted to get the lawns mown as it's been so wet he has not done them in a few weeks.  The grass was really long and the flowers were attracting bees on the lawn... Brylee can attest to that!
She got a bee sting yesterday.  Anyone would think she was dying the amount of screaming and crying that went on. 

Also, I sold our kayak on Trademe, and it's being picked up this afternoon, so we have to hang around.  *sigh*

I loved that kayak, but we had only used it ONCE in the two years we had it... so it was pointless keeping it.  And I could use the money (rubbing me hands together gleefully) for SHOPPING!  heee heee. Oh yeah, and paying a bill or two I suppose.  

So... just sitting around waiting... waiting... for the buyers to turn up.  Well, the buyers turned up around 3.30, so once they had left we went out to Maraetai Beach.  The kids and Stew had a swim, but not me.  The tide was out so a bit ikkky... and windy.  Then as we were leaving it rained.  So I'm glad I kept me clothes on!

Home now and Stew is cooking again!  Pork chops, coleslaw and a spud.  Nice.

End of Day:  dinner was lovely, as expected. It was nice to have the potatoe, hadn't had any carbs for a few days.
ON TRACK... still!  I do surprise myself, but then again... when you are totally determined (finally) it is easy to stay on track.
nite nite


  1. I was wondering about those sausages, we have 95% fat free sausages here in Countdown expensive but nice.... well prob not to expensive for you lol.... Have a nice day out :)

  2. A couple more photos of Chico on the blog :)

  3. Countdown do a pure chicken sausage we quite like that we like hellers though.

  4. I would love to try those, but unfortunately they have Gluten in them, and as I medically can't have Gluten it makes it impossible.

  5. Sounds like a great morning out, glad you enjoyed meeting Pinky.

  6. Fantastic that your meeting went well - mine did too!! I met three other low carbers and one in particular was lovely. We chatted for about 2 hours in the car (when I was dropping her off). Yes it would be great to get together all of us again.

  7. Sounds like you had a fabulous day out meeting Pinky/Lisa. Thanks for the link to her blog. Another person to add to my reading list.

  8. I have a friend that I met through blogging and we can get together and yak the morning away also. I hope you can meet up with Pinky again soon.
    I have never tried turkey sausage...I will have to look for it here.

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting other bloggers!!!
    sasuage sounds worthy of trying :)
    love n hugs

  10. Well Congratulations on your wonderful morning adventure with "Pinky"! It's a wonder you two did not bring your sewing machines with you!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Maybe next time ?? LOL Isn't it neat when the magic of friendship opens a new world for you? I think you two did great. You never know what magic awaits you on the other side of that magic door - until you push it open to see. : )

  11. Glad u had a good morning meeting pinky
    Keep up the good work u r doing well :)

  12. Anonymous6:22 PM

    You can get turkey steaks too. Pork chops and coleslaw sounds yummy and healthy! Will try it one night! WOMBAT

  13. Hey there Chris - It was great to catch up today - loved it and yes I think those people were feeling a bit uncomfortable when we started drooling at there meals!

  14. I love meeting new friends....I had the awesome opportunity to meet Mental Pause Mama in person and it was such a treat for happy you had a great time!!!! Dinner sounds pork chops and coleslaw and spuds.....dang wish you were next door I might of popped in hahaha YOU MAKE ME SMILE FRIEND!

  15. I can just imagine how the neighbours felt with you eyeing off their lunch!! lol.

    It's great to meet other bloggers. Not that I have yet but I hear it's a good thing! I'm always out of the loop. (is there a loop?!)

  16. I can't bloody wait to come visit NZ and have a hot choccie with you! Maybe a goal dream to aspire to?

  17. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Chris, we have turkey sausage quite often and really enjoy it. I get Jimmy Dean sausage. Doubt you have that in NZ, but its tasty. How nice you got to visit with Ms Pinky. She looks quite friendly! Bet you two had a ball! Nice she lives so close that you CAN visit...debbie

  18. Hey!

    Yeah, I'd totally be up for meeting you blogger-esses for lunch or morning tea or something - just gimme a call :)


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