Thursday, January 12, 2012


I've been making my smoothies with full cream milk.  We bought some trim milk the other night and I went to work out the pro points with me calculator.. and OMG it kept saying 200mls of Trim Milk was 29 points?
I got madder and madder ... cos no matter what I did it still came out that high?

UNTIL the penny dropped.  I was putting in the KILOJULES amount where the Protein amount should go.  DOH!  No wonder it was high!  lol

So glad I figured it out.... even if it did take me hours to realise what I was doing wrong.  It's only cos I am used to having to factor in the kilojoules.  Stooopid WW for changing everything on me.

Brylee spilt a pot of yoghurt all over the bottom of the fridge and floor... so I got up and filled a bowl with hot, soapy water to clean it up:

 ABOVE:  but when I turned around, Teddy and Coco were doing a darn good job of cleaning it up for me!  

ABOVE:  So, I left then to it... after they had finished I still cleaned it with hot, soapy water.   Can't have dog licks all over the fridge can I?  lol

Today:  what day is it?  Seriously, they are all starting to merge...  Next week Stew is off for two weeks holiday.  
Then after that the kids go back to school!  These holidays are flying by....
and back to today...

No idea yet.  A little housework for sure... then who knows?

Today... is the day I start adding some exercise. Well... apart from housework that is.
I am going to walk for 30 mins on me treadmill. EVERY day.

Steve's idea of 'organised chaos'  :

ABOVE:  I could not stand it any more...

ABOVE:  MY idea of 'organised' AND TIDY.  I know I should just leave it up to him, I KNOW!  But when it is 'my problem' ... I have to fix it.  He did not see it as a problem, so there was nothing to 'fix'!

That is how I see it, and that is OK.  Men just do not see mess do they?  

Almost lunch time, so better stop with the housework and get some lunch sorted for the kids...  OH and I must show you how Brylee hung out the washing for me too!  She wanted to help, so I let her!  soon...
ABOVE:  I think I could have done better, but... it was out there, and it got dry!  I got it in with minutes to spare before it started raining again.

End of Day:  another day ending, and another good day.  The guys got home from work and did a good job too, more about that tomorrow.  
ON TRACK: totally!  Shocking even myself with how well I'm doing.
nite nite


  1. Love the new cleaners chris keep them on lol

  2. Anonymous7:56 AM

    glad you figured out your Trim milk numbers. Is Trim milk like our Skim milk? We have skim, 1%, 2% and whole milk. We drink mostly 2% unless I bake I use whole. Sometimes I'll buy Skim which has no fat at all and it light bluish in color...just don't look at it. I like my milk Thank goodness for the dogs!! That would have been a terrible mess to clean up!!

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    I thought we were due torrential rain these last couple of days. Blue skies here in Tauranga. I was suppose to be up in Auckland foe a few days this week but cancelled having looked at the weather forecast. I was looking forward to visiting Sylvia Park you mention (frequently) ;-)

    How are you activity points? 30 min walk will really help at next weigh in <- I'm not trying to be bossy but you know it helps

  4. Our dog here is a pretty good vaccum cleaner but the downside is dog hair!!! Samuel has started kapa haka training already huge competition Feb 18th.

  5. Haha I have done that a few times when I first changed over to pro-points.... Love the dogs cleaning up. They have their uses :)

  6. I'm doing terrible with my diet. It seems when I eat less for 1 day, the following day I have to eat more as I'm so starving. And I'm supposed to go vegetarian for some days of the week but I'm such a huge meat eater that it hasn't happened yet. Gosh, my stomach is growling just typing this out! Oh, I've noticed an increase in my traffic recently but it was only for a few days. I only get about 350 views a day. Your blog is very popular Chris. And you don't get paid for it? Oh, I saw that my extra traffic came from ISP: Amazon which is weird, huh? All generating from different states in US. It went to nearly every blog post I've ever written. Feels more like a "spider" crawl. This "amazon" hits has happened several times before and I expect they'll come back again.

  7. The other night I was trying to figure out who did the huge spill so I could have them pick it up. By the time I found them to show them, my big dog ate it all up. My kids was like "what mess, Mom?"

  8. Hey, you could keep a look out for a cheap little floor rug or even bath mat to put beside Steve's bed, to hide that lipstick mar, yes?

  9. hehehe love the new "cleaners" !!

    Your blog is very popular Chris, mine is lucky is to get 30 views a day...

  10. Anonymous3:33 PM

    I think his room looks great!! and your a sweet mom for fixing his room. If he didn't like it, I'm sure he'd let you know. I love the wall hanging that I take it, you made, above his bed!! It's great, so colorful!!...debbie

  11. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Steve left you a tip on the bedside drawers? A bottle of vodka?
    I had a vision of you making some curtains for the shelving unit! Blue and white stripes with a lighthouse applicaque (?) Just a crafty idea!

  12. Anonymous6:22 PM

    steve is not a baby so don't clean up for him. if it bothers you then shut the door.

  13. Good luck with the new exercise regime- hang in there!

  14. O Yes, I have that "furry domestic engineers" and their pay is cheap! LOL

    Poor Steve - he will be Lost in his own room! LOL

    I had a smoothie tonight also. Considering the ingredients it was good and very good for me. I put cubes of ice , handful of spinach( could use any green) one banana and filled it half way with Almond Milk. This is my first time trying almond milk and it really was decent. : ) I am sure you could tweak it to your likes. I might try adding banana flavoring -just a couple of drops ?

  15. Well done Brylee? It's hung out better than what my 20 yr old son does.

  16. I would have done Steve's room as well! I had two kids like this and when they left home I did the rooms up and left the door wide open and smiled every time I went past!

    Tell us, if you are cutting out carbs are you feeling less hunger? If so that will be a big help in your weight loss. Great job :)

  17. Gotta watch them kilojoules.
    Get those dogs outta the fridge!

  18. When I didn't have a dog for like a month I was like oh wait I have to pick up the crumbs! haha

    Love that Brylee is helping! They might not do it the way we would but if the job is still done it doesn't necessarily matter :)


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