Friday, January 13, 2012


I took a new photo of me mug for Facebook and my blog yesterday.
And now I am even more motivated to lose the weight.

Cos I want to like MORE OF ME than just my eyes!

ABOVE: me, in all me glory.   Well, me face anyway.  You don't really want to see the body! *smiles*
I can't wait to be comfortable enough to post a photo of ALL OF ME again.  

Today:  it's BLACK FRIDAY!  But, I'm not superstitious at all.  So the kids and I will go out to the mall... I think they deserve a treat.  Maybe a movie?  
We will see.

The guys finally got around to pruning one of our palms last night... it was becoming a right pain in the butt, with fronds hitting you when you got out of the car.  So, they did a really good job:

ABOVE: how cool is that?  It's like a totally different plant now, and I had totally forgotten those other two palms were there!  I love it, shame the neighbour doesn't.  They are worried it's root system will crack their concrete, so I'm going to a Garden Centre today to find out just what sort of root system it has and if it's a threat to the concrete.  I hope not, as it's not only a lovely plant, but it's worth a fair few bob at that size...  (about $1,000).


So I've talked to Kings Garden Centre about the palm. Contrary to popular belief, if WILL damage the concrete (both ours and theirs) in about another 6 years.  While it does have a tap root, which goes straight down, it's spreaders can and will crack the concrete once they get big enough.  DAMN.
Now the decision is:  kill it... or move it.
I know what Stew's decision will be.
And it does not involve digging a HUGE HOLE to get it out.

ABOVE:  the kids and I are off to see this movie this afternoon.  I better take a hanky... to catch the drool!  I think Robert Downey is gorgeous.   Jude Law... not so much.

The movie was GREAT!  I doubt the kids could follow the whole storyline, but Griffin loved the action!  Brylee had to visit the bathroom right before the ending so missed the conclusion. When we left she was still in the bathroom with a sick tummy... so now home and keeping an eye on her.  
Hope she isn't coming down with something.  

Off now to put me feet up for a wee while before getting dinner sorted.

End of Day: we had our 'naughty' dinner tonight.  Fish and chips.  It was nice.... but feeling ikk now.   Funny how what used to be LOVELY is no more.
ON TRACK:  even though we had fish and chips! I have factored it in to our week, so am happy.
nite nite


  1. Palms are technically not trees so I don't think the roots would be as damaging. Looks good!

  2. The Palm tree plot has come up looking fantastic Chris ... you must be thrilled (great job guys!). Re the neighbour's concern, if it is going to prove a problem long-term and you decide that it has to go, maybe you could sell them on Trade Me - with buyer has to remove at their expense. I've seen similar auctions in the past - but hopefully it won't come to that!

  3. Anonymous8:13 AM

    It's got such a pretty trunk!! Really nice chris! I thought they had shallow roots?! Maybe your neighbor is just grumpy! lol ...debbie

  4. I have one of those palms in my back yard - it is a Washingtonia. Mine is getting too big and it is scaring me!! Not sure what to do with it or how to get it out. I like you one but I can see the concerns of the neighbours. I don't think they have great big roots like some trees though. Good to find out.

    Enjoy your day with the kids.

  5. Beautiful!!!! Soooo would love to move there! Stinking Missouri.... LOL

  6. Your neighbor needn't worry as the palm's roots don't branch.

  7. What a difference that makes really they are pretty palms and WHO knew those others were hiding there HA!

  8. Anonymous1:04 PM

    I am with Paula - advertise on trade me and get the buyer to dig out. Alternatively there are little diggers called dingos and another brand called Kanga's if you sell it for $1000 then hiring a small digger to get it out would not dent the profits too much. Obviously getting it out sooner rather than later would be easier as it will only get bigger. It would make the neighbours happy (which can't hurt) but more importantly you don't want your driveway concrete cracking either. Can always list on trade me with a reasonably high reserve and see what the interest is...

    Hope you enjoyed the movie with the kids.

  9. Oh, me and hubs and kids saw the same movie. It's a little hard to follow the plot (for me) and when you get it, it's kind of like is that it? Have you watched BBC's Sherlock? I think you'll like the actor. Amazing features.

  10. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Some landscaping companies will buy and remove mature trees for you. My parents-in-law were approached by a company and asked them if they would like to sell the frangipani in their yard as they needed one for landscaping at a resort. So you can make some money and have it removed at the same time! WOMBAT

  11. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Get thecouncil to rehome it if it is valuable
    Mary H

  12. its funny because I don't think robert downey jr was hot when he was younger, but he's gotten really foxy as he gets older!

  13. Wow, what a shame about the palm; it's so pretty. So are you, Chris! I know what you mean about posting yourself though... me too me too. :)

  14. O Chris!
    I Totally ADORE it !!!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted one - but they do not survive in our area!!!!!!!!!!! IF ONLY???? :)

  15. Firstly Chris, you should like yourself.. all you need to do is smile in a photo though. Your smile is awesome and changes you so much.x

    And the palm. That sucks. It is so gorgeous especially now the boys have given it a hair cut. What a shame you might have to lose it.. I'd sell it though. It is amazing.

  16. When we left she was still in the bathroom with a sick tummy...

    I am sorry Brylee had an upset stomach, but don't you feel bad for leaving her in the theater bathroom? Did she ever make it back home?

    I say leave the tree and fix the concrete later.

    I like your new pictures!

  17. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Nice photo of you. You are truly gorgeous :)!

  18. I think the palm looks good .The hair certainly makes you look like a different person . It's nice

  19. I think you have the MOST GORGEOUS EYES!!!!! I am taking bets the rest of you inside and out is just as GORGEOUS!


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