Sunday, January 08, 2012


ABOVE:  My darling Hubby.  51 today... and just as gorgeous now as when I met him, minus the jellybeans of course.

I have a feeling it will be a long day!  It's still very wet outside.  So the kids are stuck inside... again.
Rena reminds me of Brylee ... she NEVER shuts up.  Not for one second.  I think Steve is taking off for the day .... just to get away from the incessant noise.  

I think Stew would love to go too!

We are expecting Amanda, Andrew and Emily sometime today too.  They are coming for dinner.
Dinner... hmmmm .... better do something about that soon.  Well, at least get something out of the freezer to cook later.  Chicken nibbles sounds good.

I could cook a cake?   Nah, think I'll go buy one. Feeling lazy.  Oh... I don't know for sure yet.  I might cook...  procrastination abounds.


RENA: is at the drive anyone crazy age.  We DO love her...just not her behaviour.  And I will not apologise for being honest.

I ADORE BABIES.  Any baby. Ask anyone who knows me.  They will say the same.
Preschoolers?  Not so much.

Cooked a decadent dinner:  Teriyaki Chicken, Lemon Chicken, potato wedges and garlic bread.  OMG, yum.
Followed by Caramel Cheesecake and Chocolate Cake from the Cheesecake shop.  Clearly I did not cook the cakes! lol

ABOVE:  Stew and Andrew watching sport on the telly...

 ABOVE: it's scary how much Kelly looks like me as a young woman...

ABOVE: Amanda takes after 'the other side'...

ABOVE:  something must have been funny...

ABOVE:  playing around with black and white...

 ABOVE:  very hard to take an awful photo of this baby!...

ABOVE: three of our four granddaughters...

ABOVE: Pensive Rena...

ABOVE:  Brylee 

ABOVE:  Amanda showing off her Birthday present from us.... two Smurfs.  She is nuts for the Smurfs.

ABOVE: It can be VERY DIFFICULT to get a good photo of Griffin.... but I think I got a good one this time! 

End of Day:  we have had a wonderful day.  Just watching a shoot 'em' up, bang bang movie on the TV to wind down after a busy day.
ON TRACK:  well no, not after the birthday dinner I'm not.  But, I do feel in control and confident I have not blown it!  
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew!! Hope you have a good day! I say take him out to dinner with the whole crew, come back and have cake which you made!!! lol...debbie

  2. Many happy returns of the day. I have to make a birthday cake next week for mine.

  3. Happy Birthday Stew, hope you get the day of to enjoy :)

  4. Happy Birthday wishes to Stew and may he have many many more:) What did you give him for his :) Have a great day and yep, it's pouring down here in the lower Nth Island :(

  5. Happy Birthday to Stew! Hope you all enjoy a great time together....never-ending chatter and all! :o)



  6. Happy Birthday Stew surrounded by your family grandchildren and lovely wife what a present really, childrens noise is a good noise life, vibrancy and spirit Samuel talked non stop, he still does and I love it means he is not a quiet sulky teenager!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Stew hope you have an awesome day theres plenty of time for quiet days so enjoy :)

  8. Happy Birthday Stew.

  9. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Happy birthday Stew.

    I have to say - it really sounds like you don't like Rena AT ALL. You always sound negative about her and this is in stark contrast to Emily who it sounds like you are in love with.

  10. Happy birthday Stew! Hope you all have a lovely day with the family.

  11. Happy Birthday Stew!

    I'm with you re: preschoolers ....keep them far away from me!

  12. haha- are jelly beans his birthday treat or is that just what he's holding? I've had birthdays where instead of cake I just wanted m&ms hahaha

  13. I love pre-schoolers!!! Not so much babies I suppose, never been one to coo of a baby.

    Happy Birthday to Stew.

  14. I hope Stew's birthday was wonderful.

  15. Happy Birthday to Stew.. but Jelly beans mate.. Is that good for you??? Hehe love the smile.. you naughty boy!!

  16. I can tell that you love your DH and he is a real - Keeper! I think you have done an excellent job of raising him! LOL

    You do remember the saying - "behind every great man - there is a great woman. " )

    Happy Birthday Stew!!!!!!!!!!
    O Shoot - did you make him a birthday cake!

  17. happy birthday stew.

  18. Hope you had an awesome day Stew.

  19. Happy Birthday, Stew!!! Sounds like you had some yummy food!!! Cheesecake is a passion of mine. I just love it!!

    God Bless~

  20. I love the cheesecake shop. I try to keep away for obvious reasons lol. Samyson is a cheesecake nut & he actually made dessert on Christmas Day - cookies & cream cheesecake yummmm!!

  21. Happy Birthday Stew! I like Jelly beans too!
    (I'm a poet and didn't know it!)

  22. Pat, Idaho, USA5:41 AM

    Oh dear Chris, someone's having a go at you Anon!

  23. Gorgeous photos of the kids Chris. It's a great idea to learn photography. I should go to a class too. Griffin is a very handsome young man. Who's Anonymous.. they are troublemakers. It's obvious you love all your grandchildren and aren't they lucky they have grandparents who do!

  24. Happy belated birthday to Stew!

  25. Anonymous9:41 AM

    why if someone points something out or asks a question about an impression on Chris - then they are having a go or being a troublemaker. I asked because it seemed to me that Chris genuinely did not like Rena - but she has explained it as not liking the developmental stage that she is at but that she still loves her.
    I did not have a go at her.


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