Monday, January 09, 2012


After having visitors yesterday.... I have to do a big clean up today.
As the weather is so wet and humid, the house is a right mess after everyone was stuck inside all weekend long.

Here's a few more photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE: Rena pretending to put makeup on Steve...

ABOVE: yep, such an inprovement!  lol

 ABOVE:  another neat black and white one.

ABOVE: tug of war with Uncle Steve....

ABOVE:  Happy wee girl...

ABOVE: playing nicely together...

 ABOVE:  Brylee

ABOVE:  Father and Daughter.  Love it.

I love taking photos of my family.  I am hoping to attend a night class this year to learn how to use more of the features of my camera, and take better photos.

Right, this isn't getting the housework done is it?  

ANON from yesterday:  Re your question.  It is probably because I, like many bloggers, have had my fair share of negative/critical comments and lots of readers who have been following me for years and know me very well... want to stand up for me.  
I used to get really upset by negative/critical comments, but am getting better at not reacting.  Now days the really nasty ones simply do not get published.  

Poor Griffin, just had a spack at him about his room.  He's now on serious tidy up duty or it goes in the bin!  BOYS are pigs.  If you have a tidy one... thank your lucky stars.

SEVEN TIMES I had to send Griffin back to his room after he told me he had picked everything up from under his bed.   7 times!!!  Lazy little piglet....  2.30pm and his room is FINALLY clean, rearranged and tidy.  Wonder how long it will stay that way?  

I am now all hot and sticky, and need a shower.  

I had a blackberry smoothie for lunch.  I enjoyed it.  The smoothies are doing me very well for lunch, and I am not getting too hungry before dinner now either, so that's great.

FROGGY:  yep mate, I know this.  I have raised 4 of them too!  Luckily Brylee is nice and tidy, even if she does put all her dirty clothes back in the drawers! *sigh*

End of Day:  another day down... got lots tidied up today, so I can relax tomorrow.  
ON TRACK:  still going well!
nite nite.


  1. You have such a nice-looking family! Kids and grandkids are gorgeous! And you're lucky to be so close. It must be fun to be in that house full of kids.

  2. You have a stunningly beautiful family ... so photogenic.

    And as for the photo of Griffin yesterday .... What a stunner. I can see the girls lining up and mighty soon. Are you ready !


  3. Awesome photos Chris! I love seeing photos of your family! I too want to a night class on using our digital camera etc... but there aren't many night classes around these days thanks to the Govt cutting funding etc!!!

  4. Looks like a nice visit!

  5. I so love the pictures of your family. The girls are all beautiful and the boys are all handsome! Your four legged "kids" are cute too!!

  6. Steve is such a patient Uncle, Brylee is growing into a beutiful young lady, Rena and Emily will follow in her footsteps I'm sure Griffin is growing so fast and he is one handsome dude!! They all come from great stock eh....

  7. My goodness those are good looking kids!! What a lovely little family you have Chris!!

  8. Great photo of Griffin and I agree boys are pigs - my son just puts his clothes he has been wearing back in the drawers! -ARGH! - I have given up on him and I do a quick tidy every night - I know I know I shouldn't but saves the grey hairs!
    Have a great day

  9. You pictures are great. It sounds like Stew had a great birthday....and of course you are left with the clean-up today.

  10. Hope the day is going better - forgot to say over the weekend - congrats on the loss - it is a loss and that is the main thing - it will catch up with you I am sure.
    Keep going you are doing amazingly!

  11. OOOO, I LOVE the pictures too! One of my friends up here is a professional photographer and her favorite pictures are the black & white ones. She thinks they capture the essence of the subjects. The one you took of little Emily really captures her sweet innocence.
    LOVE, love the one with her and Steve playing tug of war! LOL

    That little Rena really concentrates when she is seriously into something, and that one of her laughing is a real winner.

    That Steve is a real winner - any young man who is as good with children as he is - is a real keeper in my book.

    Brylee is just so beautiful , if only we could guarantee them a life time of happiness ????

    That father and daughter picture is so sweet. Moments like these are suppose to last a lifetime.

    Boy, that blackberry smoothie sounds so good. What did you say you put in it?????????????

  12. Girls are pigs too. Trust me...

  13. Oh just re-read my comment - I mean the big losses will catch with you! - Just keep doing what you are doing and they will appear on the scales.

  14. Anonymous2:50 AM

    My room is clean, I promise!

    Gorgeous family pictures, and the smoothie would have been nice to see a photo of too so I can drool. I'll just go look at that smoothie photo you put up last week.

  15. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Great family photos. Kids are doubt about it. But you are doing the right thing in insisting they clean it up!! Way to go mom!!! ...debbie

  16. Looks like you had a packed couple of days. Keep strong the weight will go down.


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