Thursday, January 05, 2012


So... I can't eat salads and mushrooms for lunch forever... so Smoothies sound good.

BUT.... I want low carb/calorie ones.  WHO out there has some good recipes of such smoothies???  OH, make 'em fruit ones, K?

I HATE bananas in a smoothie too.... so none with banana OK?  OR, give me an alternative to bananas.  

Today:  off to the Dr's first thing for a form to be filled out for Griffin's Disabled Child Benefit... then who knows?
It will depend on the weather... and inclination.


Dr's appointment was at 9am, finally saw the Dr at 9.20, which wasn't too bad!
Then we went to WINZ to hand in the form, stood in a line for 30 minutes JUST to hand in the form.  *sigh*   I would have posted it if we were not pushing the deadline, my bad.  
At least we don't have to do that for another 2 years.

Home again, and wondering what I shall do with the day?  It's fairly overcast and nice and coolish outside, so at least if I decide to do some housework I won't melt.

I decided to read a few blogs... and I read on my friend Jenny's blog (private blogger in Foxton) how she was enjoying banana fritters, made by whisking 2 eggs and a banana together, and thought:  "I will give that a go right now" ... as I feeling a bit peckish:

ABOVE:  would you believe it only took like, 2 minutes from start to finish!  And we got 5 really good sized fritters out of the mix.  Griffin inhaled ate three, Brylee one and me one.  AND I had some orange too... which was really nice.
What a great 'snack'.... and so low in points.

JANINE:  ooo that would be lovely!  Can you email me on : so I can give you my address? 

ANON/SHARINGANHARVEY: thanks for the info Mike.  Mike is me son, and he's a fitness fanatic. Clearly.

ABOVE:  lots of noise overhead at midday today. Police helicopter looking for someone!  They hovered right over our house for ages.... can't have been me they were looking for!
I'm a good girl!  lol

ABOVE:  my first fruit smoothie!  Isn't it pretty?  AND I made enough to have two, one now for lunch and one for afternoon tea.  I haven't worked out the points yet...

The above smoothie had in it:

1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup water
50 grms LITE Vanilla Ice Cream
60 grms Vanilla 99.9 % Fat Free Yoghurt
60 grms Frozen Mixed Berries
1 Tablespoon Apple Sauce
1 teaspoon Equal Sweetener

It was really yum, and was worth 7 Pro Points.  I made double the above mixture, and had enough for two smoothies.

I am making Butter Chicken for dinner tonight.  I use a tinned, already made sauce. The points: 18!  High, but as I actually HAVE that many points in the kittty, I shall have some.   First 'white' carbs THIS year!

End of Day:  feeling great!  The Butter Chicken was so nice, and filling.
ON TRACK, and still finding it easy.  Motivation still great.  Can envision the end result.  Me, happy with myself again and healthy.
nite nite


  1. Heaps on the net..... And guess what Chico brought inside a dead baby bird yukkk!!! Naughty Miss Chico.

  2. Anonymous7:51 AM

    I'll take one of them green smoothies please!

  3. Wishing you all the best in the new year. Good luck with the weight loss, you can do it for sure. Take care.

  4. Hope you have a good day today Chris... and don't forget.. DRINK YOUR WATERED DOWN DIET COKE (sniggers LOL hehehehe wheels away VERY fast behind lots of Chris's readers.... )

    Anne (oops I should be anon eh? LOL)

  5. What about bean salad with tuna? (Not smoothie'd tho!!). High protein, low carb. I keep a couple of the little Deli Menu pots in the cupboard for 'emergency' lunches, and they are great.

    Can't really help with the smoothies off the top of my head, although with it being summer, a mixed berry one with natural yoghurt (you could freeze it for that cold, creamy texture) and a bit of water or milk?

    I've got a smoothie book, so I'll have a look when I get home from work.

  6. And none with cream? ohhhhhhhh frappe yumm ok I would like the mango one, the weather is packing up again nice right before weekend.

  7. Yoghurt and milk base then add whatever you like to it!!
    Mango and Kiwifruit is really yummy. as is Apple and Peach.
    Tinned fruit (light and in juice not syrup) are great alternatives to fresh fruit which can cost a bundle load!
    Its also good to add some LSA or something like that to bulk up the feel in your tummy.

  8. Throw in whatever sounds good. No milk or dairy, keep out the fat.
    I did a round of special diets, on our schedule they said eat lots of veggies - the more the better, as it keeps you off of bad things. They suggested that butter in a spray pump for flavor (just don't spray too much) and sour cream was OK on things, a lot better than butter.
    Good luck!

  9. Chris

    I have a book of about 41 smoothie recipes and about the same again of other drinks like iced tea and punches etc. I am not using it and wondered if you wanted it.

    I can send it up to you.

  10. I sometimes use protein powder (1 or 2 scoops) in my smoothies. Get it from Priceline maybe? It has added nutrients and the protein keeps you fuller for longer. I use a vanilla flavoured one:

    Sometimes I make a mango/vanilla smoothie: use--

    * fresh mango,
    * mango or vanilla yoghurt
    * skim milk or skim soy milk
    * protein powder
    * possibly some vanilla essence

    If it looks too thick, add a little water.

  11. Anonymous11:28 AM

    get some lo cal vanilla yogurt, strawberries, peaches and berries and yummo!! I add Equal to sweeten it up!!...debbie

  12. Rofl.........thanks for that Chris:) Glad you enjoyed them :)They are easy eh. Jim says...what about the ice cream. lol Here is the link to that and the pancakes
    We are off to Waihi at Wellington Anniversary weekend and had thought of coming up to Auckland (want to go a cemetery up there to see a grave!!)but looks like you will be down here!! Murphy's law at work again!!
    Have a great day :)

  13. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Christy above has the most sound advice so far in my opinion, that being the use of protein powder. Whey protein concentrate/isolate in particular. Please read the following article xtina
    it sums up the huge benefits whey can have on weight loss and muscle gain (which should be done in conjunction as apposed to just weight loss alone). Just ensure you get your "protein powder" from a reputable supplement store or website, not a supermarket or similar as their products are of lower quality.

  14. sharinganharvey11:59 AM

    P.S The source of the above article ( is a great site for diet,weight loss and body building information (I especially recommend the article 'how dieting makes you fatter'), though it is primarily a supplement site (slightly more expensive than others but high quality products).

  15. Hope the CDA gets approved they have got so strict over the last 12 months and apparently only about 50% gets approved now from what they were doing 2 years ago. Chris has been approved now but Steph got turned down this time round.

  16. I have a recipe and it uses chia seed and protein powder and agave and I CAN'T FIND IT.....I love it...I do strawberry and mango or kiwi...the chia is an energizer and seriously helped with weight loss...I will keep looking for it.....I LOVE SMOOTHIES!!!!!

  17. I love chia in smoothies. They aren't that expensive.
    A great non dairy one is dates, water and cocoa powder. If you want it sweet you can add sweetener if you like. I would add a banana but that might just make you angry;)
    Add baby spinach to whatever you make!

  18. Your smoothie does look very yummy Chris what have you used.

  19. Looks great Chris and love the presentation!
    Glad to see you are still enjoying your new lifestyles journey.

  20. gilly3:48 PM

    Instead of cows milk try Rice Milk or Almond Milk.

    The 'smoothies' I make are

    1 scoop protien powder (whey or pea protien)
    1 scoop phyto nutrient superfood
    1/2 cup bluberries
    1 1/2 cups almond milk

    blitz everything in a blender.

    You can use any other fruit - raspberries, peaches, mango, (I like frozen mixed berries the ones with raspberries, blackberries, red currants and black currants)

    You can also use rice milk instead of almond milk.

    Blueberry & almond milk has approx 313 cals & with rice milk approx 337 cals
    Mixed berry or Raspberry with almond milk approx 300 cals & with rice milk approx 324 cals

    great for breakfast or lunch :)

  21. gilly3:51 PM

    p.s. beware of anything that says lite or fat free, the food may have less fat but it then usually has a higher sugar content which is just as bad for you.

    It pays to check the labels

  22. We have smoothies quite often and I use full cream (about 1/4 cup), a little milk (full cream) and berries and yoghurt (full cream also). I think I will start to use a really good protein powder too. You will notice that on the "low fat" products there is way more carbs. Also because I a get all of my calories from protein, fat and vegetables, I can have the "full fat" calories. I need to experiment a lot more too. I saw the other day a smoothie that had a tspn of cocoa powder added to make it a choc-berry one... sounds good to me!!

  23. So the white carbs are the rice? Just go easy and you'll be fine :) I'm looking forward to a bit of butter chicken myself soon. I use Basmati rice which is apparently lower GI but I would never have as much as I used to have and now I add some veges to my butter chicken as well.

  24. Wow - maybe the cops just wanted a smoothie?!!

  25. My wife has a book full of nothing but smoothie recipes! I'm sure you can find lots of different ones (with no banana)

  26. I love banana fritters. In Singapore, how they're made for sale is very fattening because they're deep fried. What I do is I make a pancake mixture and I add mashed bananas into the mix. I use a ladle to pour a small ring of mix on the pan and just pan fry. They are delicious. I could eat 10 in a row.

  27. good for you for sticking with a plan.. and smoothies are awesome... i love em!


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