Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I stood on the scales yesterday morning.
They showed a big fat 0 loss so far this week.

0,  a BIG FAT, goddam,  friggin 0. WTF?

Yet... I have been 100% GOOD all week.  No slip ups ... even with the fish and chips dinner I was under points for the week.

Today:  I'm too scared to even step on the bloody scales.  I swear, if they show a 0 loss again I will slit my own throat.

I am INCREDIBLY CRABBY.  I don't even like MYSELF right now.
So can you IMAGINE how I am feeling towards everyone else in this house?

Now, I don't know if this terrible mood is due to the 0 loss or because I stopped taking the Anti Depressants about 2 weeks ago?
I was on the pills to help with the hot flushes, but as they seem to have all but stopped (the hot flushes)... I just didn't repeat my prescription when I ran out.

Maybe it's a massive, ongoing mood swing due to withdrawal?

All I know is... everyone is TOTALLY getting up my nose.  I really, really want to scream at them the second they open their mouths.

I do hope I snap out of it before I get to Palmerston North!   My girlfriends won't like me like this.  FOR SURE.

It's weigh in at Weight Watchers tonight.  Somehow I think Stew is going to blitz it with a HUGE loss, and I am going to kill him ON THE SPOT.  

ONWARD... the day can not get any worse... right?


I just spent half an hour weighing clothes.  Cos I just KNOW I will not be allowed to weigh in NAKED.  Pffffft.   
I am still too scared to stand on my scales, after yesterday I think they would be in mortal danger if they still showed a 0 loss.

I am going to do exactly what I have been doing, cos I just know there will be a loss at Weight Watchers tonight, there MUST be!
I can't be this friggin good and not lose SOMETHING.

And yes, I know it's JUST a number... but still.  When you have been a 'dieter' for over 30 years it is hard to break habits of a lifetime.
But ONE habit I am breaking.

EMOTIONAL EATING.  I have NOT headed straight for the pantry after yesterday.  I am not doing that to myself.  I am worth it to keep up the good work.  It will come off... I know it will.

I am making that Basil Hummus today too.  The Chickpeas are cooking as we speak....exciting!

ABOVE:  well, I've been productive this morning if nothing else.  I made 5 pots of Basil Hummus, and as I'd cooked more Chickpeas than necessary, I had enough to make 6 pots of 'normal' Hummus as well.  
Some of those pots will go in the freezer to be brought out as wanted. 
The Basil Hummus has come out DEVINE!

Now, making it myself was probably no cheaper than buying it.... but this way I get the satisfaction of doing it myself, and I know it's fresh.
We bought two basil plants so I don't have to always buy it... shit it's expensive to buy!
I want to find a recipe for Basil Pesto now.... yummy!

KAREN: That's why I was weighing my clothes... to see what was best to weigh in.  Once I have settled on one outfit, I will stick to it.

MARGARET AND EVERYONE ELSE: bit late to 'wean' myself off them!  I've not had any for almost 3 weeks.  So I think I am over them.

MARY H: Every had hummus?  Chickpea spead/dip... so basil hummus is just hummus with Basil added.  Try it, you might love it like we do.

Almost 2pm.... so just over 5 hours until weigh in....

LISA:   Basil Hummus &  Regular Hummus.  Just click on the name and it will take you to the recipe.

LYNDA:  we will be having the hummus with our salad instead of mayonnaise.  Hummus is 1 Pro Point per Tablespoon, mayonnaise is 5 Pro Points per Tablespoon... so as we LOVE hummus, we shall have it instead of mayo.
And as a dip with carrot/celery sticks and the like.  NOT on bread/crackers/chips.

End of Day:  well... amazingly... I lost!
Stew: 2.6 kilos lost
Chris: 3.2 kilos lost
DON'T ASK ME HOW THAT HAPPENED, cos I have no idea.
Must have caught up with me... all my efforts were worth it.
nite nite


  1. Chris, don't be so hard on yourself.. if you're doing the tracking right, doing some exercise right, then the numbers will reflect that over time.. remember, it's not a race, numbers are just a reflection of your hard work, numbers do NOT define you nor how well you are going... even if the numbers aren't showing what you want right now, look for changes in measurement, in motivation, in determination, in clothes, in your ability to do things now that you might not have been able to do when you started..

    don't focus on the numbers, on negativity, instead, look for the positivies, no matter how small :)

    and there's always next week :)


  2. I'll say bother #*##*&%^$ along with you.

    Sometimes the scales are just not fair and cheat like mad.

    Try to remember this is also about living right and you Are Having A Successful Week.


  3. Wait until tonight - you may get a surprise!

    Also prepare yourself with Stew and his losses, men tend to lose a bit quicker than women.

  4. Anonymous7:31 AM

    don't get disheartened. I have restarted ww and only weigh on their scales. Some weeks it suprises me what the scales say. Keep at it.


  5. Chris - I am sorry to hear that the scales are not co-operating with you! Keep strong you are doing so great - it will show if you keep at it! It ain't wasy but it is worth it and you are worth it! Good luck to the family today!

  6. Just wait and see - you will lose if not this week then next. Some weeks I don't seem to lose and then the next it drops suddenly. Sure Stew should lose heaps, he's a man and he has not yoyo dieted so his body will respond differently.

    How about we catch up later... I've got to spend quality time helping my very pregnant daughter sort stuff this week.

    Are you meant to stop those pills suddenly??? I thought you were meant to wean yourself off any kind of anti depressant type pill.

  7. Anonymous7:57 AM

    That is CRAP!

    I just want you to know that I read you post. I won't pretend to have some answers... Life can be a real bitch!

  8. Don't stress over the scales if you have been good it will show up next week.... And hey by tonight they might be showing a loss :)

  9. I was wondering the same thing as Lynda, I think you are meant to wean yourself off them. I think they normally reduce the dose then drop you to every second day etc.
    It could certainly explain the mood swings.

  10. You better get some more diet coke STAT!! ;)

  11. I look at it gain nil Yeah. You will lose. Think positive do some exercise & the blues will go. Also be happy for your man if he loses because he is healthier than last week. Be positive take control

  12. I hate it when the bloody scales can put us in a good or bad mood. I was like that last week after the bra shopping God help anyone who spoke to me or got in my way or even existed. I alternated between wanting to cry & wanting to scream - turns out there may have been some PMS involved too lol.

    It is even more frustrating when a) you know you have been really good & b) bloody husband just has weight falling off him.

    Good luck for weigh in tonight,but if it is not a good result then fingers crossed next weeks will be a doozy.

  13. I've put 4ib on in 2 weeks

  14. It is never safe to abruptly stop an anti-depressant get a refill ASAP!!!!
    Time honey, your efforts will pay off. Get your medication and take a walk while it calms you down. WHEW......

  15. Samantha, Idaho,9:58 AM

    Sweetie, listen.... your clothes will tell ya if you are loosing or not. Don't let some poxy WW scales rule your life! And if Stew has lost... thump him on his head!! No kidding ya, give him a cuddle and flash those gorgeous eyes of yours and tell him he's making supper tonight!

  16. I know how frustrating it can be when the scales don't shift. Remember to look at the "big picture". Oh, and a huge well done for not resorting to binge eating/emotional eating when the going gets tough. THAT'S one of the hardest things to do for sure!! xxx

  17. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Maybe its time to get some new scales, a friendlier one! WOMBAT

  18. You've done good and it WILL show up on the scales, hopefully tonight, but if not then soon.

  19. Haven't read for ages (blogs that is)... Just saw that you're crabby pop up in my reader and thought I had better check that out! ;)

    You aren't meant to stop antidepressants suddenly... that is almost definately the cause of your mood probs. You and meant to reduce by half a tablet each week or something like that. Go get your script filled!

    Hope you feel better x

  20. Hi,

    I am sorry you feel so crabby, tell everyone to stay away and find out if the pills you were taking are causing this.

    You have to lose weight if you are following the process, so throw the scales away and then you won't be tempted to check your weight daily. You know you shouldn't anyway.

    Lot of love and good vibes heading your way


  21. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Hi Cris
    Stay off the bloody scales they are evil.
    Just weigh in once a week at WW or your going to do your head in.
    Your doing great and should be very proud of yourself.
    Michelle x

  22. I will ditto to what some of the others have said and say that you aren't supposed to stop AD's suddenly - I am in the process of weaning off my ones and the Dr has put me on the low doseage ones and then when I next see her, she will get me to take them alternate days etc...
    And one trick I used to do at WW was wear the same (but lightest) clothes each and every week! Then I knew I couldn't "blame" the clothes if I gained... just something to think about it...

  23. I agree with some of the comments above..

    You will probably have a great loss next week on the scales. that hard work is bound to show up in numbers.

    Also, I would check with your Dr. about those pills. My friends had to be weaned off slowly. Only your Dr. can tell you exactly how to come of them.

  24. Anonymous1:36 PM

    What is Basil Hummus? I am a bit ignorant. I have Basil plants in the garden so would like to know
    Mary H

  25. LOL I am sorry to be laughing but you are the first person I have ever known to weigh clothes..... To me it sounds like an obsession, don't freak out so much, in the end if you have done everything right it will show if not this week then next week.....

  26. Recipe please - the one I had didn't work out so would love to try another one
    Good luck tonight!

  27. Anonymous3:48 PM

    No never had hummus Looks like pesto Does it taste similar?
    Mary H

  28. You'll be fine Chris. You've been good so you will be rewarded. Tomorrow's scale maybe a completely different story.

  29. Question: what are you having the hummus on? That is a lot you have made :)

  30. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Hummmmmmm, sounds like it might be a good idea to refill your pills. ?Could be water gain - keep up the good work, it'll come off. sometimes it takes a little longer. Hang in there!! ...debbie

  31. O Chris,
    My heart just breaks for your struggle. It is very hard to fight with "weight". There seem to be so many ins & outs & maybes ????? How does one really discover that magical needle in the haystack? Plus, you add age in as a factor , they say that as women age we automatically put on two or three pounds each year - Just for being women.

    When I get disheartened - I like the theory that some have - that we put on weight Because that is the knowledge we are learning! Plus,if you look at Roman goddesses - they are Always round & soft! So, I am a goddess!!!

    You need to pick up little tricks to lift your spirits when the cruel weight monster invades your life. You are a special , beautiful, talented woman and each day is a Gift, that you can put your own stamp on. That old saying about , Live Each Day As If It WAs Your Last- really is good advice.

  32. No, I didn't think you'd be having it on bread etc :) That would be interesting on salad. Not a hummus person myself but I love basil. Good luck tonight.

  33. Sorry to hear that. It's worst for me. I gained 5 to 10 pounds over the holidays.

  34. The chick peas in hummus is v v v good for you! Lots of protein and fibre. Fibre is great to help you stay feeling full and satisfied (not to mention constipation, which I personally suffer from) sorry for TMI... xxx

  35. Congrats Chris awesome loss (and Stew too) ... Roll on next week.

  36. Well there you go! Stay of the home scales in future!!!

  37. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Well done hun!!! What an awesome finish to the day :)

  38. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Congrats! Ended up a great loss.
    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  39. Wahoo awesome loss chris ...u rock

  40. Well done both of you!

  41. Anonymous9:25 PM

    Well done! And here you were worrying that Stew would lose more than you and you beat him! Maybe you should have a bet and a prize every week! WOMBAT

  42. Awesome losses Chris and Stew :)) Well done!

  43. Excellent result Chris - Good on ya!
    See the hard work is paying off!
    Oh congrats to Stew as well

  44. LOL! That was like reading the end of a book to see whether it had a happy or sad ending! So glad it was a happy one! Your scales are evil - just like mine!

  45. Fanbloodytastic Chris.

  46. Great losses - keep up the good work!

  47. Well, apparently, since the input was correct, there must not have been enough output. MORE EXERCISE!

    At least you didn't gain.

  48. Anonymous1:39 AM

    me jealous now. me very fat. me go to ww.

  49. Are you weighing on two different sets of scales - one at home and one at the meeting? If so, weigh yourself on yours just before the meeting so you know what the difference is.
    I weigh exsactly a kilo heavier on our slimmers scales than i do on mine. And try to weigh in wearing the same clothes/shoes each time.
    I've never eaten hummus. What is it?

  50. I think I would love to come and visit to help you eat the hummus:)

  51. Well done Chris. I don't think I've lost any wt yet.

  52. Anonymous2:56 AM

    Hooray for losing weight. Hopefully being cranky didnt have anything to do with your loss, the Get Cranky & Lose Weight doet is not likely to sell many books of dvds.

    Enjoy feeling lighter and knowing the result was due to your good choices and persistence!


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