Friday, January 06, 2012


ABOVE:  two scruffy dogs... who are off to the groomers today.
And here in Auckland for a change, instead of Pukekohe.
I am taking them to Animates in Mt Wellington, and hopefully NEXT time they go (after today) will be at Animates, Apex Mega Centre opposite Sylvia Park.  They are still trying to get a groomer there.  

They have to be at the groomers at 9am !  Eeeek, early start again.  
While they are being groomed, the kids and I will have a wander around Sylvia Park and the Apex Mega Centre.

I'm tempted to drop into the Weight Watcher's office there and look at cooking books!  I almost never use cooking books, but maybe I should?

Anyway.... time to get going...

Thinking the traffic would be heavy, as per usual for a work day morning, we left home at 8.20... and got there 30 minutes early!  Traffic is not heavy at all, everyone must still be on holiday!  
Luckily, Animates were open and took the dogs early.
Because he was scared, Teddy 'christened' their floor three times!  I scarpered before they handed ME the mop, lol.

The kids and I wandered around Sylvia Park for a little while, then came home...

ABOVE:... but not before checking out the new Whitcoulls .... WOW!  Upstairs they have an awesome kids department.  Lots of really neat toys that I had never seen before, and those jigsaws?  Half price.  I could not resist.  I quite like doing jigsaws.

ABOVE: and this parcel was waiting when I got home! All the way from the USA, from my friend Lynda.  THANK YOU CHICK!

OH!  I did buy a little 'something' else while we were out... but I will show you THAT later on today... *smiles*  

ABOVE:  lunch!  A 'Blue Apple Smoothie'... which I made up all by myself! lol
Same base as yesterday.  Milk, ice cream and yoghurt.  I only added apple sauce and the little something I bought this morning:  blue food colouring.
It isn't as blue as I would have liked, but it will do.  lol  

NOTE TO SELF:  Do NOT step on scales each and every day.  You will only set yourself up for a negative day.  Daily FLUCTUATIONS are going to happen.  Deal with it.
I was reading a guys blog this morning, and he said don't use the scales to gauge how well you are doing.  LET YOUR CLOTHES tell you.  And he's right.  If our clothes are getting too tight, we be getting fatter.  If they are getting loose, we be getting slimmer.  NOT rocket science eh?

We picked up Teddy and Coco this afternoon... and were AMAZED to see both of them just sitting on the floor in the grooming room with several other dogs... and they were being NICE!  Teddy always snarls and growls at other dogs!  I was so surprised at him!  Maybe it was because he was in a neutral space?  Either way, now I know he can be nice to other dogs.  Little bugger.

The sun came out this afternoon, and OMG... it is blistering out there.  I for one am staying indoors.  Even though I tan well... I think I would get burnt out there right now!

Photos of the dogs later.  Right now they are enjoying just chillin at home.  

 ABOVE: Teddy, knackered after his grooming...
ABOVE: ditto for Coco...

ABOVE:  sometimes this little bugger is so beautiful!  Teddy, I love you.
ABOVE: We have to be careful cos sometimes
Teddy just BLENDS into the rug!  I have almost tripped over him a few times.

End of Day: got a good few jobs done this afternoon, and even Stew and Steve got roped into doing a job for me.
More about that tomorrow.
ON TRACK:  and still rocking it!
nite nite.


  1. Have a great day out Chris


  2. Wish we had an animates but at 5 cats and a dog and 2 fish we stay away from pet stores !!!

  3. chris have you seen the Healthy food magazines some great recipes in them and also the Annette Sym cookbooks I love them great everyday family recipes.
    hope u and the kids have an awesome day

  4. Hey Chris, have you checked out the WW website yet? They have HEAPS of recipes on there!

  5. Love the blue smoothie!!!
    Looks great in the photo - very appertising!
    I haven't been to the new mega centre by Sylvia park yet must go when feeling rich!

  6. I LUV crockpot, veggie soups. YOu can just throw 'em all in and let 'em stew...then add pour over (seperately cooked)whole grain rice, or whole grain pasta. Most veggie type soups are (close) to zero pts. Then, you can measure out how much of the grain you want.

    Ummmm, yum! smoothies! These all look really good.

    I'm putting forth a stronger effort on my health/weight "mission" too, as 2012 begins. =)



  7. With WW your weight will fluctuate and it does get depressing when you've been so good - but you gotta grin and bear it.

    On the other hand, on my diet, the scales go down EVERY SINGLE DAY and it is great....


  8. Anonymous1:11 PM

    You should have been a food stylist for a cooking magazine! That smoothie looks so pretty! I am waiting to start my diet when I get rid of all the leftover christmas munchies in the pantry! WOMBAT

  9. Chris, I try my best not to weigh myself so frequently as you won't see much progress that way. I think once a fortnight is good enough. For my January goal, I have an outfit I want to wear and not look too beefy. I tried it on end December and every week since I try it on just to see my progress. Since I'm just starting with my get-back-in-shape "program", I think the best way is not to be too concerned about the actual kgs I lose. Right now, I focus on the muscle toning through exercise and eating less fats and sugar. I'm still struggling horribly with temptation but doing great with the exercise.

  10. Just letting you know have put a video of Chico on today in the park on my blog......

  11. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Your Smoothie looks delicious!! ...debbie

  12. Hey Chris I found you this website for healthy smoothies.

  13. Yep - good idea keeping away from the scales.

    The smoothies look yum:-)

  14. Keep rocking on !!

  15. Seriously Chris - I am in love with Teddy (and Coco). How super handsome does Teddy look, I just love him. Give him a cuddle for me. Bravo and a big thumbs up for being so good with your healthy eating. How is the lovely Stew going? Martine

  16. Hey Chris, your smoothie is gorgeous! I'm sure it tasted as good as it looks, too! And the pups look beautiful. Hopefully, the groomer thing will work out so you can have it closer to home. I'm enjoying some jigsaw puzzles I got for Christmas...they are so much fun, and challenging, too....hopefully, they'll help keep my brain from turning to mush!



  17. You should sign up for Pinterest, tons of things on there, you could just search weight watchers recipes or smoothies.


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