Friday, January 27, 2012


 And now... there is:

ABOVE:  my first batch of plum jam.  Today I plan on making at least two more lots... using slightly smaller jars.  And I also want to make some using Artificial Sweetener, so Stew can eat it too.  (he's a Type 2 Diabetic)

I also want to make some pretty fabric covers for the tops.... I know it's not NECESSARY... but they will look so pretty eh?  lol

ABOVE:  Stew got the stable door finished... he said it was a right bitch to do too.  But it's gorgeous!  And I am so happy that he consented to chopping up a perfectly good door.  He SO did not want to do it .... so I am really lucky he did it for me.

Now I wonder if he would do any more for me?  I can think of at least one more I'd love him to chop up!

Today:  well jam making.  And perhaps an outing with the kids... I'm thinking maybe a movie.


Movie will have to be tomorrow now, the movie we wanted to go see is booked out at the time we want to attend.

ABOVE:  we tasted the plum jam just now.... and OMG it is really, really tasty.  Has a little 'bite' to it, just how I like it.  ***there as one jar that was only half full of jam... but now... it's empty!

The recipe said boil for 15 minutes... but mine took 30 minutes to set.... so obviously different plums take differing times to set eh?  
I will be making more shortly...

Did I mention it's raining... AGAIN?  Well.. it is.  Such a weird summer we are having. 

ABOVE:  the first jam jar done.  HOW cute is that?   I know, it doesn't take much to make me smile.  Stew said so too.  Pfffffft.

Thanks for the tip Lynda... I found my pinking scissors, but they were so blunt I got cross trying to cut the fabric with them, so in the end I just cut them free hand:

ABOVE:  all done!  I'm going to make more jam next week with an artificial sweetener.

End of Day: well it's been all about JAM today eh?  lol
ON TRACK:  and loving it!
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:59 AM

    Mmmmmmmmm, your cherry jam looks mighty fine!! I'll take a jar with that's sugar free plez. When you first said Stew was going to make a stable door of the existing door I thought wow! he is good, and it looks wonderful, but was sure it was no picnic doing. Maybe you shouldn't press your luck!! lol ...debbie (what a sweet guy!)

  2. Looks yummy! Love the door! I wish we had a door from the living room to the entry way at our house so I could keep the dog back when someone comes to the door.

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Yum jam! If you guys have Journey 2 the mysterious island At your movies in NZ I would recommend that. My kids are 10 & 12 and we saw it, they liked it & I loved it because the Rock was in it lol

  4. That plum jam looks wonderful! I have always been a little scared of making jam. You inspire me to try.

  5. Do you want to try some stevia to make jam? I'll send you some if you like (free). I'd love to know how to use it in jam. I think there would be some fiddling around with the recipe involved, for sure.
    email me:

  6. Instead of sewing the fabric you cut the edges with zig zag scissors - do you have some? That's what they did in my mum's day.

  7. It looks beautiful. I love how you want to craft it up to make the jars all fancy!

  8. i love your mind and how it works... you can take anything and make it look so cute... and YUMMY!!!!!!

  9. I agree with you, Chris
    Those beautiful fabric caps are really the icing on the cake.
    Great job

  10. Your jam looks delicious and all fancied up! Your energy amazes me. I wish I were so talented!!

    God bless~

  11. oww, the jam looks so pretty with their covers on, I've never bothered with covers for the things I've bottled and if they looked that good I wouldn't be wanting to take the covers off and let anyone eat the stuff. lol

  12. Looks yum Chris!

  13. Wow, when you decide to do something, you don't do it by halves, do you?? LOL xxx

  14. The jams looks so pretty :))

  15. I like to be there when someone is making jam or jelly, the house smells soooooooo good!

  16. Looks yummy! Have a good weekend. Hope the weather clears.

  17. Those jam jars are adorable! Of course, I wouldn't expect anything different from you!

    The stable door is neat. Where is it and just why did you want it?


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