Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today our grandson Joshua arrives to visit for a few days.... we haven't seen him for a few months so we are looking forward to his visit.

As Stew is still on holiday he can spend time with him too.  

So, today will be about waiting for Josh to arrive, then we are going out to get a few things.

Here's some photos from yesterday:

 ABOVE:  gorgeous Mt Ruapehu, with a light dusting of fresh snow that fell two nights ago.

ABOVE:  Mt Ngarahoe, almost totally devoid of snow.  It is still a pretty mountain.

ABOVE:  I have a thing for mountain streams... I love them so much.  They are always crystal clear and so pretty.

ABOVE:  at a river walk near Turangi... a swing bridge.  It was very un-nerving to walk across... but the view was worth it:

ABOVE: perfect clear, beautiful water.  I so wanted to go swimming, but it was not possible yesterday.  We were working on a deadline, we wanted to get home in time to go to Weight Watchers, and we did.

And we both lost weight.  Stew lost 1.2 kilos, and I lost 1.5 kilos.   Very happy with those results.  


DEBBIE:  there are actually three mountains in a row, I have only shown two as the third one is insignificant to look at.  YES, they are volcanoes.   Ruapehu erupted about 15 years ago, and I was 'lucky' enough to be actually PASSING the mountain when it erupted.... it was only a small eruption that made the crater lake spill down the side of the mountain... but it did send a HUGE plume of dust/ash into the air.  It looked just like an atomic bomb!  Huge mushroom type cloud.  It was awesome.  Luckily no one died either.

Have I mentioned lately that I'm going insane with my sunburn itching?  Well I am.  I am going to peel all over my back, arms and chest... FOR SURE.  I can't sleep I'm that itchy.  And I'm just a little BIT crabby!  lol

Josh wasn't due till this afternoon, so we popped out and picked up a few things so we could make a start on setting up the terrerium in readiness for gettting frogs/tadpoles...

ABOVE:  now we have the gravel, rocks and the water conditioner sorted.  We also used an old water fountain we already had.... so now all we need is a piece of driftwood and a few plants.  
Once all that is done we can get the critters.

End of Day: whoops!  forgot to update.
Joshua arrived safe and sound... and very happy to be here.  The kids have been playing all afternoon/evening.  I've been doing bugger all!  Tired.  Ready to go to bed.
ON TRACK:  can't say we have been excellent today.  But we had a really lovely dinner of macaroni cheese with added bacon/onion and mushrooms.  Was yum!
nite nite.


  1. Great job on the weight loss while on vacation even!! Love the pictures. Have fun with your extra today!

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Congratulations on the weightloss - I am impressed you can lose while visting your friends in Palmy you must be determined!! Good for you Chris (& Stew).

  3. There are some really pretty streams and rivers that flow into Lake Taupo about 100 I think we do live in such a pretty town and part of the country.

  4. Anonymous7:12 AM

    First let me congratulate you on your weight loss!! Excellant!! Good Job!! Your photos of NZ I just love. Mt. Ngaraboe looks like a volcano. Is it? Might have to look that one up on google. I'm too curious. Glad you had a wonderful trip!!

  5. Edit that more than 30 but one big mother of a stream flows out haha!

  6. Great photos - I love that swinging bring, they are scary! Great weight loss and the fringe is better than no fringe but I personally think you'd look drop dead fantastic with your hair shorter and shaped but hey, apparently that ain't happening :)

  7. Have you got some 'aftersun' moisturiser to use? It might help, peeling is the pits. The sun seems very strong this year.

  8. NZ has such beautiful scenery. Here we have lots of buildings. I doubt I'll be able to walk across a swing bridge. There are some escalators I'm unable to get on in Singapore!

  9. Beautiful , beautiful, beautiful! But, the swinging bridge - I'm a dud- I am scared of heights & swinging bridges! But made a lovely picture! LOL
    Congrats. on your weights! You guys are doing a great job- it makes it a little easier when your sweet side-kick helps to. He is a sweetie - you have trained him well though the years. LOL

    Love the terrerium! So much fun watching it take shape!

  10. Like Lynda said, I think you should get your hair cut shorter and shaped....

  11. You should have gone swimming! With the swim in the cold water, you'da lost even more weight, plus, you could have caught some frogs for your terrarium!

  12. Congrats on the loss. Great photos! Enjoy your visit.

  13. I just love your pictures! You scenery is amazing! Is it just me or everywhere you turn you have a beautiful nature to enjoy in?! :)
    Great work with loosing weight! Keep doing what you're doing now because it looks like it's working for you!:)

  14. That tank looked HUGE in the picture when you were buying it lol. Not quite so big now. Can't wait to see your froggies you get :)

  15. congratulations!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!! Love love love your scenery pictures...they are gorgeous!!!!


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