Tuesday, January 10, 2012


ABOVE:  I got a phone call from The Good Guys on the weekend, saying my food processor had arrived, so we are going out today to pick it up... quite excited!  I haven't had one for years.. and I've only ever had one before.  I loved it, so know I will love my new one too.

It's going to make food preparation much easier.     I can't wait to find a reason to 'christen' it... lol.
Maybe meatloaf for dinner tonight?

Not sure what else the kids and I will get up to today... but I'll let ya know if it's interesting!


Well... we are finally home after spending a good deal of time out and about.
We picked up the food processor from the shop, wandered around Sylvia Park for a while, had lunch ( I had sushi) and then checked out Spotlilght for a 'quilling' tool.  No luck anywhere. 

 I was looking at what 'quilling' was yesterday and thought it would be nice to try and add some quilled bits 'n' bobs to me cards.  
But I can't find any quilling paper or tool here.  
I will check out the net next I think.

ABOVE:  my new Food Processor!  I think I need a degree to figure it out somehow!  
Going to sit and read up on the instructions right now...

1 hour later, and I think I have it sussed!  The hardest thing to understand was how some of the attachments fitted into the storage thingee!  lol

PINKY:  I checked out Manukau and Sylvia Park Spotlight stores, and neither had anything to do with quilling in them.  I'm going on the net now to see if I can find anyone who stocks quilling stuff.
ABOVE:  grated cheese, and NO skin off me knuckles, which so often happens with the hand held grater, gotta love it!

End of Day: Stew got home and immediately turned around with me and went to Weight Watchers.
After that we did the grocery shopping, came home and had smoked fish for dinner.
ON TRACK:  and feeling good.
nite nite


  1. Are you and Stew starting WW tonight??, oh and a new toy love new toys...... :)

  2. i have one, had to have it last year, cant recall what i had to have it for, its never been out of the box... darn it all hate when i forget things!

  3. I will be interested to see what you make in your food processor. I would get one but can't think of one thing I could use it for!!

  4. Enjoy your day out - wish it was me instead of working!

  5. You mean you're out of meatloaf and everyone isn't sick of it? I thought you were good for months with that last batch lol.

  6. sharinganharvey11:18 AM

    Cant think what to do with yourself? I need an able bodied shopper (you), with a gaze that overlooks no detail. Ive been meaning to ask Stove (steve) but hes sure to have what you dub 'a boy look'. Im in serious need of new basketball shoes but refuse to pay the insanely inflated prices that, the two stores in palmerston north that actually have bball shoes, try to get away with. SO, was wondering if you'd be able to scout prices at the adidas outlet store in the dressmart in onehunga? Im after either adizero howard's, adizero crazy lights, adizero rose, misterfly's or perhaps another adidas bball shoe (depending upon what the have). send me a txt letting me know your position on the matter, otherwise I'll be forced to rely on the most unreliable resource of 'Stove'.

  7. I have a food processor I never use. Ever. Except on very rare occasions I might use the blender attachment.

    Have a good day today Chris. Whew. It's terrible over here in Oz too humidity wise. Yesterday we managed a top of 39 in our surrounding suburbs. *melts*

    And yeah, I agree with Froggy. Both my girls were very messy. The Elder's room always looked like a rubbish dump and still does. She's 25 now. I've NEVER broken her of the habit. BUT! Move one tiny little thing in that dump and she'll notice it!

  8. IF I was ever to get one of these, that looks like a great one. I still don't know what I'd do with it. I do use a blender for mushing up my pumpkin soup so I suppose that would be one use.

  9. That is one impressive machine and set of attachments, Chris! I make do with a stick blender which has a little chopper attachment. I manage do do everything I need to with those, a whisk, and a set of sharp knives. I would love a food processor though I have to admit but my kitchen is MINUTE (no exaggeration - it's tiny) and I just don't have the bench space. I

  10. Hi Chris,

    Very exciting about the food processor, although I am noting that I have a Kenwood one too, and while I love it, the blender and bowl are side by side, so it takes up a lot of room in my apartment (it was given to me by Mum and David for my birthday when I was living in a house).

    I use the blender a lot for smoothies, but usually find if I am cooking for just two of us I can cut the veges myself with less hassle. Having said that, any more than one onion, soups, chopping things really finely, carrots for carrot cake, whipping cream, etc. it is really useful. You on the other hand cook for a lot of people so I'm sure you will use it a lot.

    Speaking of which, if your family likes carrot cake, I have a really good recipe I can send you. It's a great thing for me to bake because while I sort of like it, I don't love it, so I don't eat it. I usually make it to take to places.

    I also note you have a juicer attachment - mine doesn't, and I am thinking a juicer would be good. I might just go over to the website and see if I can get a juicer attachment for mine - has to be cheaper and less bulky than a whole new juicer!

    Enjoy Chris, hope you have a lot of fun with it!

    Penny xo

  11. Looks great - good luck with the instructions. I would have thought you would have found the quilling stuff at Spotlight - I think I have seen it at spotlight in manuaku (don't quote me haha) otherwise maybe a craft sop - try the one in Pukekohe next time you are out there or there is on in Howick. or take a big drive to Wairau Park and go to NZ scrapbook - they may have some.
    Good luck

  12. Mine is the same brand but only 22 functions and 750 watt! I feel inferior:)

    I haven't used it yet but hope to get it out today to at least make a smoothie.

  13. Congratulation on your new tool. I know you must have a "degree" to sit down and read directions and understand them?????

    I too, am anxiously awaiting to see what uses you find for it.

    Let me give you a good laugh here. I have a pretty red blender that was a Christmas present two years ago and I discovered that I REALLY enjoyed a red appliance . ( I know - I don't know who is inhabiting my skin all of a sudden)

    I was using it every day to make smoothies and a type of ice cream that my DH loves. One night I decided to INDULGE with him.It turned out perfect - nice and cold and think and -well -you know -perfect . So I poured it over into our two glasses and went to sit and enjoy. My Very First sip it felt like a mouthful of rocks. My poor brain went into Shock-what in the world could it be- I tried another and it was the same way. I had not made it far enough to have brain freeze -but something similar-and I warned DH something was in our desert.

    Would you believe that the night before I had washed it up and stored the plastic lid INSIDE the container-and being in a rush I had not paid any attention - just dumped the ingredients in and now it was all crushed up in the drink! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is what you risk when flying around like a mad person with not enough rest. Now I had not enough drink!!!!!!!! And those little ice cubes would NOT MELT! Needless to say , I now have a blender with no LID. : (
    Live and learn !

  14. I will have think about the quilling as well as I have seen them recently! - Will let you know if the brain remembers

  15. I can grate cheese like that with my little machine that I am sure costs only 10% of yours lol, and good luck with WW tonight.....

  16. Ohhhhhhhhhhh gadgets I love new gadgety things but boy we don't have any extra space here for a BIG gadget like that heck I would need more than a degree to work it!!

  17. Your new toy looks like it will be getting a lot of use - unlike mine! I love using my food processor but sadly I don't have any space in our kitchen to store it, so it gets stashed away in the spare bedroom wardrobe, and only taken out for very occasional outings!

  18. Hi,

    Just had a quick look on eBay a found quite a few quilling tools for $5, this included postage.

  19. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Er, excuse me, but how much did you loose? Can't keep your readers wondering.... how much then?

  20. ooh! I freaking hate grating stuff!

  21. Don't let my wife see this post, she'll want one.

  22. I've never heard of quilling paper and tool. Is it black paper and really sharp knives that you can cut really small designs with? Might have to look it up too. Am curious. Your new processor looks great!! Lots of peices!! Whatcha' gonna make first? I see cheese!! lol...debbie


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