Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So, Stew and I went to Weight Watchers last night.
He seems to be prepared to give it his all.

Me too.

It was 7 weeks since my last weigh in at Weight Watchers and I gained over 2 kilos!  Not bad considering how much shit I ate at Christmas and New Year!

Still .... it should not have happened.

BUT:  my head is finally in the right place to make the changes necessary to not only lose the weight, but keep it off. 

I am well, so there is not going to be any nasty operations/illness to set me back.  
It is going to be different this time.  I am going to do it right from now on.

I know that this is just WORDS right now.  But I am going to prove it... I just FEEL differently now than in the past.
What I want more than anything else is to regain my fitness and feel good doing normal everyday things again.
And to do that, the weight has to GO.

TODAY:  hmmmm.... might take the kids to a park for a play.  And a walk.  As long as it's not raining.  We have had such a wet summer so far, it's amazing!  And a pain in the butt.  

Oh and Coco is in season again, so she can't leave the property.  Which means, in 6-7 months time she can be a mummy again!  Exciting, counting down....


I've got  a zit on me chin!  For goodness sake, I'm 53... stop with the freaking hormone shit!  And NO, I did not eat friggin chocolate.

Talking of age.... menopause.  I have suffered from hot flushes for about 4 - 5 years now.  Since I started my new diet (about 2 weeks ago?)  NONE.  Not one single hot flush!  Coincidence?  Or just finally outgrown them?  I may never know. 
Or they may come back.  OH HELL I hope they don't!  It's been WONDERFUL not having them. 

Wow I didn't realise I had not been on here all day!  Whoops.   Kids have been in the cool spa pool today as it is NOT RAINING!
I have made 4 meatloaves this afternoon using the food processor.  What a breeze chopping up all the veges now!  
I still have to clean up the mess... but that can wait!  And I'll tell ya this:  the mess is not as bad as I anticipated with using a food processor.  No where near as much as normal.  Big YAAA. 

MAGPIE:  no, the lipsticks have not arrived yet.  *sigh*... but hopefully they will soon.

I checked my page 'traffic' this morning.. and WOW... over 900 page views yesterday?  What's with that?  My 'normal' daily page views is between 600 and 700 at the moment, which is up by about 50 a day.  The only thing I can think of is that lots of people are on holiday and blog hopping?  Anyone else getting more page views at the moment?

The other thing I have been doing today:  moving stuff! I took the PC computer out of Steve's room.
Two reasons:
1/ it cramped his room
2/ we never see him!

I will take a photo of it's new 'home' so there is at least one photo on me blog today!  SOON....

ABOVE:  SEE, now it's in the lounge where the 'extra' tv was ... and now that tv is in Griffin's room where he can play Playstation on it.

ABOVE:  one of the few perks of being 'The Mother'.... ahhhhhh.... lol

Meatloaf for dinner.  I calculated the points.  Very high.  Can't make miserable meatloaf when it's for our kids too eh?
So, dinner was about 25 points, JUST for the meatloaf!  So we just had the meatloaf.  *smiles*

End of Day:  a great day. Productive.  Busy.  
AND ON TRACK.  totally on track.  So happy about that.  Stew is doing it properly too, even counting his points!  And writing it all down.  TRACKING is the key to keeping on top of it and being accountable.  Some forward planning is always good too.
We are going away end of next week for a few days, so I am thinking of how Stew and I can stay on track while travelling. It can be done.
nite nite.


  1. Thats cool that Stu is embracing it so well, will make it so much easier. We had some blue sky here but now it has gone :(

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Your Stew is such a keeper. It is great that you can do it as a team. You have loads of supporters and I look forward to seeing your weekly successes. The weather has really not played it's part this summer, I believe it is tomorrow- Thursday we are in for rain again!

  3. Tammy9:12 AM

    Well, at least you are honest Chris. This time I know you will do it. It's not just words, I can feel it's different as well. Good luck with the journey, you may have your ups and downs, but don't worry, YOU WILL LOOSE.

  4. Onward and downward excellent, 2kg hell thats not much of a gain I'm sure I have gained 4kg, We have bright sun here and it is an assault on the eyeballs!!!! they hurt from the glare!!

  5. I can definitely tell that you are resolved to stay on track this time. (Maybe its something in the air because I feel the same thing!) And I think it's so awesome that you and Stew will be doing it together. It's great to have a partner to help hold you accountable. Good luck, my friend...I'll be over here cheering you onward!



  6. Having Stew giving his all right along with you will be a big help I think. Just don't get mad when he loses faster as men usually do.

  7. ok I have the worst hot flushes in the whole world. what diet are you on?
    2 kilos is like uh one pound right? so that is braggin not lamenting. no one gain one pound over the holidays and cooks like you. YA TART!!!!

  8. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Are u thinking of using Mac again as the superstud?

  9. 2 kilos isn't so bad LOL, I gained 5 in the 2 months I was off from WW. You're on track now darlin' and you're gonna do awesome!!

  10. Anonymous3:20 PM

    It is a great feeling when the want and desire to loose weight comes and you really want it. Food then seems not as important because feeling fitter and more comfortable is better than any food. We can still have everything we want but I for one have to learn to eat it in moderation. I have now lost just on 8kg. My surgeon wanted me to loose 20kg by the end of May. I need to loose a lot more than 20kg but he said it will be a lot safer to operate on me then and he is happy to do it. He was so kind when he told me the complications of surgery while I was so obese *not his words* mine. I did not feel like a freak, the kindest man and I did not feel chastised in anyway.

    I am now looking on having to have this hip replacement as a blessing in disguise, because if I gain the weight, the hip will not function as well and I will probably have to keep having it redone. My other hip is not brilliant either, so loosing a lot of weight might prevent surgery on that one.

    By the way, did the lipsticks come

    Maggie Magpie

  11. I cannot help but wonder IF your new way of eating does not have something to do with those hot flashes?

  12. You have an impressive number of followers Chris. I've just started blogging again and I'm lucky if one person visits me a day! :)

  13. Bloody Hell Chris, what did you put in that meatloaf to make it 25 points per serve.


  14. I dont think you want a bunch more puppies.
    Good luck with the weight watchers.

  15. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Productive and on track makes for a fine day. And just eating meatloaf for dinner, that sounds like fine dining to me :-)

  16. Good luck to the both of you, wishing you much success.

  17. Anonymous5:38 AM

    It usually is a good thing to wait a year before having another littler. It's hard on the mom's and gives her body plenty of time to recoup. What great support Stew is by going to WW with you!! That is wonderful. You can make a game out of it! It is easier for men to lose more quickly so don't get discouraged. I really love your colorful dishes!!! ...debbie


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