Tuesday, August 30, 2011




Yes,  you read that right.  I won the battle of the lounge suite with Harvey Norman's.

I am totally convinced it was my long, detailed email that I sent on Friday that did the trick! 

 I itemised every single FACT pertaining to the problems we have had, how many times different 'experts' have visited and taken photos of the suite, how we felt about it... how all the joy of getting a new lounge suite was GONE and also hinted that we had every intention of going as far as we could (Fair Go) if necessary to get a decent resolution.  Oh and I MIGHT have suggested that if I had to sit on my lounge suite NAKED I could do that outside their shop,  with my lounge suite on a trailer right outside their front door. 

Somehow I think the General Manager (who also got the email) realised that I was not going to go away, and did the right thing.

So as you can imagine I am totally THRILLED TO BITS... and looking forward to finding a new lounge suite, which will be leather again, but a darker colour of course!

Steve and I had a quick look around yesterday when we were in the shop and saw this one:

ABOVE:  it's a bit like 'theatre seating'... it's comfy, has two end recliners... it's a POSSIBILITY?  In Brown.  (crap photos, taken with me phone)

SO... guess what I am doing today???
No one gets a prize for guessing either!  lol

Our puppies are now all walking much better, and can stand to piddle too!  It's so cute to see them all doing so well.

After showing Stew the above lounge suite it was deemed NOT for us ... as some really nice people have pointed out... I like to move furniture OFTEN... and that suite gives me NO options.  So....

Steve and I have been out looking at lounge suites for over 4 hours... we visited three Harvey Norman shops in total.  Found a suite we both really liked in Wairau Park (North Shore Branch) so took photos, drove to Stew's work (Greenlane) to pass it by him... all good there, so then we went back to the Manukau store to talk turkey.

The suite we have chosen is considerably cheaper than our current one, so they are giving us Store Credit.  So far we have decided on the lounge suite and a new bed for Griffin.

NO, we won't need to get new cushions as the one's we have will 'go' just fine with the new suite.
Obviously, NO, we do not have to buy the same suite again.... and who would want to after what happened to the first one? 

ABOVE: the new suite we are getting.  It is two recliners and a two recliner couch.  As you can see it is on special too... so a WIN WIN for us!  We are getting it in that brown colour too.

End of Day:  and it's been a FANTASTIC Day!
Not only about the lounge suite... but something else happened late today that was awesome.  We are drinking wine to celebrate!
Tell ya about it TOMORROW!  
nite nite.


  1. YAY! It's about time they did something right for you! I can't wait to see what you decide to get!

  2. Awesome news about the lounge suite. Ohh and walking standing up widdling puppies how cute :-)

  3. You are buying paint and fabric and or carpet to redecorate the whole room?? That's my guess. You are never still and always up to something. :)

  4. Yay!!!! Good on you for not giving up, pity though, I would love to have seen the naked demonstration, that would have been hilarious you could have gotten the whole family involved, Harvey Normans have had a fair bit of bad PR recently.

  5. Good for you! My brother had a couch like that theater one and I think they didn't like that you couldn't lay down on it very well.

  6. As much as you love to move furniture around this might not be a good fit for you even though it looks great.

    I hope you are able to get a video of one of the pups walking to and then piddling!!!!!

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Check out if you can put something on the leather to seal it somehow

  8. Congratulations re the new suite! Shows that your persistance paid off - had to laugh at the vision of you sitting naked on the sofa outside the store!!!! Look forward to seeing your new purchase.....

  9. You know the saying "the squeaky wheel gets the oil". Well done on getting a result. I'm out to lunch on the brown suite but hey, your choice :) I know this is exactly what we would get if we had a big home theatre room though.

  10. A HARD WON VICTORY! I used to work for a company that provided finance for Hardly Normal and let me tell you, not many people win battles with them!

    Do you have to get the same brand of lounge?

  11. RESULT and good for you I would like to have seen the nakey lounging too, PUPPIES PUPPIES I want one alas I can't have one.

  12. I brought a brown leather suite about 6 years ago best color :O) and it is still like brand new.

    Michelle x

  13. Penny, NZ10:29 AM

    Is that storage area Steve has his arm in designed to keep drinks cold? We have an outside pair of seats with a compartment presumably designed for beer, etc. My father would love it, but we don't really drink a lot of beer.

    Regardless, having somewhere to keep the remote and other stuff could be quite handy - you could keep your latest patchwork project in there. Well done on the win - David has been listening to the saga and was impressed that your letter worked so well (which we both found very amusing!).

  14. Anonymous11:24 AM

    awesome news.

    Jackie (AKL)

    PS: have you been entering the coke competition to win tickets to the world cup?

  15. What a success, and what fun it will be to pick the new suite. The story of you sitting naked in front of their store would have been a fun one though :)

  16. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Congratulations!! I'm thrilled for you both! Persistance payed off!! I'm glad you didn't have to resort to trailering the couch in front of the store and laying on it naked. I'd hate to have to think you'd of gotten arrested for indecient exposure!! lol lol!! You are so funny!!! ...debbie

  17. Anonymous2:00 PM

    What a win! So if you harass Harvey Norman enough, they will cave in! So I will try it next time they give me the shits! So are you going shopping for new cushions for the lounge and some drinks and snacks to put in it? WOMBAT

  18. Thats so awesome Chris! Although i would have paid good money to see the news clip of you outside the shop, on your couch, naked [maybe with a flower in your hair] lol
    Love those cinema lounges!

  19. Oh you tease. What else are you celebrating? Haha.. glad you won with the lounge suite. think the vision of you naked on a white lounge suite could have done the trick. I'm sure you'd end up on TV3 doing that haha. Good on you

  20. YAY for celebrations! Did Steve get the job?

  21. No name decided yet, I don't know if I could give up the puppies. But I tell you what I can't wait to choose one and then bring it home...... And I will have something to photograph and put on my blog lol - roll on early October or when ever they are ready. Looking forward to finally getting to meet you as well.

  22. Congrats on your win. Your persistence paid off!

  23. Let me guess and hopefully be the first STEVE got a job? was I right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. So glad you finally had a win with the lounge suite! It's about time the little person won over the massive retail giants!

  25. Wow! That is amazingly cool! Excellent!

  26. Wonderful news! Congrats on sticking to you guns and getting what you deserve.

  27. Yeah! A new suite sounds perfect. I hope this time it IS perfect!

  28. that is awesome... congrats!

    and i love the recliners.. i would love to have those!


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