Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I started taking anit depressants again to knock the hot flushes on the head.
But instead the pills have knocked me for six!

I have NO energy.  I'm tired all the time.  I feel like my brain has gone into 'sleep' mode!

Why this has happened is beyond me.  I was fine on them before?

And they have not stopped the hot flushes YET.  Grrrrrr.

Sometimes being a girl is just the pitts.
We got the darn short straw I reckon!
Child birth.
Breastfeeding/cracked nipples/engorgement.
Stretch Marks.

Shit the list goes on and on! 

I am coming back as a MAN.

I suppose until then I will just have to put up with it all.

I fully intend getting on the treadmill again today... and every day from now on.  As my fitness improves I will add more to my 'routine'... but for now it's just going to be 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I have a long way to go to get back to some sort of reasonable fitness... but I want to very much.  Being unfit impacts on EVERYTHING... and not in a good way that is for sure!

Coco is showing no signs of being 'ready' yet, her appetite is very good, she's not too restless, and seems happy as Larry.  So, as long as she's doing fine I'm not worried.

ONWARD... the treadmill awaits...

I decided the treadmill can wait until this afternoon!  I've been reading blogs... and I also went and bought Steve and I some Sushi... super yum!
I don't have any chicken ... otherwise I would have made my own... of course!

The new rice cooker is doing an excellent job I'm happy to say.  It does the rice JUST PERFECT every time.  No hovering over a boiling pot of rice ever again.

ABOVE:  Brylee went to Gym for the first time today, and she LOVED IT.  The facilities there were/are amazing!  This photo only shows HALF the gym!

ABOVE:  a very happy girl.

ABOVE:  Brylee's 'group'... she was the eldest there.  But certainly not the biggest.  She fitted in just fine.  Most of these kids had not been to gym before either.

She is looking forward to next week.  That's nice.

End of Day:  I cooked pork chops and veges for dinner tonight, it was rather yum.  Spent the evening watching the telly. 
nite nite.


  1. Remember they take a while to kick in and side effects usually disappear so yip hang in there....

  2. Also if you stop start the pills you may be getting worse before better try staying on them for longer and don't wean yourself off them have you thought about herbal again like evening primrose st johns wart pmt manager etc theres alot out there.......

  3. I have been trying to get myself back on the treadmill but most days I just "forget".
    I hope the pills kick in for what they are supposed to do soon and quit knocking you for a loop.

  4. Chris, that is no good. I am on anti-depressants and that hasn't made me feel lethargic. I hate exercise, but I know that does help with the energy. Us women have all the stuff happening to them. I am going through menopause as well -it is a shocker. Take care and cuddles to Coco and Teddy. Martine x

  5. you are my favoriteheathen LOL love ya.

  6. I have to agree with Martine as I am on anti-depressants also and from the first day they have helped tremendously! That first day I did not pay attention that I was suppose to take them at night -at BEDTIME because they help you get the rest that you need so you can handle what life throws at you. I was on my butt that first evening and afterwards I only took them at bedtime. Now that I think about it I was sleeping A LOT that first week , but I had been in SOOOO much pain for so long that my body just needed that chance to heal. After I got caught up - then I was a different person.

    So glad that Cocoa made it through another day successfully! : )

    I am glad that your rice cooker is doing so good for you -because as much as I love mine - if I forget about it - it burns the rice every time. I am thinking it is because I only fix two servings and it should be used more full.

  7. We Chinese & the Japanese as well use auto rice cooker. I'm guessing you've just discovered it. Just one click and you don't have to think about it. The Japanese have invented a similar machine to make cakes out of rice. Just one click. If I'm reborn in Singapore, I will want to come back as a woman despite all the issues. Men have to serve mandatory national service for years. But if I were reborn in a different country without mandatory national service, make me a (tall) man for sure.

  8. Anonymous4:01 PM

    i'm doing the wii sports thing every day, it's not perfect but it beats sitting on the couch!

    good luck with the pills...


  9. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I took the stuff blondie says great jist great.

  10. tell me more about your rice cooker please! What type do you have? and do you cook sushi rice in it?? The biggest reason I don't make my own sushi is I hate the rice making part :-)

    That gym looks superb!!! Good to hear Brylee enjoyed her first time. She looks like she could be a good little gymnast being nice and petite.


  11. Hey, Chris not sure if you remember me (ive commented before usually giving health advice) but am a registered nurse that specialises in mental health. Very normal for them to make you very tired/lacking energy (70% people feel this) good indicator that they will work extremely well for you. Usually lasts up to 3 weeks. But you should feel some change at 14 days with more energy.

  12. I took anti depressants for six months once, they made me gain weight and not care that I was gaining it!

  13. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Sorry your feeling depressed. Perhaps it's just worry about getting the kids ready to start school and the puppies coming. I am so anxious to see the new puppies!!! ;o ) ...debbie

  14. I know why you blank out the faces on those people you don't know/have permission to post but it really looks creepy - sort of like something out of a crime show.

    I am glad Brylee loved gymnastics.

  15. I was doing great working out everyday and then we went to Germany. Hoepfully I can start back again soon!


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