Friday, August 19, 2011


All week I've been forgetting what day it is... on Monday I woke up and had NO IDEA what day it was!
Tis a worry that is.

Anyway, I'm quite sure it's Friday today... and Steve has another job interview.
It's just down in Manurewa, so it would be darn handy if he gets it.  Fingers crossed again.

I was talking to Stew last night about the pups, and realised that he had not even held one of them yet!  So I made sure he had a cuddle:

ABOVE: Coco is such a good Mum, she followed me and her puppy and made sure she was OK... then she sat with Stew and her puppy until I put puppy back in the whelping box. 

For a first time Mum she is DEVOTED to those pups.  We don't handle the pups much yet BTW, it's not good for them while they are so little and it could upset Coco.

Today:  take Steve down to his interview, while he's there I will pop into the Hospice shop and see what treasure I can find!


Steve should know by this evening if he got the job.
While he was being interviewed I went and visited the girls at the Hospice shop... and umm... I'm going back!  Start again on Wednesday morning!
I walked into the shop and just felt like I really had missed being there and so wanted to be there again!  Deb's the boss is happy about that.

JAXX: I must put more SUPER CUTE photos on here so you can go nuts trying to decide if you want one or not!  lol

ABOVE:  how's that for super cute?  It's funny but I don't recognise the pups from their faces yet.. I can only tell them apart by the marking on their bodies.  Oh and size.  Obviously the three boys are bigger than the girls.
Coco is almost feeding them in shifts now.. three at a time.  It's hard to fit all 6 'in there' now.

Just had ANOTHER bloke come and look at our lounge suite on behalf of Harvey Norman's.  He seems to think that the dye transfer is totally weird and unacceptable and is going to tell HN that.  I am not holding my breath on this getting resolved any time soon somehow.
Apparently Morgan Furniture (who make the suite) have said they will do nothing about the dye transfer as it's not covered by warranty.  BASTARDS.  Shame they didn't tell us before we bought their bloody suite not to wear our clothes while sitting on it.  PFFFFT.

OMG JACKIE!:  I was just that instant looking at the Fair Go site and thinking of doing just that!  But I will wait and see what this latest 'inspection' turns up.  The guy was really nice and said he would be 'pleading' our case to Harvey Norman's... so I will just wait a wee bit longer.

End of Day: and yes!  It's Friday night and I am having a couple of drinks while relaxing in the lounge.  Such a nice way to wind down from the week. 
nite nite.

SORRY!  Forgot to say:  Steve has to wait until Monday now to find out about the job.  The lady who intervied him has to talk with her other half before making a decision on who gets the job.


  1. Good luck to Steve on his interview :-), and OMG those puppies are getting cuter every day.

  2. Stew has a cool watch.

  3. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Chris!! the puppies are adorable!! I love the photos! Keep em coming. Hope Steve got the job! Fingers crossed...debbie

  4. I want one, but I live too far away. Plus I've never taken care of a dog before. Only cats.

  5. O Chris,
    I don't know which is cuter- the four legged critters or the two legged .:)Congrats. on your hospice decision.

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    have a look at going to Fair Go about your lounge suite


  7. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I wanna puppy!!!!!!!!!!

    Way to cute Chris. Even plumbing boy was checking out the pic's today :0)

    Good luck with the couch.

  8. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh those cute cute puppies If we didn;t have 5 cats 1 dog and 2 fish I WOULD SO buy one!!! Good luck for Steve.

  9. Can we copy photos of your puppies to put on FB etc. to see if anyone wants to buy them? Not now but later??? and if so you will have to say breed etc blah blah... just a thought if you're interested.... My mum and dad's friends just bought one!

    anyway - just a thought....


    Kate (

  10. Hey, you didn't say if Stew found out about the job. I was waiting lol

  11. Puppies are super cute!


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