Thursday, August 25, 2011


ABOVE:  on the right we have Bruiser on top of Tulip, he is always crawling on top of someone, must be a 'boy'!

ABOVE:  Everyone crawling/trying to walk.

ABOVE:  Here's all of them in their new, extended pen... now we have a 'potty' area.  Lets hope they learn quickly how to go on the paper!  I am hoping that by the time they are ready to leave home they will all be mostly housetrained!  (or paper trained at the least)

TODAY:  taking Griffin to his Speld lesson, then home to do some much needed housework.


I got a phone call at around 10 am from Griffin's Speld Teacher... she is ill so cancelled today's lesson.  Yaaa... that meant I could go shopping instead!
I wanted some patterns, I plan on making all my Granddaughters a dress for Christmas... and some for Brylee too... she is afterall, a Granddaughter too! 

I went to Spotlight, where I proceeded to look at all the dozen or so Pattern Books... it took me TWO HOURS to make up my friggin mind which patterns I wanted!

ABOVE: these are what I ended up with.  I got the apron pattern as I want to make some aprons for people for Christmas too... an apron that will fit everyone, and one that does not tie around your neck.  Those sort of aprons drive me nuts cos they pull on my neck and make me crabby, and really, we don't want to make me crabbier than I already am eh?  lol

When Steve says:  "Not right now"... it means I end up cleaning my car ... cos "Not right now" was two days ago and my car desperately needed a clean (it was covered in some sort of fine grit? pollen?).
So I just cleaned it.

But from now on it's going to the Car Groomers in Sylvia Park.  And Stew will have to pay for it.  Cos I don't see why I should have to be washing a huge vehicle like that when I have two fully grown MEN in the house.  I had to stand on a footstool 50% of the time cos I can't reach the top of it. 

Steve said he needed REMINDING about it... but if I had 'reminded' him he would have got all bitchy about being nagged.  Not that he would agree of course.  But I have lived with him long enough to KNOW how he ticks. 

WOMBAT: lol!  Here we say "If you are gunna keep rats up your arse, you should at least feed them!"

End of Day:  I made a lovely mince stew for dinner, Stew bought home some fresh loaves to go with it.  Nice and easy.   I did feel like making Steve cook dinner... but decided it wasn't worth the hassle.
nite nite.


  1. Luv this idea! And I never would have guessed what DRINK DRINK meant. :)

  2. Wiggly balls of fluff! So cute :)

  3. Love it moving so fast for there little legs they are going to be just darling when they walk and run.....

  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    In another 4-5 days and they will be walking all over the place! They are so wiggley and cute!!...debbie

  5. You are such a great Mom's Mom. They are all perfect.

  6. LOL at having to go to the car groomers and Sylvia Park... now what would you do while it is being cleaned?? hehe...

  7. I love aprons and I think they make great gifts.

  8. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Wow the pups are growing, almost getting as big as Coco! She's probably thinking, how the hell did I pass these monsters! As for the fart-a-holic, just say in a loud voice, like my husband says to me, "did a dead wallaby climb up your arse?" WOMBAT

  9. Aaaah boys - ask them to do something & they will tell you they will do it later - remind them & suddenly you are nagging. Samysons favourite is to get all stroppy cos I have yelled at him to do something - ummm yes cos you didn't do it the first 5 times I asked nicely.

    Another option is to pay the younger kids to do it although there is a bit of a quality control issue. Is a great way to keep them amused especially on a hot day - water play with a purpose.

  10. The puppies are really getting the hang of it now! Cute!

    Maybe hanging signs in strategic places around the house would remind Steve without making him cranky.

  11. Yeah a fine line between reminding and "nagging". Instead I get pissed and do it myself so I won't be called a nagger. THUS you washing the car yourself haha.

  12. They're so tiny and very cute!


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