Monday, August 29, 2011


I've found it quite tiring having an infant in the house to look after... and that was with two other adults to help!
So imagine how she feels:

ABOVE:  Coco.  She is eating FIVE times more than usual... and she is loosing weight!  How come I can't do that?  When I was feeding my babies I gained weight.  pffffft.

She is almost ready to start weaning the pups I think... she is getting so tired poor thing.
Sometimes she hears a puppy cry and she literally sighs!  Or she just lies there like that and gazes at them... you can almost read her mind... "Oh hell, when are they going to leave home?". 
BUT, she is the best Mum ever in my book.

ABOVE: Emily with her Mum and Dad last night... she was happy to see them, that was obvious.  

ABOVE:  Amanda having a little cuddle with Tulip.

ABOVE: potty training is going well....  even though most times we just 'catch' them at the right time and put them on the paper, it's a start.

ABOVE:  Bee Bee sleeping on top of Pinky.
It's so cute how they love being on top of each other ...

ABOVE: that is PINKY in the front... she has a little black spot on her right side and has more white on her face than the other two girls.  She is really cute and cuddly.
The two behind her are Bruiser (who is still being called 'Fat Bastard'!) and Keba.  

ABOVE:  Bee Bee having a walk around... she has taken herself to the toilet (paper) a few times too!

Once they can all walk much better it will be easier for them to get 'there' in time.  Right now they wake and need to 'go' right away, so if they can't get to the paper fast enough... well they just go right on the blanket.
We are having to do a lot of blanket washing,  if their bed smells like the toilet they will not learn to use the paper.

Everyone is tired this morning.  Emily had a very unsettled night AGAIN... I think I got about 5 hours sleep all up. 
So, Andrew and Steve are still asleep (it's now 10am) and Amanda is tending to baby while I catch up on some emails, then I intend to do some housework.

I felt the need to get out of my house for a while, so I went (on me own) to Sylvia Park and met Stew for lunch, which was rather nice.  Just the two of us.

Now home and contemplating taking the vacum cleaner back to the shop for repair... and IT IS STILL UNDER WARRANTY!!!!   Yaa hooo.....
TODAY:  Amanda wants to go to Sylvia Park to check out Factorie, the clothes retailer that she now works for.  She is the Manager of the Outlet shop in Hamilton, but is going to be Managing a Retail shop by the end of the year so wants to check out other shops in the chain.

KATE:  your question re:  my grandchildren and why we have them etc, ... can you send me a private email so I can reply that way?  my email address is:   I am happy to give you pointers if you should end up raising your grandson.

Steve and I returned the vacum to Godfrey's... they are going to repair it for free of course.  SCORE. (and so they should though).

End of Day: Amanda and Andrew 'cooked' dinner tonight. We had takeaways. They have now gone home to Hamilton. I'm going to get in the spa shortly to relax before going to bed early! I am dog tired. Maybe not as tired as Coco but still tired.

nite nite


  1. Poor Coco, she does look exhausted in that picture. As big as the puppies are getting I don't know how she can keep them all fed.

  2. I think ALL of your babies are Perfect beautiful-be they furbabies or two legged babies.

    That Steve is so wonderful to help.

    I envy you your ability to baby-sit. It is that loss of sleep that I cannot do-something to do with my sleep and meds. - but in my eyes you are ": supercalafragilisticexpialladocious!"

  3. Oh my gosh those puppies are getting bigger and bigger does Coco have time out from the puppies? like alone mum time? Would Emily be teething yet?

  4. Oh my gosh those puppies are getting bigger and bigger does Coco have time out from the puppies? like alone mum time? Would Emily be teething yet?

  5. OMG am so loving those puppy pics. :-)

  6. Uh tell me about the sleep thing. My lass is 18 months old and regularly still wakes up in the night. I am lucky to get more than 6 hours sleep EVER in a row. I don't remember what it used to be like to get sleep actually. God know how I actually do my job and still manage to get paid!

    god damn I want one of those puppies!!!

  7. Thanks Chris re comment on blog. Yes she has a nightlight and that helps a lot now we get nightmares etc. And she has her comforters which also help.

    She has reflux, which was severe as a baby, but not so bad now. Because of this she easily spews and we don't leave her to cry, thus she has bad sleep habits. But hey, a child can never have enough cuddles or love. At least she knows we are always there for her.

    Kids eh? Glad you get to enjoy Emily though, she sure is cute! i want another!

  8. Those puppies are just so cute. How is Teddy coping with it all?

  9. Looks like your son is toilet training too lol

  10. The puppies are huge now!

  11. Anonymous1:35 AM

    The puppies are getting so big and their little coats are so pretty! Darling pups!!Why don't you use puppy pads?? they have a pee scent to them and lures the dogs to them and they have a plastic backing!! Much better than newspapers!!!...debbie

  12. Coco's face in that first picture says it all!

  13. That puppy that Amanda is holding looks huge!! No wonder poor Coco is exhausted lol.

  14. That is such a cute story about the mommy doggy sighing. That is sooooo cute! Haha. Oh man.


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