Saturday, August 20, 2011


KATE:  by all means!  

-The pups are:  3/4 Shih Tzu, 1/4 Bichon.  Three girls and two boys are available.
-Non Shedding, so will need regular
- Will not affect people allergic to dogs.
-Very sociable and loving and have been raised with children. 
- Cost $550 and will have had their first vaccinations, flea treatment, Vet Book and soft toy from 'home'. 
-Pups will be ready for their 'forever home' from 28th of September onwards. 
- Enquires can be made via this blog in comment form in the first instance.

Now today:  we have to go out and get Chlorine and testing strips for the spa... do a grocery shop... have lunch 'out'... then come home and do some housework.

Steve did not hear from the place he interviewed at yesterday, so he rang them and was told they would be letting him know on Monday sometime as the lady who did the interviews could not discuss the applicants with her 'other half' yesterday afterall...  so yet again we wait.

OH and while I was watching the puppies last night I observed some of them 'almost' getting up on their feet and 'walking'!  So far all they have done is slither and crawl along... so it's very exciting to see them finding their feet.


We went out and about... got LOTS of dog food for the pups, Teddy and Coco... we also had lunch at Sylvia Park ... Stew and I just love the kebabs at Kebabs on Queen in the foodcourt!
The kids (Steve too) had McDonalds... Steve and Griffin got the KIWI BURGER ... it's usually only available for a limited time:

ABOVE:  the 'Just because...' bit makes me laugh cos YES, people do whinge when it's unavailable.  lol
ABOVE: the Kiwi Burger is the only McDonald's burger I really like.  I bet they will be serving them while the Rugby World Cup is on here!

End of Day:  I just love weekends!  It means Stew cooks dinner... tonight he's doing fishcakes and coleslaw... HOMEMADE coleslaw I might add... yum yum.
I'm going to enjoy it very much.
nite nite.


  1. Wont be long and they will be scooting around and you will have to watch where you put your feet,have a nice weekend.

  2. Oh the puppies are so cute!

  3. Sent you an e,mail ;-)

  4. Those puppies are going to be such a treat for whoever gets to take one home. The new owners will be lucky that you and Coco have raised them with so much love.

  5. oooh if it was easy to ship one of those adorable puppies to Aus, id take one in a heartbeat!
    Chris, we have 2 Labs and when we got them from the breeder, she too sent them to their furever homes with a soft toy, she gave them to the pups a couple of weeks before they left as to get the scent of mum and siblings on them, it makes to transition from mum to their new home much more comfortable.
    I look forward to more pics and wonderful updates!

  6. I wish all puppy parents could be like you.

    Good luck to Steve.

  7. oooh how cute and exciting Chris!!! xxx

  8. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Hungry Jacks have got the same sort of burger called the Aussie Burger! Prefer Jacks to Macs anyway. When the pups are up and running and wizzing everywhere, you will have to post lots of videos of them! WOMBAT

  9. I'm actually excited about the pups learning to walk! And I'm not even a dog person. Oooh, the kiwi burger sounds good. I know me hubs will go for it. I rarely eat beef tho'. Here in Singapore's McDonald's, we get Samurai burger once in a while. It's really salty and delicious.

  10. Ha! Love me some beetroot on a burger! Must be an antipodean thing! xxx

  11. would love to try a kiwi burger...


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