Friday, August 26, 2011


The two lounge chair backs are being brought back today.  It's been a bugger without them... the chairs were not useable with no backs obviously.

Now I suppose I shall have to ring Harvey Norman and see if they are doing anything about the dye transfer?  Knowing my luck, nothing will happen about that.  So, I have to sit on me lounge suite naked then.  Yaaaa.
Wonder if HN would like me to do that in their showroom?

I am going to make a start on either an apron or a kids dress today... some of the fabric I won from Cyndi in America is going to be used for the girls dresses... it's so pretty!

ABOVE:  pretty!  The one on the right in the lower photo is sort of 'textured' ... like bobbly?  Not sure how to describe it really, but it's not just flat fabric.  It's going to look so cute as a dress with the other bold colours as contrasts.

I can't thank Cyndi enough for such beautiful fabrics!

So, the lounge chairs came back...

ABOVE:  Am I being picky in thinking they look massively OVERSTUFFED compared to the couch now?  And I might add, they are not very comfortable now!  Please tell me what you think?

I have done some sewing... I needed some calico to back the apron I'm working on, so at lunchtime I headed down to Spotlight in Manukau and got some.  As Harvey Norman's is right beside Spotlight I decided to pop in and talk to Fred, the Serviceman and tell him what I think of the chairs now; and ask him what's the haps with the dye problem?

Well,  he strongly advised me to send him an email detailing IN WRITING all the concerns I have with the suite so he could present it to his boss on Monday morning.  He also advised me to come to the meeting so I could talk it over with 'The Boss'. 
So that's what I have been doing for well over an hour!  Getting it all down in chronological order, adding before and after photos etc.   *sigh*

And as Steve pointed out, what's to stop the backs of the couch seats from sagging too?  And what if the chair backs sag AGAIN? 

The 'Saga' continues.

I do feel that after Monday we may have some resolution.  Scrap the meeting on Monday... apparently Fred's Branch Manager is away so Fred has forwarded my email on to the General Manager.  He has promised to get back to me on Monday with feedback.

Amanda is on her way up to drop Emily off... we are having her from tonight until Monday night as Amanda & Andrew are working.  

End of Day:  Amanda arrived in time for dinner then she went back to Hamilton.  Emily is sitting!  Looking forward to our long weekend with her. 
nite nite.


  1. I love that first fabric- its so fun!

  2. Seersucker maybe?

  3. The bobbly fabric I like and your granddaughters and other recipients will love what you make I'm sure. WHAT NO PUPPIES!!!!!

  4. I could not help but think that the chairs have been "broken in", while the new stuffing in your couch will settle in as you use it .

    Your fabric is so pretty - can't wait to see what you turn it into.

  5. they def look OVERSTUFFED - not massively though...but enough that now the long couch looks 'tired'...*sigh* what a headache for you!

  6. I love the pink fabric with the circles. I would wear it!

  7. Anonymous12:46 PM

    That was a good fart comment, must remember it! I am back putting up with Harvey Normans shit again as well. We ordered a new stove on sunday and the girl said she would ring tuesday and let us know roughly when it would be delivered. Had'nt heard from her up to yesterday arvo then I rang H.N, spoke to 3 other girls trying to track this salesgirl down, they left her a message for me and she still hasn't rung. So if nothing happens next week, we'll be cancelling the order and going elsewhere. WOMBAT

  8. Maybe the chairs just need breaking in? They do look fatter than the couch though.

  9. Are they just overstuffed now cause no-one has used them, but I suppose if they flatten out you have the problem of a saggy chair again I suppose.

  10. I reckon they look fine... after a couple of weeks you won't know the difference

  11. Anonymous2:40 PM

    i love the coloured spot fabrics... an apron would look fab!

    i'm with blondie, i'm having puppy withdrawals...


    btw you're so right about a WW leader or JC consultant, they have to gel with you otherwise, pfft, it's not even worth it!

  12. Anonymous3:50 PM

    I say dont' except them if you aren't happy with them...if you keep them, you'll have at least 8 years of grumbling about them. I'd want new...same as you had...debbie

  13. Anonymous3:51 PM

    I believe that material is "Searsucker". It's a great cool summer fabric. I love it!! ...debbie

  14. Anonymous5:00 PM

    We bought a couch from harvey norman as well but in black and had to get it stuffed and it does go down again after a while. They replaced the leather as well and all the colour has gone again. They have a man who can come and colour it and we have had that done twice and it hasnt lasted. I love the leather look but it just dosent last.

  15. Good luck with the General Managger !!

    And have fun with your sweet little Emily :-)

  16. Our sofas are all hand-me-downs so I never have to fight the stores for maintenance. But we did get a big swivel chair which flattened so much it feels like we're sitting on rock. I don't think we have a warranty for it. Eventually, the overstuffed chair will flatten but having the "head" part of the chair overstuffed sounds really uncomfortable. Imagine the strain on the neck and spine.

  17. I know a funny (nasty) joke about Searsucker.
    Better not post it here!
    I wish I could sew better. I can sew a little....
    Love your creativity!

  18. Can't wait to see the finished apron and dresses. With that lovely fabric and your skills, they will no doubt be gorgeous!

    About the chairs. We have a leather couch and had some parts restuffed a year or so ago - they came back very puffy but soon were "broken in" and comfortable. I would suggest trying out the chairs for a bit and seeing if they get broken in as well.

  19. That is a HUGE couch!

  20. Hey Chris! From those photos you showed, the chairs definitely look much more "stuffed" than the couch! Perhaps they'll flatten out in time? But it does seem like they would be uncomfortable for your neck.

    That "nubby" fabric is's a wonderful fabric for making dresses, blouses, etc., for the summer...very cool and comfortable! Glad you like the fabrics and I hope you make loads of fun things with them. Can't wait to see! :o)



    P.S. Have fun with little Emily!

  21. My couch I bought last year is already breaking down. Not from your place though lol. I think everything is just made so shitty nowadays nothing lasts. Even if it did cost a small fortune :(


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