Saturday, August 13, 2011


Here is a sequence of photos I took last night:

 ABOVE:  Teddy: hmmm not too sure about that baby thing...

ABOVE:  but if you scratch me head I might lie closer to 'it'....

ABOVE:  YEAH baby.... dat feels good.... oooo do it some more...

ABOVE:  ahhh.. hold on!  Dat's just a bit too close to that baby thing!...

ABOVE:  ooohhh.... yeah.. under me chin.... yeahhhhh.... I will sit here then.

LOL... he didn't really like Emily that much.

Today:  well... babysitting... housework... watching puppies.
Will go to lunch at Sylvia Park no doubt too.

And then tonight Stew and I are going out to my Aunt's for dinner... just the two of us!
THAT should be nice.

ONWARD...  Steve INSISTED that Emily sleep in his room... fine by me!  He got to do the 11pm bottle last night... AND the 7am one too:

ABOVE: Teddy was a bit miffed by 'that thing' being in his bed too!  
I got to do the nappy change... nice.

I LIKE TODAY!  Why?  Cos it's the one weekend in the whole year where you can put all your inorganic rubbish out at the roadside for FREE collection!  So, de-cluttering of the yard/shed/garage is ON...

GEM:  he would love a girlfriend, but is car-less and has no job right now.. so no opportunity to meet a girlfriend!  Want to apply?  We are taking CV's now...

We went to St Lukes today for lunch... while there I said to Stew that we needed some more bibs for Emily... so we popped into KMart...

 ABOVE: so we got some.... and ummm....

ABOVE:  just a few more bits 'n' bobs!  Well.. they were all on sale!  some were only $3 and $4... I could not resist!
Emily is very dribbly/spilly right now, so it's not like they won't get used!
Some of them will be going over to Kambalda for our other baby granddaughter, Sienna, too.

End of Day:  Stew and I are heading out for dinner soon... there is a hearty all-in-one beef stew in the crock pot for the family at home.  And I'm taking me tipple with me.
I expect to get a bit 'tiddly' all going well!  lol
nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris, hope you and Stew have a fantastic dinner out tonight just the two of you :) you both deserve some "alone" time :)

    Take care


  2. haha- I love this sequence of photos/ captions. Have a good weekend!

  3. I love the way you caption your pictures! What a sweet looking baby!

    Have wonderful night out!

  4. Wow Steve is a good catch. Why doesn't he have a girlfriend

  5. Anonymous11:34 AM

    I think Steve should get a job as a "Manny"! WOMBAT

  6. Never fear, Steve! My carless jobless son has a GF! ;)

    Love the pictures of Teddy. His expressions are priceless! And cute Emily is getting so big!

  7. Ashlee12:58 PM

    ummm... Would Steve be Happy to Move to Melbourne? Ill have him haha.

  8. I cannot believe how Miss Emily is growing! She is really a heart -breaker already!

    And with a Nanny to love her and an Uncle to look out for her - she is one lucky baby! OOPs - left out a sweet Mom too! : )

  9. OK, not only is Steve good looking he loves those kids soo much, the woman who wins his heart will be a very very lucky lady indeed ...

  10. The pictures with Teddy and Emily are priceless....lots of cuteness going on around your house.

  11. Aww, Emily is getting so big! She's beautiful.
    Happy weekend, jj

  12. Penny, NZ4:10 PM

    Agree with Vic, he is clearly a catch. Good luck to him finding a job, a car and the love of his life.

  13. Chris, I have one hope, that my sons turn out to be as obviously amazing as yours!!!

    Love the pics of Emily! she's cute!!

  14. Love the photos. That wee Emily is such a smiley wee thing.

    Have a fantastic night out.

  15. omg these are the best pics of teddy ever. the look on his face on Steve's bed is priceless. I miss Emily. She's so cute.

  16. The pictures of Emily Taddy and uncle Steve are priceless Steve is a very good Son/Uncle, when Samuel was super dribbly my mum bought large flannels cut head holes and just had instant bibs!!

  17. Oh my goodness, could those two be any cuter together? I hope you and Stew had a lovely evening.

  18. Hopefully you don't wake up with a headache like I did ;)

  19. How old is Steve? If he's not too young, I'll take him off your hands :) heheheh. (Plus I think I live relatively close by, being in Howick and all. Plus *I* have a car, so that works out nicely :D)

  20. Oi - Beastie Girl... Get in the queue!!
    I'd be his "cougar" any day!!


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