Saturday, August 06, 2011


And no... I'm not talking about me!

Though... I have stayed the same for the past 3 weeks, so at least I didn't have a GAIN.

NOT like our puppies.. who have ALL gained approximately a fifth of their birth weight in two days!
OMG I am so, so happy for them.  Coco is doing so good feeding all 6 of them... did you know she had two inverted nipples, and we were really concerned the puppies would not be able to feed off them?

Well worry not... they popped out finally and the pups are feeding from them just fine.

I am hoping to go out and about this morning... been cooped up inside far too long.... though clearly someone (adult-ish) will have to stay home.... to watch  Coco and Pups. 
Maybe we will set up a roster?  lol

I hope you are not all sick to death of puppy photos yet...  cos I just can't help it, I have to show you more!

ABOVE:  That's Bruiser on the left and Pinky on the right.... and goodness knows who they are lying on!  Aren't they just adorable???

ABOVE:  That's Bee Bee... can you see Big Bird on her lower back in white??
Their little paws are so sweet.

I'm trying to avoid the word 'cute'.... can ya tell?  lol

ONWARD...  I will try to take a photo of something else today OK....

Lunchtime:  Stew, the two kids and I off out for lunch now.  Steve is on 'Babysitting' Duty.. ha ha ha.  We will be nice and bring him home something nice for lunch.

SO:   who felt the need to ring my house and ask Steve if he was looking after the puppies properly while we were out????  RANDOM thing to do!

Lunch out was nice.  Home now and taken up the Puppy Watch duty again.

ABOVE:  My favourite Mall... Sylvia Park.  And right opposite is being built a Super Centre:

 ABOVE:  construction on the Supa Centre... where I am sure I will spend a good deal of time as SPOTLIGHT Panmure is moving there... and Spotlight Panmure is soooo much nicer than Spotlight Manukau!  They have more fabric for a start... that counts for a lot! 

Getting onto the motorway after leaving Sylvia Park... there is the Tip Top factory.  An iconic building here in Auckland!  I can remember driving past it as a very small kid!  It has not changed in over 45 years!... well maybe the paint job is new.

Steve, Stew and the kids are off for a walk while I watch the new family... if I can stay awake that is!  Very tired... Coco was up and down all night, constantly re-arranging her babies...

PENNY:  from memory the new Supa Centre will have:  Spotlight, Good Guys, Animates, Godfreys, Freedom Furniture... and I don't know what else.

End of Day:  I perked up during the afternoon and did not fall asleep!  Feeling good  now... why do I always feel SO TIRED after lunch???  It's weird.
Stew is cooking dinner.. mince done 'his' way with pasta. 
nite nite


  1. They are so uber cute, glad us humans can't put on weight that quickly though.

  2. Keep the puppy photos flowing....because they are just so cuteeeeee :O)

    Michelle x

  3. You can never post enough puppy pictures!!!!!!

  4. They are sooo cute, don't stop giving us photos of them.

  5. They are so cute!! Love the pics!!

  6. Keep the pics comin'! We love them! Hope you get a break!

  7. They are CUTE!!!! I said it just like everyone else lol... :)

  8. Anonymous12:44 PM

    NOOOOOOOO!!! Don't take away our puppy photos!! We want LOTS of them everyday!! I love them!!!...debbie

  9. I will never tire of looking at pics of those sweet (and CUTE) puppies! Bring 'em on! :o)



  10. I will NEVER get tired of puppy pictures! Please kiss each and everyone of them for me!

  11. Penny, NZ2:50 PM

    Hi Chris, very very cute photos this morning. Do you know what else is going into the Super Centre? I am quite excited as when it opens I can go to Spotlight without having to get off the train on the way to Sylvia Park (I don't drive yet, must work on that).

    Of course I can't do anything else until I finish my current project, then I will email you re a coffee or something.

    Can't wait.

    Love to you, the family and the puppies!

    Penny xo

  12. Look at the top photo. I think those dogs are part walrus!

    Yes, you will still be blogging then.

  13. The top photo they looked like little guinea pigs and too cute WHILST they are this cute don't stop the photos.

  14. It's so cute how the pups love to lie on each other! Reminds me of my siblings when I was young. Too many of us and a small home. So we had to lie on each other. Bruiser looks strangely wise. Must be the white patch on top of his head. I finally SEE Big Bird. Took me a while.

  15. O, I agree -they are the "picture of sweetness"! I even have always loved that sweet smell of puppy!

    I hope each one will find a good Forever Home!

  16. Oooh yay! Spotlight Panmure is the best... love it... and it will probably be even bigger too! Great.

  17. They are absolutely wonderful. Time wasters I can imagine. Hope all is going well. I meet up with Penny from NZ at Christmas time so what a small world. Photos of a the puppies must continue. Cute as buttons they are. Can't get enough of them. Love to Teddy, as I hope he isn't feeling too weird that his sister is now a mother. Martine xx

  18. Penny, NZ8:32 PM

    Jane P, love your comment about how you just lie on each other when there is no room. That's what I do with my partner in bed, on a plane, on a train, etc. Although sometimes there is kerfuffle over the duvet...

    Thanks for answering my question Chris - sounds exciting! If you did think of going to WW and hate meetings, there is a woman at Sylvia Park that will do one-on-one sessions with you. She is lovely (I think you and her would hit it off) and you get 15 minutes to talk just about your experience. It is not more expensive than meetings from memory. Anyway, just a thought. I will probably go back to her at some point.

    Hope you have a good day tomorrow!


  19. Congrats on the puppies!!!!! Now what did I miss? Did Steve get the job? Why does ACC need to know about a puppy? Is Steve getting a flat? Sorry but I just couldn't see that you had written about this.

  20. Don't worry about too many puppy pictures - there is no such thing! And calling them cute is pretty much mandatory!

  21. I love those sweet little faces!

    I found my bio family last summer. If you are interested I do have a doc that explains it that I could send.

    I love your blog Chris and even though I don't comment, I read it every day so just wanted you to know. Have a good night.

  22. omg how cute are those baby dogs!!! xxx thanks for the support Chris xxx

  23. I am a sucker for newborns. They are all adorable adjectives of any kind. UBER CUTE!

  24. The puppies are adorable. However will you be able to give any away?


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