Friday, August 05, 2011


I really had NO intention of naming the puppies... but somehow they are getting names!

The first boy was the biggest and made Coco really cry... so he's called 'Bruiser'.. ha ha ha!

Then came Pinky, the first girl.  She's really cute but a right cry baby.

Then came the next boy... Steve said we should call him 'Rhino', cos he's big and grey-ish.  That will do!

Then came our littlest Girl... she has a little white patch on her forehead shaped a bit like a Tulip... so she's 'Tulip'.

Then came our next girl... she has a pattern on her back that I think looks just like Big Bird off Sesame Street, so she's 'Bee Bee' (for Big bird)

And lastly came Steve's little boy... who Steve has yet to name... 

As the pups eyes won't be open for about 2 weeks yet I shall refrain from taking and showing individual photos for now. 

Today?  Well I think I really should do some housework!  I've done sweet bugger all for days... and you can tell! 

AND I will get on the treadmill today too... even though my glutes are killing me from the last session! 

ABOVE:  Coco and her little family last night.


I'm a Twit!  I got all worried about Coco's temperature last night for nothing... a normal dogs temp is higher than ours... so she was actually within the normal limits after all that!  Derrrrrr.

Woken up with a Cracker Jack of a headache again... damn. 

 ABOVE:  the three boys all in a row... so cute!

 ABOVE: Tulip's forehead...  She is the smallest puppy...

ABOVE: Rhino... he isn't really that grey...but he's not black... or brown... he's kinda a mix. 

COFFEE SLUT:  I want to  keep ALL OF THEM!   I could cry cos here in Auckland you are only allowed 2 dogs per household.

JAXX:  Steve's puppy will be here with us until he moves.  I will let ACC know that it is a temporary situation.  As for his finding a flat with a dog... he will have to sort that out himself!

SOMEONE?  asked me for a photo of Mac, the puppies father:

ABOVE:  Well, there he is on the day he and Coco made all those gorgeous babies.

I've done me housework... and just relaxing now.  Coco is doing really well with her puppies today... but she gets really upset when one of them cries... she WHIMPERS... God it's so cute.

This afternoon Coco finally got all her babies to sleep and took some time out... she had a run around like a mad thing, went bathroom, and seemed just like her old self!  She kept running and checking on her babies:

ABOVE: but they were fine all curled up together.   How many times can I say CUTE?  lol

It's friday... so yaaa, when Stew gets home I will have a couple of drinks to unwind.  It's about the only time I have a drink.... maybe it will help me relax cos I have been really tense for days.
Hmmm... wonder why?  ha ha ha

End of Day:  yaaa... dinner is done, and it's time to have a couple of tipple's.  Bliss.  Love friday nights.
nite nite.


  1. Will they stay the colour they are now. Longing to see them playing around

  2. Just a thought, if Steve has a puppy, does your council allow 3 pups and if he leaves home trying to find a house, flat that accepts dogs will not be easy.... just a thought.

    Anyway have a great weekend :-)

  3. They are so adorable ....and Coco looks like she's enjoying motherhood!
    So Chris, how many are you keeping?

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Chris Thanks for all your blogging efforts over the last couple of days covering this happy event Has been really enjoyable reading this blog seeing the photos and all the comments better than a reality show on tv.
    Well done & thanks again
    Mary H

  5. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Chris, the puppies are just so cute and so little! Can't wait till they start running around!!...debbie

  6. How gorgeous are they ! How are you going to say goodbye to them? I can't get enough of Coco and her babies. How is Teddy handling things? Your doing a wonderful job with Coco. Martine xx

  7. awwww 3 of each, that is just divine Chris and they are so cute!!!!

  8. O how precious they are! You will enjoy these pictures because after my chihuahua babies got older I had trouble looking back and figuring out who was who because they are changed colors so much.

    I think your babies are perfect. Enjoy!

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM

    they are sooooooo cute Chris!!!! the kids must be so excited to see it all happening!!!!!


  10. OOPS! I forgot to add: Do you think you will see "moving " in your future??? LOL

  11. Penny, NZ4:21 PM

    Very very cute Chris, and I am not a big animal person (I don't hate them or anything, just had a bad experience with a kitten when I was a kid).

    Have a wonderful relaxing evening and I hope you sleep well tonight, you deserve it!

    Penny xo

  12. Belated congratuations on the new additions to the family!!! At what age can they be sold to their new homes?

  13. All the puppies are so cute, I feel like a drink too but alas I don't have any..........(alcohol that is)

  14. They are so cute, better at your house than mine though ;) Keep the pictures coming :)

  15. The pups look so adorable all curled up on each other. Would be so sad to separate them later on. My family took care of my aunt's dog when it gave birth and I remember we had so much fun with the pups. We were so awful often getting them to race each other. (except they didn't know they were in a race) The guy I picked was the slowest. It would stop to pee or wander off blindly. Mine was the one we kept and it became my puppy. Worst guard dog ever. Would hide behind me when strangers come.

  16. Have a nice relaxing evening. You have certainly earned it - being a midwife must be exhausting :-)

  17. I love them all soooo much!
    Too cute!

  18. Bruiser, Rhino, Excellent names! I wish my wife would take a lesson from you! She picks cutesey names.
    I think Nails is an excellent name for a dog.

  19. oh my god... those things are just about the cutest little pups ive ever seen. im trying to convince my wife to get a dog for my son.. can i take one?

  20. They are just absolutely precious! I how I envy you having all of those babies in the house, even for a short while. I love puppy breath!

  21. what a big litter! google about puppy stimulation so you can make them smart. Is this a new hobby? Are u venturing into the world of dog breeding?
    They are sure cute. Before they get much bigger you may want a whelping box for cleanliness. They are going to be adorable!!! love the names!

  22. They are so adorable!!!! How do you get anything done besides watching them?


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