Friday, August 12, 2011


 ABOVE:  we had to put the dining table back in this corner of the lounge (for now) so we could make more room in the Family Room for when the pups are more mobile.

 ABOVE:  The Family Room now.

ABOVE: Teddy risked life and limb and got in the Whelping Box!  Last time he did that he got  snapped at and growled!  Brave boy...  though as you can see Coco is not too keen on him being in there!

ABOVE: luckily he didn't stay in there for long... 
nor did he venture too near the pups.  I think Coco's attitude would have changed towards him if he had.

ABOVE: Stew and I are just so proud of what a good little mother she has become.  She looks very relaxed about the whole thing now... not like the first few days when she whimpered every time one of the pups cried.  Now she just goes with the flow. 

I'm going with the flow today too... just chilling at home ...  Amanda is bringing Emily up this afternoon and we are babysitting until Saturday afternoon.  Amanda and Andrew are both working on Saturday, so we get the baby!  Wooo hooo!


I have been incredibly lazy today.. sat on me bum reading blogs and leaving comments as I went.  It's a nice feeling being up to date... but not so good for me butt.
I feel IKKkkk from being totally inactive all day!

And I really don't feel like doing anything strenuous either.
I think having Emily here will get me moving though! 

AND I must get down into the garage and tidy it up a bit... it's become a bit of a dumping ground lately and I hate that. 

Steve and I have been weighing the pups every 2nd day or so... and last night's weigh in showed that EVERY puppy had doubled it's birthweight!  So relieved to know they are doing so well.

ABOVE:  Amanda and Emily arrived... Emily is on formula/bottle now so she can stay without Amanda... yaaa!  Amanda has to work tomorrow so Emily is here till tomorrow night.  She has grown and is almost sitting..AND she has her first tooth!

End of Day:  going to cluck over my granddaugher AND the puppies now!
nite nite.


  1. Coco looks great and the pups are just squeezable I love puppy smells too.

  2. oh coco looks happy and the pups are cute-a-licous :)

  3. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Hope you're giving poor Teddy lots of cuddles so he doesn't feel neglected since Coco and co are getting all the attention! WOMBAT

  4. Chris, I feel like a drug addict. Can't get enough of photos of Coco, Teddy and the puppies. How cute. Martine xx

  5. Have a great weekend with all the babies in your house :-)

  6. Coco's such a good mom. I think I was like her the first time around. Anytime anyone went near my baby, I would be on high alert. I was more easy going when I had my girl.

  7. Your pups are sooo cute! Just adorable. How come they are all those different colours if their parents are white though? Has coco been playing around on the side? hmm?

  8. Hi Chris, Just catching up after being away-- I LOVE THOSE SWEET BABY PUPPIES!!! I don't know how you get anything done all day-- I'd be sitting there holding and cuddling them the entire day! Wow.

    xo jj

  9. What a happy beautiful girl Emily is! And I must say that Griffin is also changing a bit - already a handsome young man, not just a handsome boy. You have a beautiful and happy family!
    And Coco is so cute when she is confused about Teddy sniffing around :)

  10. That little girl gets more gorgeous everytime I see a pic of her.
    Enjoy your clucking ♥

  11. I am so glad that I visited...I didn't know you got pups...How cute!
    You are going to be a busy lady. I know how busy we have been with our one pup. Congrats! They are so cute!

  12. Adorable baby and puppies! love the pix!

  13. O-Chris!
    EVERYTHING is just so beautiful!!! The lounge , the pups , Teddy , Emily , Amanda and the young Uncle! And not to leave out the Love that you have for your family!


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