Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Our lounge suite is getting half a fix today... I THINK Morgan Furniture is fixing the sagging leather on the back of the two chairs.  NOT fixing the dye transfer though.  
But I'm not sure. *sigh*
I think Harvey Norman is going to do something about the dye transfer?

Either way... it is an on-going saga.

So I have to stay home this morning and wait for the men to come and do their thing. 

All going well my Sister-in-Law takes possesion of her new home today (ABOVE)... it all depends on if the owners take away all their rubbish, she is not signing over the money until they have done that.  And fair enough too.... she does not want to suddenly become the owner of a new house and a car wreck and lots of old furniture!

That's all for now....

I went grocery shopping... it took me over 2 hours!... and my God it cost a lot this time!   WELL over $700!
So, Steve carried it all in from the car for me and even put it away... only trouble is this is what can happen when you leave it to a BOY:

ABOVE: that is cornflour all over the floor...

ABOVE:  and he didn't THINK to ask me to get the vacum cleaner did he?  OH NO, he just had to go get it himself....*sigh*.
What can ya do but laugh?  I love you Steve, I really, really do.  *SMILES*

5 ... NO 6 boxes of cornflour... well I use a lot.  And the container I put the cornflour in is a big one... so why not fill it up?  You would not believe how often I run out of blasted cornflour!
$700+ on groceries is not a 'normal' fortnight's groceries.  On AVERAGE we spend about $600 a fortnight, with more spent during that time on fresh fruit too.
The high cost of meat/butter/cheese/bread and most necessities is to blame I think. 
I did NOT buy any biscuits or crackers, fancy cheeses, lollies, magazines, ice cream bla bla bla... either, just the basics!

I just got back from taking Brylee to Gymnastics, she is still loving it.  Time to prepare dinner now...

End of Day:  it's been a busy evening.... Steve and I decided that it was time to add a 'potty' area for the puppies.  So some re-arranging was done.  Then it was spa time for the kids, and soon Stew and I will have ours.  It's such a nice way to unwind before bed.  And my back always feels so good afterwards too.
nite nite.


  1. And seeing as the inorganic run has already finished she can't just dump it!!!! people lazy much the old tenants I mean. I am still tired I want to sleep BUT aren't I have done 3 loads washing SUNSHINE plenty down here FROSTS as well 3x minus 4 last 3 mornings BUT pay off STUNNING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:59 AM

    glad to hear they are taking SOME action on your couch. Don't think that would happen around here without a lot of red tape, recipts, etc....Hope your SIL gets all the junk removed!! I don't blame her. I wouldn't sign either....I've watched the puppy video of Bebe walking 3 times! lol...debbie

  3. Penny, NZ11:59 AM

    I know what you mean Chris. We bought a house in Dunedin that was rented out and the basement was locked off from the tenant. The owner did come down from Wellington and clear it out (we saw it during the open home before that) and he did a nice job of clearing out all the rubbish (old car, etc) but leaving paint from the house, some tools, a bench press which we gave to a friend's son, a collection of wood which came in handy when tidying up the house, but that only worked because he made good judgment and happened to have like-minded people coming in. It was a big risk - another set of owners could have found that very frustrating and hard to get rid of without expense, effort etc. On the other hand, the tenant left it tidy (not clean) upstairs, but left us with an old broken fridge and a few other bits and pieces. Having said that, maybe the fridge came with the house> But then it is the owner's responsibility...

    Anyway, fingers crossed your SIL doesn't have that to deal with! Also, I hate waiting around for people to turn up and not being able to leave, okay if they turn up on time, but many times they don't. I've had good luck in the city though, I am in a well managed building and they take their tradespeople seriously.

    Rant over, back to work Penny!

  4. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha and imagine there could have been 24 little paw prints to match in the floury mix!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. love it!!! go steve he was trying to help chris lmao

  6. At least Steve put the stuff away (except the cornflour), I don't mind the shopping but I hate putting it away. PLUS he was going to vacuum up the mess he made - he is a good boy :-).

    Maybe y ou could forward this to his prospective employers to show then just what a helpful & responsible person he is lol.

  7. At least you could keep "track" of him! LOL

    Gosh, I love him - no Fits- no walking off and letting someone else clean it up? The kid is an Angel in my book. : )

  8. Anonymous3:53 PM

    One small step for man!

  9. Penny, NZ3:58 PM

    Okay, I have to ask. 5 boxes of cornflour? I know you have a big family though Chris and you probably make more casseroles and other dishes than me. Or maybe my eyes are deceiving me. Plus you also spent over $700 - just curious how often you spend that much? I am not criticising at all - just very interested on the rising impact of food prices on families in particular. We talk about these types of issues in our classes.

  10. I have a small coniption fit every time I buy groceries in this country and I'm only buying for myself! I've slowly and surely given up buying dairy (in the country its made in!) becuase the price of milk is scandalous! *shakes walking stick and moans about how it was better in her day*

  11. Leigh5:27 PM

    just curious but why do you need 5 boxes of cornflour?

  12. Penny, NZ6:07 PM

    Fair enough Chris, I mean you are feeding 2 growing children, a grown son (I don't know about Steve but I hear they eat a lot) plus you and Stew, and dog (puppy?) food. I shop fortnightly and spend $200-250 for 2 adultsa, one of us forgets to eat, and don't buy the extras you talk about either. I also hate running out of things so am with you on the stocking up on cornflour. I go box by box but I use it much less than you.

    I do hate it when the groceries are more than normal, it feels like you are behind for the fortnight before you've even started. Just remembered, better go and pay the power bill!

  13. Chris, you can buy much, much cheaper cornflour in the plastic packets. It is the same stuff - would that work out cheaper as you only put it into a container anyway? So you pay $600 a fortnight plus a couple of takeaways, plus lunch out at the weekend, plus you buy fresh fruit between times. Have you ever actually worked out the total cost.... na, better not :)

  14. Wow! That's a lot of money. I mean, we pay more than that a month but never in a trip. You must've really planned it good. Did you plan for meals or just guess what you needed?

  15. Those footprints have me laughing! Boys/Men can be such strange creatures at times, can't they?

  16. What are you making with cornflour?


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