Tuesday, August 09, 2011


You want to see them.. you really do eh?
Gawd I hope so, cos nothing else is happening around here right now!

ABOVE:  the line up!  Can you SEE the difference in sizes? And believe it or not... I did not line them up like that!   They did it all by themselves.  Awwwwwww. 

ABOVE:  our biggest (Bruiser) right next to our wee runt (Tulip)... maybe I shall stop calling her the runt...it doesn't actually sound that nice.  I'm calling her our Little PetalTulip.  Cos she is so sweet.

Today:  well I just remembered!  I've got an hair appointment at a new salon over in Hill Park!  I was going to wait until I'd lost 10 kilos... *sigh*... but just can't stand waiting any longer!  I NEED some blonde ... I don't feel like ME.


MRS C:  yes Coco is eating about 3 times the 'normal' amount,  she is constantly starving!

Well... I'm not a blonde YET... it is going to take several months of getting my hair frosted to get back to where I want it to be... but at least today was a start.  It's still brown, but has dark blonde highlights.. I'll try to get a decent photo of it to show you soon.

We have been weighing the puppies every day... and at 6 days old they have ALL doubled their birthweights!!!!   Very happy with that.

End of Day:  cooked a nice Butter Chicken for dinner tonight... always goes down well that does.  Feeling quite happy tonight.. think it's the hair... lol!
nite nite.


  1. WOW, Coco has to be eating a ton to be able to support all six pups like that.

  2. I can only say crikey!!!

  3. OMG all those pink little toes....Can't...take...all..the...cuteness!!!!
    They truly are precious.

  4. Never enough pup pics!! I bet they have the cutest little faces.
    You deserve blonde hair if it makes you feel good. Regardless of what your weight is:)

  5. Rhonda11:06 AM

    OMG that are sooooooooo gorgeous. They are lucky little puppies to have such a good mum and you guys around caring for them all. You are doing an excellent job. Love all the photos you post. Thanks

  6. They are each so precious. I hope they get loving homes.

    I am so glad you are taking yourself for a little treat!You deserve it.: )

  7. How absolutely gorgeous are they. You always make my day when I see puppy photos or photos of Teddy and Coco. Does Teddy interact with the puppies? Martine

  8. Anonymous12:50 PM

    The pups are growing and sooo adorable!! Love seeing them. Don't stop!! I don't blame Coco for eating up a storm, she's got all those kiddos to feed!! lol...Bless her heart! ...debbie

  9. My daily puppy fix they are adorable and growing so big Tulip and Bruiser are classic.

  10. LOVING the puppy pics!! So so cute!!
    I'm going blonde again too... just had the second lot of foils through last week, so I'm one step ahead of you :) I want to be at the colour I love by my wedding (March).
    It's a long process, but one best not rushed :)

  11. Yeah more puppy pics!! :) Funny how they all lined up like that!

  12. Poor Coco. Imagine how sore her boobs are?
    Those puppies are too cute!

  13. Anonymous3:07 PM

    look at their little back legs all stretched out relaxing while they eat! TOO CUTE Chris... omg, i am so glad i don't live in any close radius, you'd never get rid of me! :-)


  14. I forgot if pups need feeding every 3 hours like babies? Must be so draining for Coco. I remember when I had my kids. The first few months? I was starving all the time.

  15. Puppies! They are growing like little weeds, aren't they! Coco must be a wonderful mother and you must be a wonderful owner to Coco to keep everyone doing so well.

    Can't wait to see the new hair do!

  16. you have GOT to stop posting this stuff... i want to bring a pup home to my son SO badly...

    now i just have to convince the wife...


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