Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I got my spa last night, it was BLISSFUL... and it did not rain.  In fact, although it was really cold out, once in the spa it was fine.  The sky was clear, I could see stars. BLISS is the word for it.

The Puppies:  Well most of them have their eyes HALF OPEN... so fully open can't be far away.  It's weird, after having their eyes firmly closed for the first two weeks , now that they are opening they look so different!

I'm still not ready to take photos of their faces properly until their eyes are fully open.
Until then you can feast your eyes on them:

ABOVE:  There is always ONE REBEL who has to lie differently!  This time it's Kiba, usually it's Bruiser, who I have taken to calling 'Fat Bastard',  cos he is!  lol  He's so much BIGGER than everyone else.  Can you TELL which one is Bruiser???

 ABOVE:  does he look contented or what!

 ABOVE:  just... having... a... stretch...

ABOVE: Ahhh... dat's better... ZZZZzzzzzz.........

TODAY:  I'm going to get some exercise, then sit down and plan meals for the next week or two... so I have NO EXCUSE to have silly meals.  We are all GAINING weight at the moment and it's got to stop!
And the only one who can do that for everyone... is ME!  I am the one who feeds them (and me)... so it's up to me to make better choices for dinner.  We have to cut down on the carbs in this house.  It's ridiculous how much we eat.


I've been out and bought some nice fresh veges and steak for tonight's dinner.
For lunch I am having a little bit of chicken and fresh veges.
I rang Stew and told him "Prepare to Starve"... as he has been going OVERBOARD with his portions lately ( so have I )... I intend to make him lose at least 8 kilos by Christmas... and me 10.  It CAN be done.

Lunch was lovely, Steve and I had stir fried chicken and red onion on top of par-cooked cabbage!  It may sound weird, but it was nice!

After that I had a nana nap!  That was nice too... I had Teddy lying on my back the whole time so he was like my little hottie bottle! 
The weather has turned lovely today... blue skies and sunshine... still cool but certainly not freezing any more.

PUPS EYES:  are all open, but only just, not wide open.

BEASTIE GIRL:  Yes, we are selling the pups... even though it is going to be hard parting with them when the time comes.  *sniff*

ABOVE:  Sienna playing with the cute toy I sent over for her.  Apparently she LOVES IT.  Awwwww.  Isn't she beautiful?

End of Day:  Apparently Stew and I are off to the moves!  Going to see 'Something Borrowed'... I'm sure Stew is going to LOVE IT.  lol
nite nite.


  1. Cute pup!
    Kick those nasty cabs to the curb!
    Love it!

  2. It doesn't help that your a good cook. I could go for a little puppy luvin.

  3. I can't get over how precious those little pups are. How can you resist not constantly cuddling them?!

  4. Oh, the puppies are TOO cute. I wish we could have one for the boys!

    Good idea to plan your food. It really is vital in losing weight. Would you consider posting your daily food intake on your blog? I'm always curious to see what/how other people eat and hopefully get some tips or new recipes! xxx

  5. Go for it Chris, I took control and we are following a meal plan which has helped in the weight reduction of nearly 80 kgs between the three of us :) It can be done:)

  6. Those look like some happy, healthy and much loved puppies. Bruiser definitely lives up to his name.

  7. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Why would you want to open your eyes when life is one big snooze & food

  8. Hey! Yeah, I'm doing the weight loss thing myself, mostly concentrating on veggies. The amount of SOUP I've eaten :)

    What're you going to do with the pups?? Sell them?


  9. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww its so nice to see those puppies AND that little pink belly just kissable!!!!!!!!!! in a cutsie way not perverted.

  10. I notice the pups like to lie really close together. I wonder if it's to keep warm or to feel close. I'm also on a eat less diet. Twice a week, I eat tuna sandwiches for dinner instead of a regular Chinese rice dinner. I always feel so faint from hunger on those days.

  11. I think one of the challenges with weight is that we get stuck in lifetime habits and foods that we were raised on-so it is hard to learn new ways and new foods and of course the prices of foods these days just makes my head spin.

    DH had pancakes for breakfast and I had 3 whole wheat waffles. Naturally that was not good for us because of all the "sweets" of the homemade syrup .

    After we got back from town we were both tired and we had picked up two of those cheap little pizzas. Yea, not much there good for you either. But for two of us to eat for two dollars???

    The best thing I had today was a serving of that Greek yogurt they have been advertising and it is really good and you could tell that the blueberries in there were Really blueberries-so that was a treat.

    I plan on having cream cheese and pepper sandwich tomorrow - OPPPS - I better go put the mix in the bread machine or I will not!

    Keep loving those beautiful babies and enjoying your spa. Hope you did not have any more hail .

  12. Penny, NZ2:13 PM

    It can it can it can! And meal panning helps you stick to the budget too... she says, should take her own advice...


  13. Oh my much puppy love! I think that picture of Kiba on his back is just it when puppies lay like that! Can't wait to see them with their little eyes open.

    Good for you on the meal planning, Chris. I've also been trying to cut out some of the carbs I eat and I've lost about 7 pounds so far. I still eat them, just not nearly as much! You CAN do it, my friend...we'll be here rooting you on!



  14. I hope you enjoyed your movie - that one is on my "to see" list. Would be interested to hear what you thought of it. I love a good chick flick!

  15. Glad you got that spa without rain or hail! I can only imagine what it is like. *sigh*

    The puppies are adorable - as always. And that big guy . . . does he have the big personality to go with his stature?

    How was the movie?

  16. All of those baby pictures, both human and canine, and absolutely adorable! I love the ones with Bruiser's tummy up. SO cute!!

  17. With all those the cute puppies photos, I almost forgot about the cute baby. Poor girl.


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