Sunday, August 21, 2011


Steve found a new internet site with games that we are loving, it can be found at :, and at the bottom of the page (if you visit the site),  are a few more different puzzles you can's neat!  I am hooked on Shikaku!

ABOVE:  This is how the puzzle looks when you start....

ABOVE:  And how it should look when finished... it's addictive so be warned!

ABOVE:  every night at dinner time Steve and I weigh the puppies... this is the second bowl we have been using.. the first one got too small... and now this one is almost too small too.  *sigh*... better find the next size up!  That is Bruiser in the bowl... he almost weighs 1 kilo!
This is the ONLY time my Weight Watcher's scales get used at the moment.... lol.

ABOVE:  can you remember just two weeks ago when they took up only a tiny space in the whelping box?  Look at them now...they are getting so big!  

ABOVE:  it's not that often that they all pile on top of each other now... as I put the heating pad under their blanket when the weather got so very cold last week.  Last night they were all on top of each other though... it looks so darn cute.

I've just finished doing a solid 2 hours of housework and re-arranging the garage (AGAIN)... how we had it was not 'working' for me. 
Now:  we are heading off to Maraetai for a late lunch...

We ended up at Whitford for lunch, it was darn nice too!  Then we had a look around Moyes Caryard in Mt Wellington... I havn't mentioned it but Stew's company is doing away with Company Cars, so we have to get a 2nd car for Stew to get to work in.  *sigh*... luckily it's not for a few months yet...but it can't hurt to look and get an  idea of prices.

PENNY: Thanks for the blog invite.  I would leave a comment ... but for some reason I can't... and I'd become a 'Follower' too... but can't as there is no link.

End of Day:  just enjoyed a lovely bacon cabonara pasta dinner that Stew cooked.  YUM.
Going to chill out and do bugger all now.
nite nite.


  1. I was going to go have a look at your new game, then I realized that the last thing I need is another computer addiction.....well, maybe I'll just go have a little peek at it.

  2. I'm on total cute overload with the puppies, but not too much to say that your blog looks great- new header?

  3. O, I agree -they are precious. Pure little angels of love.

    I thought of you today as I watched some of my yellow leaves START to fall from the sky. I KNOW if my weather is thinking of turning into Fall that your weather must be thinking of turning into Spring! How Unfair! IF ONLY my weather could stay like this as long as I was alive - I would be SO happy. : )

  4. Oh can't wait for 2 weeks to come up and choose one :-)

  5. Bruiser is deliciously cute, I bet he is snapped up quick lucky puppy people!!!! they look all roly poly and little fat puddings.

  6. Luv 'em. They look like they are warmer and happier by the day!! :)

  7. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Puppies are so darn cute. Been trying to figure out which one I like the best! Hard to do!!...debbie

  8. Penny, NZ5:24 PM

    Thanks for your comment Chris, I'm glad it sorted itself out. I am going to be pleading for help in these early blogging days so watch this space for questions!

    Puppies are so gorgeous. That's a pain about the car, I guess they are trying to save money but it doesn't save money for you does it?

  9. Whoops and you of course, at this stage we will be coming in the afternoon of Sunday the 4th of Sept if that suits??


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