Wednesday, August 24, 2011


ABOVE:  Coco's contented little family... and in the front is Bruiser... on his back like usual!
He is such a laid back boy.

ABOVE: Bruiser is getting so big... when he was born I could fit him in the palm of my hand!
Now he's a 'two handful boy'...

ABOVE:  he is such a lovely wee boy ...


ABOVE:  We rearranged the puppies pen last night... to make an area for 'potty' as the pups are starting to pee in their 'bed' now...  so the serious work starts ... Teaching them to go potty on newspaper and not their blanket.

TODAY:  I'm off to Hospice to do my 'regular' shift again.  I'm fickle ... I missed being there!  Here's hoping Mrs Fart-arse is not there!

I have a hanky with perfume sprayed on it nestled in me bra ... I am going to cover me nose with it if/when SHE FARTS... and I think I will be saying something to her too... she cannot carry on being so damn rude, ignorant and offensive. 
If she cannot control her flatulence she should NOT be putting herself in situations where she can offend people.  Well, that's MY opinion anyway.  What do you think?


ABOVE:  woo hooo!  Look what arrived on my doorstep this morning, a parcel of fabric from Cyndi in the U.S.A.!  She had a HUGE giveaway of fabrics... 9 lots in all, and I won lot #9.  Such an incredibly lady to give away so much of her fabric.  She also gave me a sweet notepad and cards/envelopes.  THANK YOU Cyndi, you are a sweetheart.

Guess what I did today?  Heee heee... I found 'Treasure' of course! ...

ABOVE:  two really neat 'leatherette' boxes... I'm sure I can find something to put in them! ...

ABOVE: A really cute Owl Clip thingee...

ABOVE:  finally... a cool Amethyst pin and cute 'feet' earrings!
And I spent less than $20... how awesome is that.

PENNY: no, she never says ANYTHING when she lets off..... yet I know she can smell cos she has commented many times on customers who have BO or reek of cigarette smoke!  I have mentioned it to the boss but there is nothing she can do really.  AND she's too nice to say anything I think. 

Luckily today she did not make any nasty smells... so my hanky stayed in my bra.  Got nice smelling boobs thanks to the perfume, I might

End of Day:  what does 'DRINK' 'DRINK' mean on my thumb?  I take a bottle of Diet Coke to work ... and so often I forget to bring it home again.  So today I wrote on my thumb to try and remind myself to remember it!  Nothing so silly as to drink more WATER... or buy more Tipple either!
I cannot live without my DIET COKE!  Hence the name of my BLOG  eh? 
nite nite.


  1. Do you have to sit and look for signs that they need to pee and grab them quick?

  2. What happened with the sagging of the couch??? and OMG can't wait to see those puppies next weekend. Am already starting puppy shopping lol.

  3. I can't believe how much the puppies have grown. I don't envy you having to toilet train them all.

  4. Wow they are so big already! Have fun at work hopefully it will be stink free!

  5. Those puppies are so damn cute and adorable I so wish I could have one.

  6. Those puppies are so damn cute and adorable I so wish I could have one.

  7. It is amazing that little Coco can keep all those puppies so well fed. She must be doing a great job the way they are growing (and peeing). Good luck on the paper training.

  8. Hmmm, it's a hard topic with farts. I'm sure she doesn't do it to intentionally disgust people... right??

    Or maybe she does! If you think she does, than you should talk to her about it, but if it's just something she can't control, then better not bring it up.

  9. I don't know which is the sweetest -the puppies or the fabric. Wonder what you will turn them into????

    As for the stinky lady - I was walking in her shoes 10 years ago when I went to work at a paper plant. For some reason just as soon as I started work - every time we had a break - EVERY STEP - I made was * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * - Talk about the MOST EMBARRASSING event of my life! Plus, being in a group of folks that I had never met? I got lucky because most everybody who worked there also Smoked and they would take off to get a puff. That would give me time to head to the bathroom. I did go to the doctor for it and she said I was either lactose-intolerant -OR- I was allergic to something in the plant.

    I don't know what it was -but as soon as I left there when it closed and went to work in a grocery store - it disappeared as quickly as it had inflected its self on me . Boy , was I glad to see it go TOO!

    I had decided that was the reason we older folks were known as old Farts. : )

  10. They are all so adorable! Sure wish I lived closer!!! Thanks for sharing the pics!

  11. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Perhaps he needs a name change to Plank Cute photos

  12. Re Mrs fartypants, maybe you could just discreetly point out that she may not realise but her flatulance has a rather strong odour and that maybe she should seek medical attention in case it is a symptom of something more serious. Maybe she seriously can't smell it.

  13. The puppies are adorable chris!

  14. Anonymous1:25 PM

    omg the puppies are SO CUTE!!!

    i like the writing on your thumb btw?!!!


  15. I love all the treasures you fund and those doggies could not be cuter.

  16. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Just say in a loud voice Oh my God what is that smell did someone just fart

  17. Drink Drink!! WHAT is up with that?? Hm. Can't guess well on that. Reminder to stay hydrated maybe??

    Those pups will be jumping all over before you know it - they are SO BIG now. Sweet! :)

  18. Penny, NZ5:07 PM

    I have one question about the farting lady - does she excuse herself? I know it is embarrassing to draw attention to these things but it might give some insight into whether she is aware she is doing it at all. I agree that the odour possibly = medical issue might be a way in but it is delicate!

    And have you spoken to the boss? Does she have anything to say?

  19. Recently I became the smelly lady. I had drunk some chocolate drink even tho' I have low lactose tolerance. At the library, I sensed I had to leave very quickly. So I quickened my pace but that didn't help at all. In fact, it made it worse and when the explosion came, I was so embarrassed because I was walking past a lot of people and I could see heads turning to look at me. I fled for my life.

  20. I thought I was the only one to notice that....

    Drink, Drink? Did we need to remind ourselves to get some tipple? :)

  21. Penny, NZ10:17 PM

    I noticed it too but was too distracted by the farting issue! I was thinking water, going to joke about tipple but forgot. Should have known better! Hope it (farting) resolves somehow, soon. Never thought I would write that as a message to someone... Penny xo

  22. What lovely treasures! AND she didn't fart at all! You had an excellent day!

    Love the puppies - as usual. Also love the note to yourself. A very creative place to put it - most people just write on their hands not their thumbs!

  23. Anonymous12:35 PM

    LOVE THE PUPPY PHOTOS!! the material you received from your US friend is really pretty!! Love the pin and the little feet ear rings are cute. Glad you didn't get farted on! Improvement!!

  24. My wife thinks out toddler is a dog because he keeps peeing on the same spot on the sofa.

  25. If I lived closer Bruiser would be mine! Your little Coco is going to need cheesecake in her diet to keep her calories up. Good night nurse what a brood!

    On the topic of farts well at least we know that your pucker string ain't loose. Some folks can't hep it.
    Maybe she suffers from constipation. You could bring her a lovely dish of prunes and cream. Get it all over with ya know.


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