Monday, August 15, 2011


APPARENTLY puppies eyes should open between days 8-14, and today is day 12.  I can't wait for them to open their eyes!
They are going to look so darn cute when that happens.

You can bet your bottom dollar the moment they do I will be taking more photos.
We weighed them all again last night and now ... at day 12 they have all TRIPLED their birthweights.  Pinky and Tulip (our really little ones) seem to be holding their own... I may be worrying over nothing.  They are just little girl dogs is all.

ABOVE:  the latest two photos I grabbed off Facebook of our other infant granddaughter, Sienna.  Isn't she gorgeous!

TODAY: housework. Don't envy me now!...

New Zealand (where I live) is gripped in a fierce Antarctic Storm ... there is snow falling in places it has almost NEVER fallen before.  Here in Auckland it is FREEZING, we are having hail and heavy wind/rain...

I saw an advert on the telly last night saying Spotlight were having a huge 40% off EVERYTHING sale today, so I decided it would  be PRUDENT for me to go buy some fabric while it was so cheap.

So I drop the kids off at school and head off... just as I get on the motorway I am hit with a HUGE HAIL STORM... and within seconds the road was completely WHITE!

ABOVE:  it was quite awesome to see... all the traffic ground to a crawl... and stayed that way for miles!

The trip to Spotlight should have taken me about 15 minutes (Panmure store), but instead it took me over 40 minutes.  The traffic today is diabolical.

ABOVE:  the fabric I scored!   So wrapt.   I'm home now and it's so cold I'm turning on the gas fire in the lounge now... brrrr...

Just 20 minutes ago I was sitting in the lounge when I looked out the window at all the rain... and BUGGER ME  if it was not SNOWING!  Right here in South Auckland, there was a sprinkling of snow falling!!!
And no, it wasn't hail... it was SNOW!  AMAZING!!!

NO, I didn't get photos, it was too fleeting ... only lasted a few minutes.  Damn.
It's now sunny!!!

BEASTIE GIRL:  he's 24, and ain't you married? I feel like a pimp now.  lol

None of the pups have opened their eyes today.  Maybe tomorrow?
We had a huge hail storm this afternoon.... it was HAIL this time , not snow flurries. 
Steve and Griffin went out in it:

 ABOVE:  clearly they have not seen hail in a while!  Idiots!

ABOVE:  Steve made a 'hailman'... almost three hours later and it's still there!

ABOVE: somehow I don't think I will be having a spa tonight.  Just a bit too cold me thinks.  lol

Tulip opened her left eye!  It's happening people! 

End of Day:  would love to have a spa tonight, but just don't think I could handle the freezing cold wind/rain.  *sniff*
nite nite


  1. It's s wonder that little Sienna has a face left at all , as cute as she is I would have kissed it all off! She is a doll-baby!

    I am so tickled that your pups are doing so good.To think that you only have "weeks " with them makes me sad. All of my one and only little of chihuahuas is still with me and each day is precious and they are 5 now. Boy, time just flies too fast.

  2. Housework! Oh joy. What fun. Funny how that never goes away. I hope you all are warm and cosy, I am snowed in today - no way of getting out of the village, the State Highway between Waipuk and Dannevirke is closed. Suits me! (as long as the power stays on!)

  3. Penny, NZ10:30 AM

    Hi Chris,

    I know I shouldn't be complaining when the rest of the country is covered in snow and we aren't, but isn't it bloody freezing outside?

    Maybe the housework will keep you warm. I am warming my feet on my hot water bottle.

    Keep warm!

    Penny xo

  4. No snow here in Northland yet but it's freezing too!

  5. We had some cool snow here in Rotorua was awesome :-)

  6. Anonymous11:44 AM

    you can have all our snow if u want more

  7. did you get photos of that snow???

  8. The Auckland weather certainly is weird today. We haven't had snow in Ellerslie but one minute it is bright & sunny & the next dark gloomy & pouring with rain. Hubby said it is the same on the shore.

    Sienna is such a wee cutie :-)

  9. Adorable baby girl!! You're family sure makes cute ones :)

    Cleaned house today too, blah no fun but at least my house isn't disgusting anymore.

    It snowed here a couple years ago and it was so much fun. Lasted about an hour.

  10. wow enjoy the stormy weather and can't wait to see the pups with their eyes open!!!

  11. Anonymous4:20 PM

    Snowy in Palmy now & freezing. Time to go home & get a spot by the heater me thinks.
    Mary H

  12. Snow sounds so romantic but in reality the cold would be too much for me. The Spotlight in Singapore has never had more than 30% sale and that's quite rare. Usually it's 20%. We're lucky to get 20% storewide. If I tell anyone I shop at Spotlight I get laughed at because it's such an expensive store here. I usually go for the remnants bin.

  13. Crazy weather for sure. I grew up in Pukekohe and they have had snow-unheard of. Here in Invers we have had more hail than snow but the surrounding areas have had alot. Just had a lovely flurry that has settled but don't want too much more-hard to drive to work!. Why did I go to Spotlight yesterday???

  14. Aww - the baby is such a cutie - and Emily too of course!

    Snow here in Palmy - it's white outside and looks beautiful!

  15. We had HUGE SNOW here in Taupo right up to our doorway, and YES I got photos... please let the puppies open their eyes tomorrow.

  16. Penny, NZ8:10 PM

    If it helps Chris I am from Dunedin and have had a hot tub experience outside in the frost one night many years ago. It was awesome, except it was with a first boyfriend who wasn't really my match (oh crap, too much info on the web?). Oh well, I was young, and am now with my match, who I would have a spa in the freezing temps with in a moment if I had a spa! Don't even have a bathtub in my apartment... Have a warm night, Penny xo

  17. Now I feel totally cheated!! No snow here AND we didn't get any hail either!! That is some hail you had there.

  18. Oh yeah! More puppy pics! (rolls eyes) Can't wait!
    Yellowdog Grannie is having a heat wave and it's snowing there.
    I Love reading blogs!

  19. crazy weather all over the world!
    hugs and puppy eyes!

  20. you are getting the same weather we did this past winter! We usually only get an inch of snow that melts right away - this year it was closer to 8 inches and it stayed for about a week!

    Stay warm and keep a watch on those puppy eyes.

  21. haha- I'm loving the hailman! Crazy weather- but at least you safely made it to the fabric store! Can't wait to see all of those little puppies peepers!

  22. Beautiful baby ,xxx
    I look forward to seeing the puppies with their eyes open.
    Please , please don't send your weather to England , Our weather is contrary enough . This is supposed to be high summer in England but my heating goes on every evening

  23. Hey! No, I'm not married. I was in a relationship back when I was living in Holland, but that didn't work out so I'm back home in NZ now...and very, very, very single.

    D'oh, I'm 33 so would feel like a dirty old woman if I went anywhere *near* Steve! I'm sure it would do his heart good to know he has an admirer though. Many admirers I would think!


  24. Aw!Cute, cute grandbaby! I can't wait til we have a grandbaby to hug and hold!

    haha love that they are enjoying the hail and made that little hailman :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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