Saturday, August 27, 2011


I finished an apron last night, but I'm not happy with it.  I decided to add a few inches in the width to make sure it would cover the chest (mine = ample) but now it's a bit too big.  And I can't unpick it as I've done a really good job of putting it together and adding fancy stitching on the neck edge.   Grrrrrr.

So today I think I will just try making a wee girl's dress instead.  I would have done that yesterday but I had to pre-wash the fabric and get it dry first.
Now that's done I can give it a go!

Luckily Steve and Stew will be able to watch Emily for me ... it's not like I have to care for her 100% which is great.  She is a delight though... and I'm sure I will take a few photos of her to put on the blog later on.

Lunch... probably will be had at Sylvia Park, or maybe Maraetai... it will depend on the weather.


LEIGH:  now there's an idea!  Thanks, I will try doing that.

We had a rough night with wee Emily.  She refused her 11 pm bottle... then proceeded to cry and whinge until I got up after midnight, when she finally took about 3/4 of her bottle.  BUT she did not settle for hours!  Cried on and off for hours, then 'talked' for a while before finally going to sleep at about 5.30 am!

She slept in until 9am which was nice.   But still did not want a bottle, so I 'forced' a good deal of baby food down her gob and now she's asleep again.   Poor baby has a cold which is no doubt why she's a bit 'off'.  You get that with babies, so we are not in the least bit fazed.

It's 'housework' this morning... I asked Stew to do some vacuming:

ABOVE:  Our 10 month old vacum... will not suck.  How typical.  The guys have pulled masses of fluff build-up out of the hose... so fingers crossed it goes now!

It's been a busy lunchtime/afternoon!
We went to Albany mall for lunch... while there I saw a nice towel rack thingee to put the bathmats on in the lounge... so we bought it.

 ABOVE:  the cute wee towel rack. 

While we were having lunch I decided to give Emily a chip to slobber on... she LOVED IT!  She didn't actually EAT any of it BTW, just tasted it.
And that is not a bad thing... she needs to experience differing tastes:

ABOVE:  Ummm... I added some Sweet N Sour sauce too... she loved that too.

ABOVE:  very pretty wrought iron Day Bed I fell in love with...

In the shop where we bought the towel rack they had a gorgeous wrought iron day bed/ couch... and I decided to sit on it to see just how comfy it was.  WELL!!!  
INSTANT the second I sat down the whole thing collapsed under me!   I was left with me bum on the floor and me knees and legs sticking up into the air!  OMG.   I BROKE the bed.
OMG.... I couldn't get up!
Stew and a shop assistant came over and hauled me up.... all I could do was think "Fuck do I have to buy it now that I broke it?"

LUCKILY for me it turned out that the slats were not installed properly ... so that's why it collapsed.  ***PHEW***    I couldn't get out of that shop fast enough I tell you!  

After leaving the mall we went and looked at some cars... and well.... we kinda put a deposit on a Kermit...

What?  You don't know what a Kermit is?
Well I will have to show/tell you tomorrow!  nah na na na  *smiles*

Just bathed our baby:

ABOVE:  I took about 50 photos!  So be thankful I only posted 4, cos I thought they were all adorable!  Brylee is only too happy to help keep Emily safe and happy in the bath... OH and I gave Emily a massage after her bath and she moaned and groaned with DELIGHT the whole time!  It really was so funny!  The minute I stopped she screamed.   My hands were getting sore ... that's how long she wanted me to continue.

End of Day:  I'm quite tired.  NO Amanda, not a car for Steve!
Off to relax now, Emily is finally sound asleep. nite nite.

SUSAN from the UK:  I really don't have the energy to defend that comment .... just know that I have raised 8 kids and do know what the hell I am doing. 
OK... found some energy.... I think 'forced' was too strong a word... let's just say I 'encouraged/cajoled' her to have some food OK?


  1. Anonymous8:49 AM

    You didn't let us see your Apron!!
    Was wanting to see the fancy stitching!! Who cares if it's a little too big...I didn't know they could be too big!...debbie

  2. Leigh8:52 AM

    long darts like princess seams might work to fix the apron

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh cant wait to see the aprons and dresses...... we have fine drizzle here today and we sooooooooooo need rain.

  4. O yes, I would love to see the apron to.

    Poor baby - that is why it is called : "the hardest job a Mother will ever love".

  5. WHERE are the puppy photos YOU HOLD OUT you're waiting until they are walking and running proper I KNOW waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  6. Love the towel rack and where are our puppy photos especially of the wee girls lol.

  7. totally LOVED the pics of Em! espc the one with her looking so intensly at the chip :D

    Kermit.... A small car? For Steve?

  8. Yes I did get the photos thanks but we love seeing more on your blog lol

  9. Susan from UK9:22 PM

    Force feeding babies especially when they have a cold and probably teething is not the way to go!! You wouldn't like it so why should your GD like it? A little patience and gentle hugging is what's needed. Try it. It may surprise you.
    Susan from Southport, UK

  10. Anonymous9:46 PM

    You could have sued that shop if you had hurt your back! How do they expect people to buy the stuff if it isn't set up properly. A kermit would be a small green car? My cousin has one and calls it kermit. Love that photo of Emily looking a bit cross-eyed at the chip! That's how I unclog my vacuum cleaner hose, with a bit of garden hose! WOMBAT

  11. Emily is super cute! Love the bath photos :)
    as for Susan from the UK --> I have an 18 month old girl and sometimes yes you to have to be rather forceful to get some food into them. While they wont starve themselves, they also do not know exactly what they need. We will still do this to our little girl when needed, and she is still the most content, happy and intelligent being ever! As if patience isn't needed for that...and who said cuddles were not also given. Give someone some credit here, its a blog not a place for (grand)parenting techniques. Geez

    Go strong are a busy and dedicated woman to your family, many people could learn a lot off you!

  12. Ooh I knew someone would get all poopy when you said you forced Emily to eat - do they not think that getting some food & drink into her is what she needed & if she read your blog regularly she would know that there is ni shortage if hugs for that wee girl.

    Can't wait to see the hoo ha about feeding her a chip "gasp" with sweet & sour sauce - oh the horror!!! Giving my kids heapa of different foods at a young age is why they eat pretty much anything. My Mother still can't believe they were eating olives & blue cheese at a few years old.

  13. Can't wait to see the girl's dress. I am sure it will be fabulous.

    Those pictures of the bath are priceless! Brylee obviously was having a good time as well as wee Emily.

  14. Isn't it predictable that people try to tell you how to parent? I believe parenting is totally an individual thing, and unless the child is in mortal danger, then butt out. Like the chip? Every kid eats fries. Show me one that doesn't and I'll show you a child deprived of experience, right?

    After raising 8 kids I'd think you'd know one or two things. If not, well, better quit now! haha.

    Hugs, you're doing a great job. xx

  15. Susan from Southport sound to me like a parent who reads a whole heap of baby books. These baby books are useful for 1st time mothers who need to know if they are doing OK. But for the rest of us well, we let common sense prevail and I imagine with all Chris's experience (8 kids) she could tell you a thing or two and possibly write her own baby manual and have enough info left over for Volume 2. What you wrote was very very rude.

  16. Ditto what Margie said!

    Emily is adorable - I loved the pictures of her looking at the chip, and the tub pictures are so sweet!


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