Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I just LOVE teasing you all! And WHO said my new wedding outfit was a dress??? Wasn't me.... but it could be! Or
Getting me hair coloured today... about time too! I have a good 3 inches of re-growth going on... NOT a good look I can assure you! Ikky.

On friday morning I go back and have my hair 'put up' in some sort of flash 'do' with the little flowers inter-twined... I hope it looks nice.

What else can I yabber about today? Hmmmm... might take the kids shopping again this afternoon.... I havn't been to the Dressmart they went to yesterday!

I'm looking at going to my Doctor's rooms and weighing in every week instead of going back to WW's.... I am so over WW's and hearing the same old stuff. Thinking about it anyway.

I have tried TWICE today to update, but blogger is being an arse. Hope it works this time.

I took the big kids to Sylvia Park this morning, then after they had shopped for 4 hours there I picked them up and took them and B & G to Manukau and left them all there so I could get me hair done.

Now home and got the dinner in the oven, then will get the washing in off the line... you know... ALL THE USUAL housewifey stuff.
ABOVE: the kids with TODAY'S shopping bags! They spent lots more today... shoes! Well, really expensive sneakers actually.
Feeling really famished.. been spot on with 'the diet' today... not slipped up once! Dinner will be chicken and salad... so no chance of being evil then either. woo hoo!
End of Day: I'm married to the best man in the whole world! He just folded and put away a week's worth of washing for me... I might just keep him! lol
nite nite.


  1. OK wedding OUTFIT then lol - yes I assumed a dress :-). Know what you mean about WW....I have just discovered a weightloss group here in Tauranga that you go to, to weigh in and pay a small amount and everyone just does there own weighloss program am thinking of joining that.

  2. Yes agree housework is a totally thankless job. Good luck witht the wedding can hardly wait to see your photos. Have a fun day in the warm sunshine.

  3. Anonymous7:32 AM

    You crack me up! You should add some dramatic music to your blog when you unveil your fabulous Mother of the Bride ensemble!

  4. Hey, if you can be motivated at the doctor's office, more power to you!! Or you could post on your blog and motivate yourself like that. I'm betting you will look great in the "outfit" with flowers and stuff.

  5. Why don't you start your own? Put some notices up and just meet up once a week at someone's house for a weigh in and a laugh with friends! Even incorporate a walking group....just whoever has the time and can walk at certain times/places around the area. That way you could get to meet some people and get fit at the same time! You are always looking for something to do.....I know!!

  6. Anonymous9:10 AM

    And don't forget the birthday present!

  7. Happy New Year. Can't believe I've been away for so long.

    Gosh the wedding has come around fast. Looking forward to the big "reveal". You are a tease you ole tart.

  8. What a cute button...

    Yeah ... I hear what you're saying about WW. I ended up really frustrated with the same old thing and the negativity from many of the people that were at the meetings. Plus they put their prices up.

    I need a program/group where the focus is not on food, but on exercise and eating healthy..

  9. nice button on the wedding outfit* lol
    enjoy your timeout today while being tidied up lol
    I havent joined ww just done it on my own with their books and lost 30 kgs but have put a bit too much back on so need to get going tis time in 09#

  10. Hi Chris!!
    0o0o Dressmart I am off the the one in Welly today LOVE IT looking for some new running shoes.
    Wedding outfit looks very pretty.
    0oOo 3 inches of re-growth I know that feeling, was like that before my last hair dying.
    Enjoy some pampering time at the hairdresser. Hope the house isn't to busy with all the extras there etc etc.


  11. I feel ya Chris. I know they tell you that you lose more weight by going to the meetings, but I for one am just doing ww on my own. I was tired of paying the money to hear the exact same stuff. Good luck, and have a great time at the wedding!

  12. Good luck. Still sticking with my plan. Will keep you posted.

  13. You lot will all have to join up with Shopoholics anon soon!!!
    Hope you are havng a gr8 start to the new year...

  14. Hi there, happy new year if I havent wished you already, good decision about weighing in at the Dr. I see WW has a new plan?? oh well they have to keep us interested eh?


  15. Anonymous11:26 PM

    The doctors is a great idea! You can't hide when it is that personal!!!

  16. Stew does laundry, too? So does D, except he throws all the reds and whites and fuzzy things together and then runs the machine.


  17. Heyyy... have left you a blog trinket at my place. Stop by and say HI!

  18. You are keeping us all in suspense. I can hardly stand it!

    Can you loan Stew out to come here and fold my laundry? Or maybe to actually do my laundry in the first place?

  19. I hate regrowth! Argh! I have it too right now and it's ugly. When I get back from the study, it's the first thing I'm doing for sure.


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