Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today so far has been bit of a smorgasboard... town for a wander around, some home maintenance (Stew hanging towel holders, loo paper holders, hanging mirrors etc) and visiting a friend.

Stew is right now down at the beach with B & G in the RAIN.. pity the poor man, but the kids insisted on going for a swim, even though it was raining. GREAT, at least I am not expected to stay and watch them in the rain.

Teddy has been scratching his face for the past few days so I have to pop into the local Vet's for another thingee to put around his neck to stop him. He sure has sensitive skin... AND the little bugger went on a hunger strike too... so we went to the supermarket to find something different to try and tempt him to eat. He loves tinned food it would appear, he ate so much his belly was rather distended!

What else? Well I went and forgot to bring my camera down didn't I? So no photos today... SORRY. And the neighbour must have gotten a hint (don't know who from) but he's been tying his dog up ... so I am not quite so terrified at the moment. But we will definitely do something about fencing soon....

I really miss my internet! My ability to check out all the blogs, catch up with who's doing what! I am ISOLATED here! Sure I could spend 2-3 hours here in the Internet Cafe... but I don't think Stew would be too impressed with me! It is afterall, a FAMILY holiday.


End of Day: another day at the beach... counting down till I can go home really! I am a sad git. Most people would give their eye teeth to be here... I am spoilt I guess.

But in saying that, this place is just like 'coming home' for me... it is the place our family has been coming to for our holidays for 40 years! I have hardly been anywhere else in fact, unless you count a couple of trips to Australia. So, it's not NEW AND EXCITING for me. I walk down the street and see the same people I have known for 40 years, the same shops, the same beach. I was even living here when I met Stew, he worked here too. So there ya go, my reason for NOT being that wrapt in being here.

So you buggers who envy me can just get over it...I am not an ungrateful bitch, just a 'been here, done that' for 40 years already, bitch!
nite nite.


  1. Even though it's not new and exciting - relax and end enjoy!

    I don't like the sound of that dog, glad to hear it's tied up!

  2. I'm glad your neighbours are doing something about the pit bull. Your vacation sounds a bit frazzled there. Hope things look up soon (hugs)!

  3. You'll be home soon anyway, right? I hope you have some fun at the beach. I know what you mean though....it would be nice to go somewhere you have never been...it's soothing to the soul or gives you some sort of adventure I guess.
    I would kill for some warm weather as I'm sick of winter! ha.

  4. aawww poor Teddy. Glad the neighbours tied their dog up. I'm shit scared of pitt bulls too. Horrid dogs. Enjoy your break.

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    I miss you leaving comments too! Hurry home!

  6. LOL ... So does that mean you plan to do it for another 40 years???

    Make the most of the sun and surf mate, you'll be back home before you know it.

  7. you didnt bring your camera?

    if you arent going to take this blogging thing seriously, you can be replaced you know!

  8. I am jealous, I love the beach, we go every Mothers Day to Port Royal in Corpus Christi. I am sure it is not near as beautiful as where you are at..um well how would I know, no pics!!! Enjoy your holiday and think of us, and no your not ungrateful. On the dog subject, I do not blame you one bit. They are not allowed on Post here and there have been a few maulings by that breed here in the last couple of years, even the ones that are pets have that instinct to attack. Enjoy your time at the beach!

  9. Dear me I do hope you survive you vacation. Too bad about the rain. Have fun.

  10. Anonymous10:13 AM

    I'm glad you are all having a lovely relaxing break. just think you wouldn't be doing that at home.. you'd be shopping! I read one comment about some pitbulls being nice dogs, so was Loren's pitbull until that day! Total change of personality because old dog had a biscuit. I'm glad the neighbours have tied it up. Hope it's stopped raining.. it's been absolutely gorgeous MOST days in Palmy.

  11. I can't believe you forgot the camera!!!!!! You must feel naked.

    Only two more sleeps and you'll be home and then the kids will be back to school soon.


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