Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I have to go to the hospital for a round of blood tests to try and determine WHY I hemorrhage so badly during/after surgeries.

This is very important because the last time it happened I nearly died... NO SHIT, I really did! Twice even!

So, while I totally HATE needles, I want this done so I don't have to go through anything like what happened in June ever again.

Yesterday I bought a large whiteboard to do SUDOKU puzzles on, Stew and I were stumped with one out of the Herald newspaper for 6 days...

But I am proud to say I solved it ! The black numbers were the numbers 'provided', the rest I did. It was very very hard, so I'm chuffed that I got it out.

Nola the TART showed me a sunlounger she thought would be PERFECT for me!
I think I better think twice before bitching about me boobs again! And mine are NOT that big!
Now that you are over laughing.. I suppose I better get a move on, my appointment at the hospital is at 10 am.....
Hospital appointment was AWFUL! The nurse took bloody ages to get all the blood they needed, and it HURT! I am a sook, I know. I went feeling fine, left with a horrible stress headache that has stayed with me all day.
After the hospital visit we caught a train into Sylvia Park Mall.. where I proceeded to buy some cute fish for the outside fence.... we had a late morning tea there then caught another train right into the City Centre...
We 'did' Queen Street, had lunch (at 3pm!) ... I found the MOST GORGEOUS Sapphire and diamond ring too! It's ONLY $3000 more than we can afford really! *sigh*
Home now, about to take a pill for the headache, which probably won't help though.. I got a call from the hospital this afternoon asking me to ring them... I will wait till tomorrow to do that! I don't need to hear anything right now. I will scream holy blue murder if they need more blood from me!
End of Day: one of those long, interesting days.. lots and lots of walking! So maybe won't go on the treadmill/exercycle tonight! I'M TIRED! nite nite.


  1. Those are some BIG tatas!!

  2. WOW...you'd definitely see her tatas, coming round the corner, before you saw her!! :-)

    Bummer on the blood tests. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a simple answer..

  3. good for you doing SUDOKU. i could never figure it out.

    I tagged/awarded you. Come and see

  4. LOL....I thought it was fantastic!! They should also make massage tables like that...and maybe one that accommodates big beer guts!! he, he

  5. That photo makes me feel better about mine!

    Good luck today:-)

    What a good idea with the whiteboard for the puzzles, love doing them as well.

  6. Mine aren't that big either, but I will definitely try to make me a homemade booblounger!

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Nup - sorry - not over laughing yet!

  8. hope they figure out the bleeding issues my mother has that problem as well.
    Giggles at the louger that photo has made the rounds several time but its always funny! my poor B LONGs would not look like that hanging through there LOL

  9. Hope your appointment went well hun x

  10. Anonymous2:00 PM

    the whiteboard is a brilliant idea. I love Sudoku.. it's the last thing I do at night before I go to sleep ... what else?

  11. I would love that sun lounger, with two hot men lying underneath with energizer tongues!!! LOL!!

  12. i hope everything goes well at the doctors...

  13. Oh my goodness. Now that's an interesting chair. Someone should taka a photo with a guy on it.

    Good luck on your tests. I hope they find out what's the problem.

  14. I hope you don't have to give more blood! Did you layby or buy the ring....or just drool all over it?

  15. I used to love wandering around Queen St. There was a neat arcade down near the end of it and another one towards the top. Lots of nice little coffee lounges, etc as well.

    Is the pie cart still there? It used to be parked down towards the bottom.

  16. Sorry you had such a stressful day. Hope the hospital doesn't want you to return.

  17. Oh don't you just love sudoku? I REFUSE to let them beat me ... lol. Hope the blood results find the answers.


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