Tuesday, January 13, 2009


( "Doodle Art" courtesy of Rick over at http://organizeddoodles.blogspot.com/)

Today I am going to do it... I am doing my first weigh in of the year... it will not be pretty, it will be embarrassing, I will feel like crap... BUT I will do it. I'm going to my doctor, and I will set up a regular weekly time to go in there and jump on the scales.. no more piss arse'ing around.

ACCOUNTABILITY is mine, all mine, and I will do it this year and keep it off! I will be a healthy weight, I will be fitter then ever before and I will be HAPPY.

I know you poor buggers have heard it all before, I know.... but if we didn't keep trying we might as well just give up and gorge ourselves into an early grave eh? I for one am NOT ready to do that.

I must get Stew on board too, he has to STOP buying ice-cream for the kids (I eat it), he has to stop agreeing to take-aways when I am feeling lazy... and I have to resist throttling him when he does not go and get me yummy stuff when I want it!

ONWARD... my appointment is at 11 am... need to do a few jobs first before I rock on up to those bloody scales!

It's DONE... I stood on the scales in front of my doctor... and have arranged to go in every tuesday and weigh in ... ACCOUNTABILITY.

The doctor is nice, but a dork. He gave me this huge lecture on 'good brain' vs. 'bad brain'.. .. and all that shit which I already know.. but I listened, nodded my head ....then told him he was a friggin dork! Like I didn't already KNOW ALL THAT MATE. He must be getting used to me cos he just laughed at me. pfffffft.

Anyway, I'm happy.... I have GAINED 3 kilos in the last couple of months.. no excuses really.... but the thing is I am on track now to shifting it, and HOPEFULLY learning how to keep it off forever! It is all in the BRAIN (yes Dr. I bloody know this)....

The kids and I did a few jobs in town and are now enjoying a nice quiet afternoon at home. These kids really are good ya know... sure they fight sometimes, but on a whole they are lovely kids. I can grumble about Griffin's behaviour (often) but when it suits him he's excellent. He must have decided to be BLOODY EXCELLENT today cos he was delightful while we were out! He even SAT outside a shop while I went in cos it was a china shop! lol..... he really is like a bull in a china shop sometimes! BUT NOT TODAY.

I'm feeling really happy, maybe because I faced the music (again) and am really going to give it my all?

LYNDA: No number mate, I am accoutable to myself and the Doctor... that is enough of being honest for me! If and when I am really happy/comfortable with myself and the 'number' I will divulge, but not right now. I am ashamed enough as it is.

End of Day: breathing a sigh of relief I did it! Been EXCELLENT all day too.... no slip ups whatsoever. nite nite.


  1. Good luck.... :-)

  2. Good luck withy the weigh in !!!

  3. Good luck and may the force be with you, got on the scales yesterday :( not good still waiting for the ww pack to arrive so I can begin with avengence lol

  4. Good Luck!
    I just bought 2 cases of Slim Fast ...2009 WILL be the year of a slimmer Sue!

  5. What? You're not looking forward to your weigh in?

    The doodle looks great here. I appreciate the "heads up." The link is not require, but ALWAYS appreciated.

    Good luck. Keep your chin up. (It hides the double.)

  6. Ohhhh, I know what you mean. I am on a diet and I'm working out with Wii Fit. It's awesome! Plus it works and I can work out from home. :) Girl, don't feel so bad about having to lose weight. You have some killer eyes. I don't even have that. People probably look at your eyes and they just melt and give you whatever you want. "Oh, you want a 90% disount on that designer jacket? It's yours girl".

  7. Good luck Chris - facing up is a huge step, but I bet it will be a relief once you've done it! I feel exactly the same in that if we don't keep trying etc... I'm another one that is never not going to try!

  8. Good luck with the weigh in, I think doing it at your doctors is excellent - I wasn't aware you could do it on a regular basis.

    Naturally Slim shakes are nice, I have tried maybe 3 others and couldn't stand them but these are quite good. I do admit to drinking them in one or two gulps which I think helps but there isn't the after taste with these as there are with others. Jo got me onto them.

  9. Good luck for the weigh in Chris - am sure it won't be that bad!

  10. dont let it get to you. good luck!

    its a hard road but you CAN do it..

  11. Good luck at the Dr's today, I'm sure it will go well, even though you won't like what the scales say! You have to start somewhere eh girl :)

  12. Good on you Chris go get on those scales and remember they are just a tool.

    I think you are right what do we achieve if we give up??? Nothing that can't be any better than trying I am sure.

    I used to throttle Phil if he wouldnt get me things, he now just goes ok, I will get it but you have to go for a walk first.. I am like "booooo" and then have something healthier than the first thing I wanted, saying this that wanting has nearly stopped. Why don't you stock pile the ww ice creams they are nice enough and small serve so you don't miss out.. or is it that you just nibble away at the ice cream and then its all gone so better off out of the house??
    Me I used to eat a 2 liter in 2 days (ice cream is one thing I loved).

    Hope all goes well.


  13. I won't say "good luck" as that implies we actually have no control over the results.. when I think we all know we do..

    Instead, I'll say I'm thinking of you, supporting you and most definitely encouraging you all the way..

    Have faith in yourself and you will be strong enough to face whatever the scales say today.


    you WERE on my list! #1, in fact! :)

  15. good luck.. you can do it!
    maybe we should set up a blog support group, where all have to weigh in each week, password protected.
    we should catch up this weekend.

    hope your smiling

  16. Hope it's not too bad Chris. I buy Josh ice-creams on sticks which come in packs of 8 or 10. I'm less inclined to eat one or if I do the point value or 'damage' isn't as bad as the tubs usually are.
    It helps if you have support at home.

  17. I feel your pain Chris. I had to go in for my annual exam today. I kept looking around to see who was standing on the scale with me. Unfortunately, there was only me. YIKES!

    I hope your appointment goes well. Stop my my blog when you get a chance, I gave you one of those silly little awards.

  18. Good luck Girlie. I sure hope your weigh in goes better than mine did...ugh. I hate scales!

  19. Be strong girl! we know you can. No more takeaways, no ice cream, no sneaking snacks and treats that are evil.
    Show us how good you are and how disciplined you can be!
    You have us all behind you, but YOU have to do it Chris!
    And we know you can.


  20. You go, girlie! No matter what the numbers are, they are only numbers. You are in the right frame of mind by thinking healthy. Just as long as you burn off more calories than you consume.

    Looks like you have a tremendous cheerleading squad here, with all of us wanting the best for you!

  21. We are going to be so hot by July Chris that those Aussie tarts won't know what hits them when they get off the plane!!

  22. you can do it chris you have proved that already so *just do it* lol
    no theres no giving up cause whats the use of a brown as body that you cant show off have a good day
    and by the time you get this it will be ova so hope it was ok

  23. Hope all goes well for you today.Whatever the scales say you know its up to you, so cheers and chin up

  24. Heres to a smaller year!
    Not just for you but for all of us!
    Weighbridge is this thursday night and I know I have gained between 2 & 3 kilos in the last 5 weeks... oops...
    Will give me something to do over the next couple of months now I guess... amazing how we can gain huge amounts quick but takes weeks and weeks to get it back off...
    At work now.. but coping ok.. tired and missing my freedom..

  25. Well you have done the deed, now it will be only down from here (weight)

  26. And the number for your start weight is? I'm waiting for it... Are going to add this to your sidebar? I think it certainly helps with accountability :) Your call though.

  27. way to go!!!! You ROCK!

  28. From here on in Chris, just think each day a little bit of you is going to disappear.

    You can do it. You know you can.

  29. good on you Chris for making that first step. Isn't it great when the kids are being good it makes life easier. i am pretty lucky too with my girls.
    Keep up the good work i hope stew follows it helps having someone to do it with.Darren has been a great support.

  30. No worries - I misunderstood your list. Obviously it is for your loss each week. I was thinking you'd put your start weight. Whatever works - it is hard but you can do it.

  31. Go you, you sound really motivated at the moment. Your kids are great, I loved meeting them, and I thought they were both adorable. Didn't Brylee look lovely at the wedding (as you did too of course!).

  32. Sounds like a great plan. I am not shouting my number from the roof tops either, not comfortable at all!

    I didn't get a chance to comments on the wedding pics either, you and your daughters looked stunning. Amanda was a beautiful bride and you looked very sophisticated in your outfit. Your other daughter, Kelly, looks like she has your eyes- very pretty girl. You must have been really proud.

  33. Good for you....You have taken the 1st step to gaining back your life :O)

  34. Sounds like a good day, don't stress too much about the weigh in - you'll get there and you know it.

    The wedding photos are beautiful by the way. I love your outfit.

  35. Good on you for going and being accountable to your Dr.

  36. Good on you, faced the music and it wasn't to bad!

  37. I' m right there with you. Good luck and much success! You can do it.

  38. Well done Chris - not surprising that it's made you feel better. I mean you can't REALLY start until you have a starting number, regardless of how bad it makes you feel. Look forward to following your journey, gotta love that accountability.

  39. Just getting caught up on all the excitement in your life. Love the outfit and handbag. Everyone looked devine. Glad to hear all went well. All the best to the happy couple.

    Good for you getting accountability to help you out all the best. Keep strong you can do it. Take care.


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