Monday, January 12, 2009


The morning of the wedding I realised I didn't have a white handbag to use at the wedding... you know, the one that holds ya lipstick, phone, tissues etc! So I asked Stew to go buy me one while I was getting me hair done.... BUT HE DIDN'T. So I ended up using this:

Can you picture it? Me, getting me 'handbag' out to use me lippy... and having to explain to me friends why I was using a plastic bag? DOH.... lucky I'm not THAT fussy!

So anyway, yesterday I dragged Stew out to the shops to buy a WHITE handbag, for future use... and this is it:

Very cute, just the right size to fit all the essentials.

- Stew back to work
- Steve, Mike and Abby back to Palmerston North

Me? Lots of housework, amusing the kids and catching up on blogs!

This is the one photo of the wedding I love the most.

Stew walking his daughter down the 'aisle'.
ONWARD... stuff to do!

Abby, Mike and Steve, ready to go home to Palmy

PHEW!!! Disaster averted... Mike ALMOST forgot his hair straightener....

Now I'm just showing off!
Mike and Steve.
*sigh*.. now I have to get me butt off this computer chair and get stuck into the housework...
I've spent most of today so far doing housework, in between reading blogs!
AND I got a visit from the lovely Lynise (private Blogger) who is going to babysit for us on thursday night so we can go out to dinner... JUST THE TWO OF US! Woooo hooo! That should be blissful.
It was nice to get a visitor ... lucky for her I wasn't naked working on me tan! lol.. it is quite cloudy today.... and a nice temperature too. Not too hot.
End of Day: another lovely day.... made even better by the ability to get all the washing out/in, folded and put away! AWESOME. nite nite.


  1. Definately like the new white handbag better than the plastic one >>> LOL, ya dork!

    Beautiful photo's of the wedding, Amanda looked radiant and I nearly didn't recognise Kelly with her new 'blonde' hair (last time I seen her she was light brown).

    Rena is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Tried to email you several photos last nite, but it told me it was having probs sending...
    There are pics on my bebo and facebook accs if you wana see some nice ones. If you wana leave us messages text Andrews phone, or leave them on bebo, facebook or email. Sent you new email address last nite too.

  3. What a lovely photo and love the bag..... Have a great day :-)

  4. What a wonderul wedding!! The pictures were gorgeous. How did ya get so many good looking people in one family!! Brylee looked so sweet. Thanks for sharing..

    PS. I am going to start blogging again so see ya soon! ;)~

  5. Gorgeous photos and a beautiful bride! LOL - mother of the bride with a plastic bag!!

  6. Lovely wedding photos,theres always something special when a father walks his daughter down the aisle.

    Love the bag!

  7. cool hand bag ... love the pic of stew walking his baby down the isle... and mike is way too cute for his own good...

  8. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Beautiful photos Chris. What a wicked day for you all. Everyone looks so happy and proud Dad huh. Gorgeous photo. You and your Munns bag... could only be you haha. All in all lots of fun and that's the important bit.

  9. Gorgeous family - gorgeous photos!

  10. That is a cute handbag! My stuff would NEVER fit though. LOL.

  11. What a beautiful bride. Love the handbag. : )

  12. Woah - Steve is a hottie!!!

  13. LOL "The Man's Store." You should explain this is why you don't send men out to do your shopping. Tell anyone who gives you a sidelong glance that that white bag cost $45 at "The Man's Store."

  14. They are two very handsome boys!!
    I'm thinking the first bag shouldn't be thrown away....surely it will go with another outfit?!

  15. I love the new handbag. The plastic one was a crack up!

    You are so funny with Mike and the hair straightener! Ha!

  16. Why is it men forget the most important things hehe.
    You all look so happy in the photos it must have been a beautiful day for your whole family.

    How many more do you need to marry off now??

    Take care hope you are doing ok with all the house work ohh yay !!

  17. Cute purse!

    Jessica straightens her boyfriends hair every time he comes over lol.


    Hey sweetie

    I have opened a new blog.


    PS Steve is a cutie - if I wasnt married and a few years older ........

  19. What a gorgeous family you have! Your boys have your eyes. :-)

  20. Anonymous1:14 AM

    That bag is bloody adorable!

  21. Great pictures of the wedding!

  22. Nice handbag ...much nicer than the plastic one :-)

    That's a wonderful photo of Stew walking his daughter to this new phase of her life ...

  23. Mike and Steve have different hair styles, but otherwise they could be twins.

  24. What a lovely wedding ... but to be honest I found your site when I was looking for wedding disaster stories ... and you seem to have averted yours! Unfortunately we were not so lucky ... take a look at our story on to see that you got off very lightly.

    Greg from Howick.