Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday my Doctor said:

"Exercise will NOT help you lose weight, only eating less will"

Ummmm... I have always thought (and been told), that exercise and eating less was conducive to loosing weight!

My new Doctor is really nice, but he is such a DORK. He is a Lecturing Professor at the University / Medical School, so is very "HIGH BROW" and intellectual. He is, I reckon, more conversant with the theoretical than the practical. So I reckon our relationship is going to be very interesting! God help him if he INSISTS I have to drink bloody water in order to lose weight!!! I think I will win on that score!

Anyway... while you ponder this... I will go and hang out the bloody washing OK?.... don't envy me now will ya? lol

I added 'something' to my blog page... who can pick it????

First thing this morning, this is what greeted me at the door:

I looked at Teddy...

And the little shit dropped his ears and tail and skuttled real fast into his kennel.
He is in the sin bin. I have rearranged the dog fencing so he can't do it again. He will learn not to be so naughty!
UPON REFECTION... I concede my Dr has a point.. and CLAIRE too.... if you rely on exercise to loose weight .. it won't work long term cos what happens if/when you CAN'T exercise? I have found out in the last 2 years (due to having a few operations and becoming severely anemic!).. you gain weight! You have to learn to eat less, eat well and exercise! Not rocket science is it??? I'm working on it....
Lessons I have learnt over the past 5 years:
- I was Super Morbidly Obese
- I learnt that cutting the calories and getting moderate exercise resulted in a loss of 61 kilos
- I learnt that if you exercised like a demon you could maintain that loss while letting the calories increase
- I learnt that if you got ill and didn't exercise, but continued to increase the calories you gained weight
- I learnt that it sucks to have to start again, but it is worth it, cos I have LEARNT what works and what DOES NOT.
I'm sorry today's post has been so 'weight' focused, but I am totally feeling like crap today... I HATE THE SCALES, I HATE MYSELF....
End of day: well it has been a beautiful day here, fine and hot all day... my mood has been very up and down.... typical woman eh? nite nite.


  1. Big Boobs do not.....?? lol

  2. found it - Diet Coke rocks - big boobs do not!

  3. Good girl with your addition to the page!! About exercise I do actually agree with him in that exercise alone will not cause you to lose weight. Where exercise comes in (in my opinion) is in preventing a plateau. It keeps your metabolism up. Food is still the most important factor for me. Good luck and if you want to get together, let me know.

  4. Oh and the something you added was how much you had gained...

  5. Oh, I was going to guess the counter. And under height, you're 1.6 CM tall?!! You sure you don't mean meters???

  6. The big boobs do not comment? lol.

  7. know what they say??
    Some men think that more than a mouthful is a waste....BUT.....others like to hang onto their fruit while they eat it!!!!!

  8. Well thats interesting huh? He might have a small point, Im not doing anything at the moment but following a clean eating plan and the weight is dropping each day?

    I do reckon tho, you need exercise to help with the tone and shape of yourself? I think if I got off my lazy ass I would assist in the weightloss and start to look a bit fitter?? Probably just toned?

    Ahh who knows, I hate exercise and just can't get motivated to move!!!

  9. Big boobies!!!

    Well I have to disagree with the Dr exercise and dieting together speed up the weightloss and tone the body. Exercise alone wont do it, dieting will (if your prepared to starve yourself) but you get flabby skin as I am finding because I'm not exercising.

    Also I'm more a practical person than theoretical, so can understand your concerns.Nothing beat hands on experience rather than text book rhetoric.

  10. HI Chris,

    I agree with your Doctor, its all about food... But I do wonder if he means just weight loss not maintanice, wanna ask him what you do when you get to our ideal weight to keep it off hahaha :) pretty please I just wanna see what he says more than anything.

    Yes big boobs do suck, must say I have gone from a 24 E to a 16 dd a lot nicer and easier to manage.. ohh and fit clothes.

    Hope all is well in the "diet coke rocks" home today.

  11. What sort of stupid barstard doctor thinks that exercise won't help you lose weight??? It's simple, expend more energy than you take in and you will lose weight.

  12. Well on one of those diets!%^% "Sure something"they say you dont have to exercise and people who are in wheelchairs have lost weight without exercising, go figure just more information to stifle the brain. Oh and BTW your page shows up as blank this moring, no heading no sidebar????

  13. OK so I got it wrong.. it was the big boobs thingy - totally agree with you there!!!

  14. OMG, that cracks me up..BIG BOOBS DO NOT..hahahaha

    ok, I just heard on the news exactly what your doctor told you. They say that a recent study shows that most of the weight came of with diet and not excercise...I hate this is good news for me.

  15. The words about big boobs and the lovely smiley photo. I wish your new Dr all the best!! He is going to need it with you. LOL. Perhaps you will even bring him 'down to earth' LOL
    Oooops ...poor Teddy LOL
    Hugs :)

  16. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Big boobs don't rock but they sure swing girl. Shame I've never known what that feels like and especially now when one is a fake!! I have to pick it up and put it in the right place haha. TMI

    Good luck to the Doc!

  17. hey chicken.
    I love my exercise, especially squash because it is fun and social.

    If you sign up with 'fat secret' let me know then I can add you as a buddy.

    this is our year!!! and we will be below 100 by the end of the year.!! :)

  18. Big Boobs! You crack me up! My 17 year old wants to make hers smaller! Have you ever heard of such a thing? She got them from grandma, not me, and she's having trouble learning to play the guitar (they get in the way).

    Poor Teddy! But your picture says it all. They sure know when they've screwed up, don't they?

    I think you need both exercise and diet, especially at our sensitive age. And, for those of us who have been successful WITH OUR FOOD PLAN.......or NOT, the two balance each other out.

    Thanks for stopping by, and yes, the friends will leave because Ed knows that if they don't, she will never see the light of day again.

  19. Doctors can be so whacked...hmmm...Keep exercising girl-if done correctly it will help...but you already know that
    But watch out for that water!

  20. I agree with the doc to a point. Eating less alone with make you lose weight. Eating and exercising will probably make you lose it more quickly (depending on food intake). What if you are relying on exercise to lose weight, and then you get injured? All the weight comes back on, because you didn't learn to eat for your activity level.

    So, though I think exercise is definitely a good thing, it should not be required to lose weight, if we do it right. Exercise will help tone, and God knows my flabby ass needs it.

  21. Anonymous12:32 PM

    The way I understand it is you've got to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. One pound = 3,500 calories. Simple as that.

    Of course, it SOUNDS simple, but actually DOING it is different. I'm struggling so hard right now to lose weight!

  22. Teddy.....makes me laugh. How could you be upset with a face like that :O)

  23. Awwww poor Teddy. He looks so guilty - LOL!!

    I want to believe that exercise doesn't make you lose weight. I'm not a big fan either!!!

  24. Hell, bring on the weight related entries!!!! Don't apoligise for them.

  25. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Hey mum! We off to bora bora very soon! :-)

  26. Lol, poor Teddy in the dogbox.

    You're right. For some people food and smaller portions is the answer. I have great intentions with exercise, but can't always do it. For those that do exercise the loss is quicker. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    Hope your crap day p***es off and you have a good one tomorrow.

  27. Chris,

    I read somewhere that it's 70% diet and 30% exercise. The thing with exercise is that there's HUGE benefits to being active apart from losing weight. Decreased blood pressure, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and the list goes on mate.


  28. Nahhh...don't hate yourself. Except for the fact that the only reason Teddy did that is because he needs new toys!!!! Get down to the shops and get him one of those kong ones that you hide food in...that will keep him busy:)
    My friend has a little dog like Teddy and she puts chicken necks into one of those plastic cream bottles and fills it with water as well, then freezes it. Then on hot days she throws it to the dog....he spends hours munching and chewing trying to get the chicken necks out!!

  29. Aww dont hate yourself...youll be fine, oh and your blog is looking back to normal now, must have been a glitch.

  30. its all down from here chris hope your day got better

  31. LMAO @ big boobs do not!

    Try putting a positive slant on your thinking - you've done it before so you KNOW you can do it - and you WILL do it again!

    Oh what a naughty boy Teddy is ... lol ... I need to send my 2 year old to you so you can teach him a thing or two about discipline, i'm too damn soft on him.

  32. Still not 100% sure if I can come over.... fingers crossed .... but I will hold you to that 10kilos ...

  33. Thanks... are you sure you could put up with us?....You know how hard I am to feed with this coeliac disease (gluten intollerance) etc... I have to do yet another elimination diet.. dr thinks I have a possible animes / salycilate / glutemate intollerances too!! If so eating while travelling is going to be bloody hard!!! Shoot me now!
    Still thinking about it tho!!!

  34. hehehehe found it !! Love it....

    Hope Tedy is out of the sin bin now......

  35. I agree that your doctor is a dork!

  36. Anonymous4:33 AM

    I wish exercise alone was enough.... I love the exercise part!

    Your pup is too adorable! I don't think I could get mad at that little face! Ha!

  37. Anonymous4:45 AM

    I haven't been able to blog much the last week but I wanted to come see if you had pictures of the wedding up... How lovely! You have got such beautiful children! You looked wonderful in your outfit!

    Weight stuff... right there with ya on that!

    Teddy is adorable!!!

  38. Do beleive it is a fine balance of food and exercise. Most important being consistent with all of the above. Hope your spirits are doing better tomorrow/today whenever you get around to reading this. One day at a time, you can get there. All the best.

  39. I am still battling.. I hate food ...

    I ran on my treadmill for two weeks.. and watched what I ate.. nothing..NOTHING!
    I ran for 40 minutes... sometimes an hour... but nothing.. so I've been bingeing for 4 days.


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