Monday, January 26, 2009


Don't get excited! The shopping will be for new vege plants! We have had to pull out all the lettuces that were left in the garden, they went to seed!
And I want to get some more spinach, parsley and other vege plants too. We have lots of room for more, and it's so much fun growing them!

Brylee and Griffin need new sandals for school.... sheesh their feet grow so fast! Brylee got new sandals only 6 weeks ago and they are already falling apart. Pffffft.

I want to get a small whiteboard to nut out SUDOKU puzzles on too... I'm hooked on the darn things! I like to wind down in the evening by getting one figured out! I go to bed a winner then! lol

Also today I am going to write some ideas down for my 'new' workout routine, and try and get the exercise equipment arranged in the garage to my satisfaction, so I am happy to go down there! If you ain't 'comfortable' in the surroundings you are not going to go there eh? It has to be just right!

Today hasn't gone to plan yet.... we just got out to do the shopping and we got a phone call from Kelly (daughter No# 3) that she was arriving early so we had to go home....
WE had a lovely visit with her, baby Rena, Leigh and our son Russel's step-daughter who is visiting from Australia.... (complicated family lol).

Anyway, once they left we decided to lie in the sun for a while and play in the paddle pools:

Give this boy water and he's as happy as a sand boy! Me too come to think of it!
We are NOW finally off to do the grocery shopping.... I think the vege plant shopping will have to wait till tomorrow now.

Exercise today: 15 minutes exercycle, 10 mins treadmill... it's a start. Food: spot on!

End of Day: we finally got the grocery shopping done. I lay in the sun for 2.5 hours.... ya can't tell. Typical. Not looking forward to tomorrow.... nite nite.


  1. Sometimes I get so frustrated at those puzzles lol. My daughter had some online site that I used to play them on and it was fun.

  2. Good luck setting out the new exercise routine.

    Our lettuces all went to seed as well, piles of other veges. You are right, it's fun growing your own.

  3. K, I'm blind.. when I first read that... I thought it said...
    Vegas! Shopping..

  4. I demand to see what "lettuce seed" looks like.

    And six week old sandals destroyed? I'd be mad and bring 'em back.

  5. I just adore homegrown tomatoes. Love spinach too.

    I have resisted the temptation to Sudoku. I have too many other addictions, like the bloody blog world.

    have a great day.

  6. All the best with your veggie shopping and setting up a new exercise routine...

  7. Im glad you made it home friend. Your tomatoes are gorgeous. I can't wait until I can get some fresh tomatoes. Afraid we have to wait a few more months here.

    I got addicted to those puzzles a couple years ago. They are addictive aren't they?

  8. Soduko is now my husband's reason to get through the day - at work. He does the puzzle each day during his break in the afternoon and really looks forward to it.

    I have been walking and doing the weight routine from Oprah's magazine - I really am enjoying it.

  9. I thought it said Vegas as well.

    Sudoko - pfft they give me a headache. lol!

  10. Hey, Chris...I found the perfect sunlounger for's on my 2nd last post :)

  11. Good luck with your gym area. I love mine downstairs, I have a great view of my rainforest backyard, which makes up for the fact that it's not closed in and air conditioned. Good luck with your vegies. I always find things really hard to grow in our climate, things like lettuce go to seed very very quickly, before they've even matured properly.

  12. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I would like a big family too so that I can be constantly surrounded like you are.

  13. Glad to hear your travels went well and you arrived safe and sound. Good luck with the new routine. The tomatos look wonderful, our winter tomatos have not taste what so ever, I'm jealous. Just started getting into Sudoku, not a good puzzle to do before going to sleep, just keeps the mind going all night. All the best.

  14. I love suduko !! I have it on my cellphone and I also have a hand held one that I play with.

    Keep going with that'll feel so much better.

    I lost 3 pound this week !!! My new 'I'M NOT ON A DIET' thingy, seems to be working :-)


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