Monday, January 19, 2009


We are at the beach, it's the first time we have stayed in the 'little beach house' here... and WE LOVE IT!

Well ... I did until I learnt that the next door neighbours (locals) have a Pitt Bull Terrior... that is NOT FENCED, NOT ON A CHAIN... and seemingly can roam?

I am beside myself with FEAR and PANIC really! We have Teddy with us... I am scared shitless that dog will see Teddy and come over and eat him... or the kids.

I don't want to get 'offside' with the neighbours... I do not want to 'dob' them in for having a dog that is able to just come onto our property... so I'm looking at fencing options for our property today. I will not be happy there while it is so UNSAFE for my kids and Teddy (not to mention myself!).

I have a morbid fear of other people's dogs, and those sorts of dogs in particular! Dogs can sense this and I am no good at hiding it.

In every other respect, I am actually very happy to be here!
I didn't think I would be...
But I am! The house is just lovely....the kids love the beach, in fact they were in the water shortly after we arrived!

Some good news... the people here in the Internet Cafe reckon my digital camera WILL work with these computers, so maybe tomorrow I can put some PHOTOS on! yaaaa!

End of Day ... even if it's only 10.30 am.....ha ha ha.
Having a lovely time, being good with the diet today so far... but it's early! *smiles* nite nite.


  1. woo hoo for internet cafes. I'm with you on the dog thing. I would be petrified knowing it was allowed to roam. Hope you get fence sorted quick smart. :)

  2. I don't blame you Chris. I HATE pitbulls. My friend's 15 year old lovely dog was mauled to death by her daughter's 2 year old pitbull just before christmas. All over a biscuit and he broke through the glass on a sliding door to get into the house. Get that fence.. they should be put down!

  3. OKay...the dog thing would freak me out, too!!! =/ Have so much fun, though ... and I look forward to pics!!

  4. About the dog - it is 100% illegal for them to not fence the dog. Forget about being nice and realise that it could be your kids that are attacked. Seriously I am so sick of dog owners like this. I'm glad you are having a great time over there - we are back on Friday until Monday :)

  5. might be a nice dog. If it was a menace they wouldn't let it be free. I've met some very sweet pit bulls it's in how they are raised.

  6. I would be afraid too. I hope your find a safe solution to your problem.

  7. I am terrified of other dogs too. I get really nervous walking mine in case a dog like the one you talk about comes along and attacks them!! They are not too bad with people but are very bad with other dogs. I would not like it.....I would ring and dob if it was me!!!

  8. I understand your worrying, I'd be like a cat on a hot tim roof myself. Hope you get it sorted out so you can relax and enjoy yourselves.

  9. Everything sounds wonderful - except the free roaming dog, that is! I also have a fear of roaming dogs even though I do like dogs very much in general. You just never know if they are friendly or not!

  10. I hope you can put some pictures up! I would love to see the house. Can you get one of the dog?

  11. Anonymous6:45 AM

    You are very right to be cautious about that other dog! I'm glad y'all are having a good time and wish I could be at the beach!!! I am green with jealousy!

  12. Glad you're having a relatively good time, despite the perils of a pitt bull. I hope you get it resolved so you can relax and enjoy without fear of Teddy or the kids being dinner for Pitt

  13. Anonymous12:04 PM

    I would be scared of the dog too! Glad that we will be able to see some pics too!

  14. Pitt Bulls were known as Nanny Dogs for very good reason. They do not deserve the bad press that they get. I know you are probably scared of all other peoples large dogs and your neighbours should definitely fence their dog in.

    In the meantime keep teddy inside. Do not carry him anywhere (lifting your dog above another causes "domination" issues and could lead to you being attacked by any normally docile dog)

    Have fun!


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