Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today in my infinite wisdom I decided we should drive an hour to Whangamata for a look around... so we did.

BUT.... before we left I went into shop here in Whitianga that had some nice china etc in and bought two of these lovely vases:

The just looked so nice I couldn't resist them.
Then we went to Whangamata... where we had a good look around the shops. I saw a couple of really neat bowls that I ALMOST bought, but decided at the last second that I really didn't need them ... so I left them there! That has to be a first!
After a lovely lunch in a park Stew and the kids went down onto the beach for a couple of hours while I stayed at the car with Teddy and read a book.... If I wasn't so bloody self conscious about my weight I would have gone on the beach too... but instead I sulked in the car!
So instead of enjoying the place/beach I was miserable... if I needed any more incentive to lose weight and start enjoying my life again this holiday has been it! To be totally honest I have only enjoyed ONE day of this holiday and that was the day I stayed at the house and sunbathed on the back lawn ... where no one could see me.
OK ...pity party over ... I know what I have to do..... working on it.
Here's a couple of nice photos of Whangamata beach:
Like most east coast beaches, it is beautiful.
And this one is of the kids at the park in Whitianga yesterday:
End of Day: GOING HOME TOMORROW! We are going home via Coromandel... so should be nice. And hopefully we will miss most of the traffic heading back to Auckland after the long weekend!
nite nite.


  1. I so want to visit NZ oneday it looks so beautiful...Thanks for sharing :O)

    I totally understand how you feel about not going out on the beach and staying in the car.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    I have felt that way before--wanting to hide away--because of my body. But instead I found a cute suit that covers all of my flaws. I am still fat, that is obvious, but at least no one has to look at things I don't even want to look at. Nothing stops me from going to a beautiful beach and enjoying my family! Besides that there are usually at least two other people there who looke worse than I do! ;-) Love your blog--hope you had a great vacation!


  3. The only time I can remember my mom ever wearing a swim suit was when she was pregnant with my brother and one time when she lost a ton of weight (I wasn't actually there for that but saw a picture).

    So as a kid my mom never went to the pool with us, never went boating (and still hasn't), never went to the beach either. It's really sad that she never spent that time enjoying the water with us because she was so caught up with how she looked. When really if she would have just got in the water the only thing you can see is the shoulders!

  4. Beach looks spectacular! I hear you on the comfort thing about the beach - every year in summer I say this will be my last summer like this but this year I damn well mean it.

  5. Hey - don't worry about your weight. Get out there and live - life is too short to worry about what other people think or about what you look like. Also, if you get out and do things you will get more exercise and feel better!

  6. I am sorry you didn't enjoy the beach with the kids, it looked like something out of a movie. You are beautiful Chris, quit beating yourself up for gaining some weight! You are special to your family and friends. Who cares if you have a few extra pounds, your still more beautiful than most people, inside and out!

  7. That beach is calling my name!!!!

  8. that is one of the coolest vases i have ever seen!


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