Friday, January 16, 2009


To change her mind!

I went to dinner last night vowing NOT to have dessert eh?

Well.... not only did I have dessert... but I ordered:


Well they were so LITTLE.... honestly! See the size of the tumbler of water? Well the desserts were smaller than that.... we got two different types of ice cream (Stew LOVES ice cream) and a Creme Brulee'.... which was DELICIOUS! EDIT: No I did not eat all three on my own! We shared them with Stew eating most of the ice cream.
On a whole the dinner was just lovely, nice little suburban restaurant... excellent service... will no doubt go again!

After dinner Stew and I went for a little drive ... and NO, we did not 'park up' anywhere! Pffffft, the car is too small. lol

TODAY: much the same as yesterday I think. Am going to take my van into the Toyota Dealership and see what sort of trade they will give me for it...

I took it to the Holden Dealership yesterday and was shocked at how much they offered me for it! A bit of a rip off there! The tyres are worth more than they offered me! Maybe if the Dealerships won't give me a decent price I will try to sell it privately.

Anyway, I'm doing the homework now so we are in the know when the time is right.

Don't be fooled... it is NOT Berry flavoured Aqua Shot,
it's DIET COKE. What else do ya think I would be sipping on all day?
WE had a very restless night, it was so hot, then Brylee woke up in the middle of the night with diarrhea... WONDERFUL. So feeling very head achy and jaded...might just have to take a NANA NAP today!
JAXX: funnily enough, NO! Though I do tend to drink it fairly fast, so it isn't left sitting in the bottle too long!
ANNE: I had a chicken fettuccine dish, Stew had a seafood spaghetti one. Mine was really tasty, Stew's so-so.
It's been a fairly quiet day so far... I went to the Toyota Dealer, but the guy I spoke to was a prick so I won't be doing business with him again! Some men just don't know how to speak to a woman eh? PRICK.
ANYWAY.. food.. spot on still for the day.. feeling good about that.
NANA NAP - done.
Need to get this butt moving now... dinner, washing in, bla bla bla.
End of Day: we have had a lovely evening just
chillin watching the telly... corn on the cob for dinner which was a) healthy and b) low in calories ... so excellent! AND I resisted having anything evil afterwards. nite nite.


  1. drool.... been thinking on trading in my truck... doubt they will want to give what it is worth here either!

  2. Dealers will always offer heaps less than private I have a friend who got offered $4000 for his car through the dealer but sold it private for nearly $8000. Glad you had a great night and shit those desserts look yummy lol......

  3. Three desserts? Girl, I like your style :-D

  4. It sounds like a wonderful evening, Chris!!!

  5. Doesn't it go flat when you drink the diet coke like that????

  6. Yum - I LOVE creme brulee! Sounds like you had a lovely dinner! Enjoy your nana nap!

  7. The desserts look yum! Pleased to hear you had a lovely night:-)

  8. Those desserts look awesome! I'd like one of each right now!

  9. Mmmmm - those desserts look yummy! I wouldn't have been able to resist!

  10. Hey - Tagging you for a Meme:

    Don't hate me.

  11. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I thought Creme Brulee was french?!? WHo cares? It looks delicious!

  12. Ummm looks yummy! Hubby and I haven't went on a date in quite awhile.

  13. Meant to ask - what did you have for the main course?

  14. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Hey Chris! I've got something for you on my blog in the morning!

  15. Hey! somebody sipped out of that water glass-it's only 3/4 full! I'm guessing it was Stew though-LOL!
    Those sure look yummy-and the dinner sounded yum too! Nothing wrong with a little splurge once in a while ;-)

  16. OMG... creme brulee.... absolutely my favourite desert (just infront of cheesecake). I swear... if I had 3 creme brulle's in front of me - I'ld eat them all... they wouldn't even touch the sides!
    Gotta say... I love a woman who takes her camera to the restaurant and photographs the meals! lol.

  17. Don't worry about those desserts. We deserve a treat every once in awhile. Besides, you look great!

    Keep up the good work!

  18. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Your major award is up! LOL!

  19. The last time I needed a new vehicle we bought from the dealership where the man who came out looked at the hubs and I and said, "Who is writing the check?" and when I said me he ignored my hubby and took really good care of me. We went back there when hubs needed a car we got such good service.

    Sorry about the tag - forgive me please? ;)

  20. Glad to hear you had a nice date night. Sorry to hear the little one is feeling ill. Hope she is better today. Can't stand dealing with car salesmen. Happy weekend.

  21. The desserts look absolutely delicious! I hope you really enjoyed each and every one of them!

  22. LOL @ 3 desserts and there I was thinking that was just for you!!!

  23. Three desserts mean you are definitely a woman after my own heart.

  24. Great blog and I think I'm going to try to disguise my Diet Coke, too. Hate it when people nag me about it. I'm like, "Hey, at least it's not Budweiser!"


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