Wednesday, January 21, 2009


DAYTRIPPIN... we went to several places today, had lunch at a lovely beach cafe in Matarangi, Stew and the kids had a long swim and play on the beach at Whangapoua (about 35 mins from Whitianga) while Teddy and I lazed on the grass under a tree.
My niece Maxine and her two children live here in Whitianga, so she has been visiting... the other day we were talking (as girls do) about what we kept in our handbags.. and I mentioned I had a flint in mine.... so silly TARTS that we are we just had to try and "make fire"... it was rather funny.

Here is Maxine trying to make fire, she DID NOT SUCCED.
I on the other hand did. I am so clever... ha ha ha!

Here we have Nikale (5 year old boy) and Brandy (7 year old girl) with our Teddy. They are the cutest kids... I probably think that cos they ain't mine!

We only make beautiful children!

Here's the beach house from the front. It has two bedrooms and a lovely open plan lounge/dining/kitchen. A huge garage and a private back yard. One day we will extend it and add a big master bedroom on the top over the garage.

This is the lounge/dining room .... it's bigger than the one at home even!

This was Griffin last night... sound asleep in the most uncomfortable position, he was knackered from playing on the beach all afternoon.

Finally today I will leave you with this gorgeous photo of Stew and the kids on Whangapoua beach.

PMT: can ya still get it even when ya don't get a 'monthly' anymore? Cos I swear I have been in the foulest mood today! I was hating everything, right down to the sand on the beach today! Stew was so kind, trying to make me feel better, but I even hated the sound of his voice!

If I was my own best friend today, I'd even hate myself .... that's how shitty I feel.

End of Day: on that note I'm gunna go buy me some Bacardi and get pissed. Stew will be happy cos he usually gets lucky when I'm pissed. lol

nite nite.


  1. Great photos... I hope you got lucky... oh and yes, of course you still get PMT after a hysterectomy providing you still have your ovaries intact.

    The house looks great - have a good holiday, I can't wait til we are over!

  2. Sent you message tonight to put you at ease. It is normal. I had pms mood every month or few years, only ONe bad day though - crying, grumpy, pissed off.... yeah well, didn't do me any good. No one else knew haha. Now I'm just an OLD grouch all the time. Haha.. Gorgeous photos Chris...

  3. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Bacardi hey? now the secrets out!

  4. That does look like a beautiful home, Chris! I like the little swing by the beach, too. :]

  5. if they left your ovaries ... YES bastards should take them when they take the darn oven I say.

  6. oh and the beach is beautiful and the house wonderful and LOVE LOVE griffin sleeping ... Cory used to do things like that all twisted and contorted and upside down!

  7. That beach looks amazing.

    So funny how Griffin is sleeping!!

  8. Nice pictures, I knew your water was blue, ours is just not as pretty on the Gulf Coast. Yes, I believe you can still get in that mood, I have been feeling that way for about a week. Funny pissed over here means mad, angry, not tipsy, I like your meaning much better! Enjoy the view it is BEAUTIFUL!

  9. sounds like such a fun day!

    ...and, why do you randomly keep flint in your purse??

  10. OMG that beach looks devine. Hope you are over the mood. My friend who had a hysto a few years ago concurs that you still have the monthly mood swings. Sorry!!!!

  11. Good thing Maxine wasn't successful in making that fire since she is trying to do it on a wooden cutting board! hehehehe... now that would have been a sight!

  12. LOL Drink up my friend! Always makes me feel better! Beautiful beach house I'm jealous!

  13. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Hi de hi campers. Hope you are having a lot of fun and YES Chris.. just because you don't have the bits that cook the baby doesn't mean you won't get PMT. Them damn ovaries are the hormonal cause of your PMT so unless they took those too... you are stuck with it until "menopause" has finished... just a comforting thought. Hope the "hangover" isn't too severe :-) Hope to catch up with you properly soon. Love to you all xxx Michele

  14. The answer to the PMT is yes if you still have ovaries or even just a part of them. All linked to hormones darling!!!!
    Hope you feel better today. :) Love the pics of the area up there. We really must get there one day :)

  15. As long as they left your ovaries you can still be hormonal!

    The beach looks glorious. Enjoy and relax.

  16. Beautiful photos - I wish I was there!

  17. Oh, the beach house is gorgeous.

    Girl you are cracking me up. Get drunk honey, and make Stew happy. I will live vicariously through you.

  18. Sounds like you're having a good time after all! So how many points were in that bacardi? Or did you lose count? ;-)

  19. Looks like you're having heaps of fun !!

    Love that photo of Griffin sound asleep. Kids do get themselves into the weirdest positions, don't they!!

    Just catching up on my blogs as I've been beat this last week. I'm finally back at school after injuring my knee, so I've been feeling really tired and actually been going to bed early...

    I so hope that you have found Teddy... I'm keeping my fingers crossed..


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