Saturday, January 03, 2009


Our visitors have all left... we can take a breather until the next lot arrive next week.

Chris D and Teddy in his favourite spot....

Our pampered pooch and my niece Shelley
Mother and daughter (and spoilt rotten dog)
- housework
- get some more vege plants
- maybe if it's fine (?) get a tan!
Our ELDEST daughter's wedding is in 6 days! Still not 100% sure of what I will eventually wear! Daughter wants me to wear black dress/blue top... me? Still want to wear lighter/brighter dress/top combo. *sigh* Still in a quandry about it all.
Oh well... I suppose you and I will have to wait and see!
So... we went to the Newmarket shops for another look-see... and I don't know how it happened but we ended up buying yet ANOTHER outfit for the wedding!
I could cry I'm that happy with it! We got home and I put it on, added the shoes and necklace and Stew said "stunning" so I think we have a winner! And it's NOT a white dress! THANK GOD FOR THAT.
It's pouring with rain right now... it just came down in bucketfuls! Stew and the kids are at the supermarket....
JENNY: Yes, I am told I have lovely eyes all the time! I can take no credit for them, I INHERITED them from my ancestors! *smiles*
ANON: My niece does not have a WL blog.... she has just had Gastric Band surgery... so she is on her way to being healthier and happier.
End of Day: it's been a fabulous day... out and about, finally settled on a neat outfit for da wedding... had a nana nap this afternoon.. just had a long soak in the bath (bliss), kids to bed soon then just relax! nite nite.


  1. Take a well earned break !!! :-)

    I'd wear whatever makes you feel comfortable :-)

  2. Love your pictures, do what my Mother did at my wedding she wore what she wanted to. I was happy my Mom looked so beautiful and was there on my special day.

  3. Teddy looks just as spoilt rotten as our dogs...
    Everything will work out fashion wise for the wedding:)

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM

    The niece is a rather large woman too, does she have a weight loss blog out there by chance?

  5. One week? I bet you two are so busy! Have fun picking out your dress/skirt/whatever.

  6. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I wish you well this year and I hope it brings you more happiness and love.
    I think you have to respect what your daughters says about the dress but then again only you know her well and know what will or will not upset her. Saying that I think the white is gorgeous and I can see why you want to wear it. :)
    Take care and rest well the wedding and more visitors are just around the corner.


  7. Perhaps we could have a fashion parade and decide what suits you best? At the wedding I went to the other day the bride's mother had on ivory just like the bride. I have no idea why you can't wear what you like :)

  8. Anonymous12:39 PM

    That dog is so cute! Makes me want to run out and buy one!

  9. Stew is so wonderful to you. But you are stunning. :]

  10. Good luck to your lovely niece...she will not know herself thing she will ever do for herself!! I am so pleased you have found the dream dress. I need to see a photo of it..!! Teddy has the same favourite spot as my Scarlett...up the back of the couch:)

  11. Glad to see/hear you are enjoying your new home a bit more these days... xxxx

  12. Your poor camera, overworked and underpaid. Love all the photos Chris!!

  13. Can't wait to see pics of the new outfit!!!

    Your camera is very good at capturing the sunshine :o)

  14. Oh, so looking forward to seeing the outfit, don't forget to take lots of pics.

    I'll challenge you as to whether Teddy is as spoilt as my runts - i've been known to buy BBQ chickens for them, but somehow I managed to get my sanity back.

    Rest up before your next visitors arrive, you deserve it - but what a great host you are!

  15. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Great pics ..... what about a pic of the new outfit???

  16. Anonymous1:30 AM

    Great pics ..... what about a pic of the new outfit???

  17. You women and your clothes...I'll never understand it.

    Whoa, I am all caught up! Yippie!!!

  18. You never stop moving! Where do get all of your energy? I want some.

  19. Chris-

    I just caught up on your blogs. I must say that your photos are brilliant! I really enjoy all of them!

    Happy new Year!


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