Thursday, January 08, 2009


Ahhh what a hunk! Hope you have a wonderful day... at work.


Stew is dropping the teens off at the outlet shops again... saves me taking them in and then having to turn around and come home again.

Me? Dunno! Relax maybe. Work on me diet plan.... tis going great so far. Now I don't have to eat breakfast anymore I can get back to my 'normal'.... which is no breakfast, a good sized healthy lunch and a small dinner. It works for me.

I should no doubt get our clothes etc sorted for tomorrow too... make sure we all have everything we need for the wedding. I am really looking forward to it... remember.. I'm the FLOWER GIRL! *smiles*

What did I give Stew? A bloody tie! No home appliance... so there. I couldn't find a darn thing for him that I knew he'd really want/need so I just found a really lovely tie... he LOVES ties!

I just took the first step to being accountable with my weight again... I made a doctor's appointment for next Tuesday... I am going to discuss my weight with him and set up a regular weekly weigh in there... it will cost LESS than going to Weight Watchers, I will have a one on one consultation with him and not have to hear all the same WW's crap I am so used to!

Don't get me wrong though.. I believe WW's is a fantastic organisation, it advocates good, sound, healthy eating.. and IT WORKS... and I will be following the WW's plan still, just not going to the meetings. I am over the meetings.

Breakfast at 10.30 am... spaghetti and cheese on toast ... *drooling*

Stew in his new tie... I got it from the Kia Kaha shop... one of my favourite shops. Has nice stuff with Kiwiana type patterns.
The poor man will also get a lovely dinner I have cooked for him tonight... home made chicken pies! YUM... don't think I will be having one though... too much pastry.
I am so proud of myself! I did NOT eat a pie... and I could have, there were a few left over even! I drooled over the pastry... but THAT IS ALL I did. YAAAA ME. The family loved them too... which is just as well... cos it was friggin SWELTERING in my kitchen this afternoon.
Now that I seem to have my eating under control again, I just have to work on getting more DELIBERATE exercise again.
End of Day: It's been bloody wonderful really. Being in control of my diet again is so empowering... and makes me so happy. nite nite.


  1. Happy Birthday to Stew !!!

    Have fun relaxing :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Stew - hope it is a good one :-)

  3. Happy Birthday wishes to your hubby, did he like his present, you havent said what you gave him!!!!

  4. Wishing Stew a very Happy Birthday. Glad to see you are doing well with your diet. Keep strong.

  5. Bet your flower girl outfit is going to look better than the red/burgundy satin thing I had to wear in 1977. I think the church had orange carpet to match.

  6. Happy birthday Stew!

  7. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Morning Chris. I hoped you'd have Stew's present on the blog. Wanted to see if he got an overlocker? (I buy me heaps presents now cause I have to buy what I would get from a bloke if I had one huh). Hey I'm glad you changed the pic in your blog. That one is absolutely YOU! Your smile is great.

  8. Happy Birthday to Stew!

    Your tease photo yesterday of your wedding outfit, looks like a garment from Taking Shape!

  9. Happy Birthday to Stew........hope you all have a great day and a really special one tomorrow. :)

  10. Happy Birthdday, Stew! Hope you have been treated like a king!

    My best wishes to the Bride and Groom, and also to the "Gorgeous" Mom and Dad!

    Enjoy the wedding!

  11. AAARRRGGGG-I was waiting for you 2 cents on my water blog girl-LMAO!
    Your body still needs it-whether you like it or not! :-)
    Hope Stew has a nice birthday!

  12. Mine has his birthday on Saturday and I'm wracking my brain to think of a gift - I thought you were going to be the answer to my prayers......sadly 'ties' don't figure much in laid back California - we actually have signs on restaurants that say 'shoes and shirt required.'

    Many happy returns of the day.

  13. Happy birthday Stew!!!

    Hope all goes well for the wedding! And you are such a tease with your outfit!

  14. Happy Birthday to Stew!

  15. Happy Birthday Stew :O)
    Love the tie.

  16. Happy Birthday Stew
    Love the tie :O)

  17. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hey, gorgeous tie Chris. That is a present you can't go wrong with haha. He does love his ties and so do I haha. Have got them ready to sew so must get onto that project. Have a great day tomorrow. I'm sure you'll all look absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait for photos. Have a drink or two for me.

  18. Yer man looks great in his new tie. Did you know it's also Elvis' birthday today?

  19. Anonymous5:20 PM

    That is one nice tie!!!

  20. Happy Birthday Stew!!!!!!! Hope the chicken pie is delish it sure sounds good!!!!
    Love Love the tie!

  21. Anonymous6:10 PM

    My hubby's celebrated a birthday today, too! Happy Birthday to yours.

  22. hahahahaha! you kill me!
    Yes-see, you do consume water!

  23. happy birthday stew love the tie
    Well done chris on not eating the pie mmmmm sounds divine too

  24. Happy Birthday Stew!!
    Good to hear you are getting your mojo back Chris.. Keep it up.. You might get a visitor through the year...

  25. Happy Birthday Stew!!!! Oh and Chris, well done. You are right, it is so empowering to be in control.

  26. Well done on resisting the pies! It feels so good to be on track, it's a wonder we don't do it more often! If only it were that easy aye? Happy birthday to Stew!
    Kel xx

  27. Hey Chris, that is a great feeling aye!! I am at the same point adn it feels bloody fantastic to be in control and I've even managed it with fuck all funds. Love the tie, looks good on Stew.

  28. Anonymous12:12 AM

    Happy Birthday Stew!!! Hope you had a great day .... shame all you got was a tie huh?? *lmao*
    So what's the weather like in July??

  29. You got him a tie? That's funny lol But it is a nice tie - very NZ!
    That spag & cheese on toast looks good, and i'm hungry, so now i might have to have some!
    What's that toy on the table. I wouldn't mind playing with that lol

  30. Happy Birthday to Stew - nice tie!

    Also, good luck with the dieting! I am having a go with it myself!

  31. Happy Birthday Stew! It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

    Can't wait to see pictures from the wedding!


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