Saturday, January 31, 2009


Where has the time gone? In JUST THREE sleeps the kids go back to school... I am over the moon!

Much as I love the kids.. they can drive me nuts sometimes! If only they came with a volume switch ...

TODAY: hmmmm, so don't know! Stew has to start back at work on monday, so we must try and make the most of his last couple of days at home. If I was a TERRIFIC wifey I would let him sleep in... BUT I'M NOT... ha ha ha. I'm sure I can find him a job or two to keep him busy.

When I get a chance (like soon) I will show you all the finished table too. It should be dry by now. It's not as good as when it was covered in the tiles.... but I'm happy enough with it. And if I get bored with it, I can just paint it another colour/pattern!



UP CLOSE, showing detail.

In use, see..... it's not just to look at!

Stew is having scrambled eggs and tomatoes on toast for breakfast... But it's too early in the day for me to have anything. I'm not even hungry.... so why is my mouth watering?

On a whim we buggered off for the day to Hamilton! We've done the shops, seen our daughter Kelly and her little family... lunched in town, seen Amanda at the shop she works in... been to the park by the lake... in all having a lovely trip out. Still there ... heading home soon I suppose.

It's friggin HOT AS HELL here in Hamilton too....

OH! I found some cute wee earrings at the jewellery shop our daughter Amanda works in too... will show ya later.

Safely back from Hamilton... and here's a photo Kelly took of me earrings:

They are really cute crystals... and they match my blue top and necklace perfectly! Sorry about the dooofus face on me ! Don't know what happened there!

End of Day: really raking up the good days eh? Another one bites the dust... and hopefully tomorrow will be great too. nite nite.


  1. Hey! Your friend Henry is in the news for being a dad. We made him a card on our blog. :]

    Looking forward to seeing your pic, too.

    Poor Brylee and Griffin; their summer went by quickly!!!

  2. Wow....the table is bloody fantastic :O) Well Done, you are very clever aren't you.

    I think even an off switch sometimes would be brilliant ;O)
    Enjoy your last couple of days with stew and the kids.

  3. I love the table. I would love to visit and have eggs with you and Stu at that table.
    Who knows eh?

  4. The table looks great! So does Stew's breakfast! Yum!

  5. The table looks fantastic - your talent never ceases to amaze me. Have your picture in the bathroom so I look at it every time I come out of the shower!! Take care Zxx

  6. love the table and chairs chris just right for stew to have breakie on lol

  7. Your table looks awesome, and so does breakfast. :)

  8. Your table looks fantastic. I love the colours. Very clever.

    Our kids have already had a week back at school but have had a very easy week because of our hideous heatwave.

    Have a great day Chris.

  9. Heyyy... that table looks classy! Good work!

  10. The table looks great! You did a good job. I probably would have junked it after the mosaic died.

  11. The table looks great and the chairs go perfectly with it.

    Your such a clever tart!

  12. You did a great job on the table - well done! But surely you gest about the kids going back to school - aren't you going to miss them even the slightest during the day? ;-)

  13. As always, you've made a gorgeous job of the table. that paint effect in the middle is so professional. Have you ever thought of doing stuff like that to sell. I'm sure you could find some old treasures at the junk shops and do them up! Hope Stew has enjoyed his break. I'm sure he can't wait to get back to work...TuI!

  14. Great job with the table are extremely crafty!
    I'm jealous are so tanned, I look like a ghost year-round!

  15. The table looks great! Nice work! Also love the earrings!

  16. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Good Golly woman! Do you get out in the sun much? YOU ARE SO TAN!

  17. The table looks great! Also love the earrings! You really suit "Blue" and what a great tan you are sporting.


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