Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We are off to Sylvia Park again today to pick up the 'tin fish' I bought yesterday.
Also hope to finally get the new vege plants.

AND I suppose I will ring the hospital and find out what they want...I tossed and turned all darn night dreaming about friggin needles coming at me!

Later on today I am going to sand down that 'mosaic' table and just paint it....

That's about 'it' for now! Pretty boring eh? lol

F**K ...bugger damn and blast!!!!

That STOOOOOOPID BLOODY NURSE didn't take enough blood yesterday! I have to go back today. I am so darn MAD.... I tried to weasle my way out of it but NO, they just have to have it! FUCK IT.

PHEW... that's done and dusted, it was better today, they only had to get 1 vial full ... I stopped in at my doctor's too and got weighed... I was SURE I would have put on but I lost 0.1kgs!!!

I don't deserve that.... I was not that good on holiday! Maybe it will catch up with me next week?

So.. we got the fish, we got vege plants.....

Stew sanded down the table for me....

I re-arranged the fitness equipment/sewing table etc in the garage, sprayed protective stuff on the new tin fish....

...and hung them on the fence. I think they look neat, but I may get one more yet.... I want it to look like a school of fish.

Teddy had been refusing his 'normal' dry food, so I tried him on tinned stuff... he got the shits real bad! I had to bath him this afternoon.... IKKKY. Back to dry food for him.

End of Day: well it's been great! Productive. Nasty blood tests all over! Roll on tomorrow! nite nite.


  1. Oh, poo! That table looked so good for a while there.

    I hope the hospital treats you nicely. :[

  2. keep us posted on the hospital news.

  3. Hope the hospital has good news!

  4. Lets hope they get it right today!!!

  5. Well at least the jabs are over and done with now. Now let's hope they can find out the reason why it happened.

    Your tan's looking amazing. I was going great guns on mine - until I had to come back to work. Now I'm fading!!!

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    I HATE when something like the forgotten blood happens. I went to the dentist last week and was feeling all smug about having done it and then the other night - I smashed my tooth!!! Grrrr!

  7. Bummer about having to give more blood...
    All that stressing about gaining must have burnt enough calories to let you have a loss...
    Lets hope it doesnt come back to bite you on te arse next week!
    Hows the weather your way at the moment... beautiful here in tassie... in the 30's... love it..

  8. Am glad the second hospital visit went well and is over with now.
    Take your loss and run...thats good after being away all week.

  9. your bloody dreams were right!

  10. It's all very productive over at your place! What are the tempratures during the day? We are getting 33-36 Blahhh

  11. I love the fish!

    So sorry that you had to go and have blood drawn again - that happened to me before - the lab person dropped the vials and smashed them. Then - they wanted me to pay another fee to have blood drawn! WRONG!

  12. Hope all is well! The fish are adorable!

  13. Darn about the blood tests, but glad to hear that they went more smoothly. Congrats on the loss. Not bad for being on vacation. Hope Teddy is feeling better soon. Cooked pumpkin is good for doggy tummy troubles.

    BTW Slum Dog Millionaire was a very interesting film, would not take the little ones to see it though. It just came out here this month and was nominated for several Academy Awards. It can be a bit brutal at times.

    Now that all the tests are behind you, get back to relaxing and enjoying the summer.

  14. Now you know the secret. Donate blood and then get weighed. I'll bet you can lose a couple of pounds or KG or stones or whatever the heck you call it for a pint of blood. MUD

  15. Glad you finally got the doctor's stuff taken care of. How aggravating that must have been to have to go back!

    Bummer about the table. It looked so cool when you did it before.


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