Friday, October 17, 2008


I'm getting me hair cut and coloured.
Stew is going to the Doctor for a thorough check up.

That's it. I'm going now.....

BUT... before I do... I'd just like to say that BACARDI AND DIET COKE are great for 'self medicating'.... heee hee he. No one but me and Stew and me niece are gunna 'get' this.... such a shame for you buggers. Let's just say, I enjoyed last night, was rather.... ENJOYABLE it was.

Ya all have a nice morning now, cos I will..... This just arrived via Courier... I opened the box cos I thought it was the Vacum Bags I ordered!

It's a pressy from my BFF Chris D in Palmerston North... I am not opening the card / present inside till sunday. Just seeing that HUGE number (50) made me feel.... OLD! ......Hang on... *grabbing me boob*.... NAH I DON'T "feel" old.... ha ha ha.


My hair cut / colour came out really great! So relieved, finding a new and good hairdresser can be so hard! This time I have been extremely lucky to hit the right one first time. AND it cost me $60 LESS than at my previous salon! SCORE.

CARDS: well seems by sunday I will have OVER 50 ! How amazing! I am so touched that so many of you buggers did send me a card! I am getting so much enjoyment out of receiving them, let alone opening them (which I haven't done yet)....

APOLOGIES: I simply have not had time to catch up with me blog reading... if you are feeling like I have neglected you.. I am so sorry! I am having to mark over 185 updated blogs as 'read' cos there is just no way I can get to read them all! I will do better next week I promise.

This weekend is going to be busy, busy, too, so hey I know! Just don't update OK??? Then I won't feel guilty for not popping in and leaving you a nice comment!

End of Day: I have tried and tried to get a 'nice' photo of me hair, but really.... I just look the same (just fatter) ... so nope, no photo today.

NSV: Stew and I are really going to start working together to shift some weight... his visit to the new Doctor just confirmed that we both need to do this for our continuing health. So, we are on a mission... 20 kilos each. It is do-able, it is ! nite nite.


  1. Just about any booze and diet coke is good lol.

  2. rum and coke can knock me on my ass.... good luck with that "medicating"

  3. Can't wait to see the hair!!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Hey Chris I'm still away from home so want to wish you a really happy happy birthday ... of course there might be a text on the day but forgive me if it don't happen. I'm sure opening all those cards and pressies is going to be a lot of fun. Enjoy. Hope Stew is okay.. Take care

  5. LOL anything with alcohol knocks me on my ass... sounds like you had a grand time lastnight. Have you not received my card Chris? from Lancaster Texas? it was a small card with a bunny on the front I believe, and a handwritten message inside....please let me know! I mailed it October 1!

  6. Have a great birthday - ya tart!! and I hope my card has arrived in time for you to open on Sunday.

    Dont get too drunk at the party

  7. Happy Birthday to you! and drink one for me :) I want to see the new hair do too!

  8. Happy early birthday!!
    rum and d. coke sounds pretty good. I havne't had a drink in ages! This weekend I will for sure with a the reunion I'm going to, should be fun.

  9. Have a great birthday - not too much cake! ;)

  10. Have a fantastic weekend Chris. I can't wait to see some photos.

    I wish I had a supportive partner to help me on my weight loss journey. He made a comment the other day that he hasn't put on any weight at all since our wedding 4 years ago.
    Well he hasn't have 3 children either!!!

    It will be great motivation to have Stew losing weight with you.

  11. I've posted it!!

    Hey - probably really good timing, you and Stew working together to drop a few kilos. Great support for each other.

    Enjoy your party - and although you don't think so, shame you aren't in Palmy so we could celebrate too!!!

  12. I used to rather enjoy Stone's Green Ginger Wine and ginger ale, over ice in a tall glass. Can't seem to find the stuff over here, unfortunately :-( Makes a great summer drink. SGGW is also rather yummy poured over Vanilla icecream...

    WOW, over 50 cards... good one!!


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